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November 11-12, 2012 Weekend, More Hats, and Time Spent with Friends and Family

My weekend started off on Friday when I finished up three green and white hats for a friend of mine who purchased them from me for her great nieces who go to Derby schools and of course as you can see their colors are kelly green, white, and black. I made these three from Thursday evening, Friday morning, lunch time on Friday and after work on Friday. The neat thing about finishing the flowers up at my place of employment was that I found out how long it takes me to make each flower plus sewing them on to each hat, because I didn’t take any breaks or didn’t get interrupted. Can you guess how long it took per flower?

Saturday morning I finished up two Hello Kitty hats before our KS My Stitch officers meeting. These two hats are for sisters; the pink one is for a six year old and the purple one is for a three year old. Our officers meeting went well and it was so nice to get together with all of them again after a couple of months of not having a meeting. It’s always nice to bounce ideas off of each other and to hear what has been going on each other’s lives. The thing that I like most is that we laugh! “Laughter is some of the best medicine” as I always say.

Saturday evening I started a sock monkey hat that my great nephew ordered and I watched a really good movie called “Love Comes Softly” all the way through without falling asleep. I think that tells you how good it was and it also helped that I had drank some caffeinated tea. 😉 Anyway, I highly recommend it if you have never seen it.

Sunday morning John and I met his sister and brother-in-law for breakfast and then when we came home I washed and chopped vegetables to make a salad to take to my sisters for dinner. Then I finished up another Hello Kitty hat and when I went to take a picture of it I noticed there was something missing and of course it was one of the most important traits of Hello Kitty (the bow).

In the afternoon my friend Lisa was here from Houston so she came over to sit and knit while I crocheted. Lisa is working on a pair of slippers that are so very soft and I can’t wait to see them when they are finished. It’s always nice to visit with Lisa and hear about what’s happening in her life and catching her up on mine too. Thanks Lisa for listening to my ramblings. 😉

Sunday evening was spent with my sisters family and as always it was very nice to see all of her children and of course her grandchildren;

Miss Ava

and Little Man Truman are always fun. Jackie is such a good Grammy Jackie as she has the PlayDoh out ready for both of them and of course Truman loves to play with the barn and fence that my Dad built for Jackie’s son Jarred when he was the age of Truman. It seems like just yesterday that Jarred was playing with the barn and fence and not 36 years ago. I had a great weekend spent with friends and family. So what did you do? Did you spend your weekend the way you wanted to? I would love to hear all about it.


  1. Miss Ava and Master Truman are too sweet!

    • Hi Jill!

      Thanks so much. We think they are pretty awesome too.


  2. Love the Miss Kitty hats and the sock monkey hat. The possibilities are endless with what you can do as a madam hooker with hooks and yarn. haha. We went to lake Eufaula last week and the weekend was full. Winterized the camper On Saturday and kept Johns kiddos on Sunday (which is always delightful). Got a full week this week with meetings and a party on Saturday. Oh well it might slow down in Janurary. Love you girl. sw

    • Hi Sue!

      It sounds like you had a full weekend too. I love hearing how you spent your weekend too. Sometimes I wish my life would slow down just enough for me to catch my breath! Thanks for sharing your week and weekend with me.

      Love you too!

  3. Hey Tamara! What would you do with your breath if you did catch it? 😀

    Love the sock-monkey hat! And oh – those bold (kelly) green/wht/blk hats are great too. And of course the Hello Kitty ones. Looks great on Ava. As for Truman, he certainly *is* “Little Man Truman”…. When I saw this photo of him, I thought he looks like a handsome grown-up gentleman in a little boy’s body. tee-hee!

    Oh ~ Is the weekend over? I didn’t notice. (sorry …. Your time *will* come.) 🙂

    Silly weather here. The streets were dry yesterday and the 3” snow we’d gotten a few days earlier was melting from the lawns. But then we got more of the wet stuff last nite, and it is still coming down. Supposed to change to rain later today & tomorrow. Then dry a couple days and more rain on the weekend. (weekend? what’s *that*? LOL)

    Love ya bunches, girlfriend!

    • Hi Kat!

      I think I could breathe sometimes if I actually caught my breath, because I meet myself coming and going. 🙂

      Thanks so much for liking all my hats and that little Truman is as cute as a button!

      BWAHAHAHAHA regarding you not knowing that the weekend is over and what’s up for the weekend in the weather. I don’t believe I will ever have the privilege of not knowing that the weekend is coming up or ending. I can only dream about that.

      Love you my friend!

  4. Tamara, I do hope you greet yourself each time you meet yourself coming & going. *giggle*

    Pleasant DREAMS…….
    xoxo ~ Kat

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