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June 18-19, 2011 Weekend and Father’s Day

Well my friends I had another fulfilling weekend. You know when I told you that I cleaned my sewing/craft room, I failed to tell you that I hadn’t even touched my closet. It was to the point where if you opened the door everything fell out on you. I’m happy to say that I was able to take all of the things out and sorted through and threw some things away, marked some of it for a garage sale, and am donating some to the Disabled American Veteran’s (DAV) store. I also found some hidden treasures.

First I came upon some of Joshua’s toys. Oh how he loved his Matchbox cars and trucks,

Power Rangers, and Disney Character figurines.

I also found this cute stripey hooded sweatshirt that he lived in when he was around 4 years old. I used to have to wash it while he was sleeping so he could wear it the next day (and every day after that until he outgrew it). Ha! Ha!

Then I found this set of Raggedy Ann and Andy, along with a straggler Andy without an Ann (because the person that wanted the Ann didn’t want Andy). How sad is that? Anyway, I am having Jennifer take them to Wesley hospital where she works

and donate these along with 2 crocheted ducks to the pediatric ward at the hospital; where I know they will be a lot more useful than staying in my closet.

While I had the closet all cleared out I thought it would be a good idea to have my dear husband look in the attic to see if he could find my lost doll. So as I have said before he’s such a sweetie and would do anything for me, he shoved himself up in that little crawlspace when the temperatures outside were over 100°. Just so he could maybe find my doll for me. About an hour later and

his back side coming through Joshua’s room ceiling, I still don’t have my doll and we’re back to trying to find her in the rest of the junk in our garage, but that will have to wait for cooler days. It’s way too hot out there now. But I was able to find some other cool items in my closet,

a little piece of trim that I started and must’ve gotten bored with it after only five circles. But it’s still cute and would probably be cute on a scrapbook page somewhere.

I also found this unique one-of-a-kind brooch. Thank goodness I looked the jacket over that I found it on, before throwing the jacket away. I remember when I made this brooch, not really knowing what it would become, but I knew when I found an old belt buckle it just had to become covered with crochet. After covering it with crochet it became clear to me that I needed a button in the middle of the ring.

Then, while looking for just the right button I found this shoe buckle (embellishment) and it fit perfectly inside the ring and it clipped right onto the middle of the buckle to secure it. I thought it might look pretty cool as a brooch, so I went to my sisters and she hot glued a pinback to the back for me. Hot glue guns and me are not compatible, that’s another story altogether, and you probably had to be there for it to be as funny as it really was or just have the giggles with your sister. (I’m not quite sure?)

Here are some more treasures that I found; 20 quilt blocks that I made 6 or 7 years ago. I remember when I made these and remember having so much fun going through some of my sisters’ fabric and all her trims to find just the right ones. I’m not sure when it will be finished, but maybe someday soon?

I did manage to find enough time to try my hand at these 4 little apple cozies, made from the pattern that’s in Mollie Makes magazine. I love how you can use little bits of yarn up from your stash and all those onesie buttons (that I always end up with) are perfect for this project. I had fun picking out the buttons and just using bits and pieces of yarn.

My Daddy and Mom stopped by my house on Father’s day and I was able to spend all morning with them. It was nice to have them here and I showed them all the pictures from my Mom’s 80th birthday party. They really do enjoy pictures, but they still want them in their hands, so my next project will be to print some of the better ones off for her to have to show to people. I’m so glad that I finally remembered to have my Mom take a picture of me and my Dad; as I seem to always get my picture taken with my Mom, but never with him. You could tell that he was pleased that I wanted my picture taken with him as he held me oh so tight. How was your weekend and did you do anything special with your Daddy?


  1. Love both the crochet brooch and those terrific crocheted ducks!! Happy cleaning. 🙂

    • Kathryn,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. It’s so nice to know that you like my eccentric things.


  2. aw, quit it. that last sentence. you know how emotional i am lately!!!!!! THAT SWEATSHIRT. I LOVE THAT THING. i want my future child to wear it. and i love all those little cars and those raggedy an(n’s)dy’s. it’s super sweet that you’re donating them to the hospital. also, my jaw was dropped from the moment i saw the ceiling pic until i read that last sentence of the blog. goodness. my poor room!

    • I know Chacho I thought maybe this post would choke you up. I wanted to talk more about Grandpa, but I just couldn’t go there right now. I will have the sweatshirt in the cedar chest waiting for your first child. You sentimental fool you!

      Love you,

  3. Now see what you went & did, Tamara? You practically made Joshua cry. Such a senti-MENTAL guy. hahaha!! Love the story about your having to wash his little sweathshirt when he was sleeping.

    Couldn’t believe my eyes at first — when I read that John’s backside came thru Joshua’s celing. 😀
    The grand finale photo …. of you & your daddy — purrrfect!!

    Big HUG!! ~ Kat

    • Hey ~ After saying Joshua is a senti-MENTAL guy, I had typed something else but it did not show up. So I will type it again ……. “teasing Joshua”!! 😉 I don’t want him to think I meant it literally. He might send HIS daddy over here to break MY ceiling. LOL

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just love when you comment. I know if we were neighbors we would really laugh it up. It’s ok to say that Joshua is very sentimental, because he is and that’s what I love so much about him. He’s a lot like me in that way. Love you Kat and appreciate you always being here to make me smile.


      • Oh but Tamara ~ I knew it would be okay to say Joshua is sentimental…. It was that I stressed the ‘MENTAL’ part (senti-MENTAL) that I was kidding about. Did you not even catch that?

        Oh how I wish we were neighbors!!!!! At least we can be neighbors in our hearts, eh? Glad I make you smile. You sure make me laugh often too. 🙂

        Love you!!
        xo Kat xo

      • Kat,

        I didn’t get the mental part of sentimental; it went right over my head. HAHahahahahaha

        Love you,

  4. Aunt Tammy, you are so special and unique! I’m proud to have you as an aunt. I love the quilt blocks of the women in shawls with braids.


    • Thank you Emilee. I think you’re pretty special too.

      Love you,
      Aunt Tammy

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA, Tamara!!! (‘mental’) 😀

    And I forgot to mention that your lady quilt blocks are adorable and very special.
    And the duckies are tooooo cute!

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