Posted by: tgonzales | June 22, 2011

Hello Wednesday

I’ve already had a busy week and it’s only Wednesday. On Monday we had our monthly KS My Stitch guild meeting and this month was very special to me; as the founder of KS My Stitch had agreed to do our program for both meetings. We asked her to come and tell us a little bit about herself and how she started the group and why.

Here’s Lana Bennett (the founder of KS MY Stitch) with me and I think she is just adorable and I was so very glad that she could join us again at our June meetings. And, no I’m not that tall, she’s just sitting down. Ha! Ha!

I somehow made four more apple jackets and after getting three people to ask me why and even after I told them that the jackets would protect an apple as you carried it in your bag for lunch, they still didn’t get it. I thought about what else the little jackets might fit on and I reached into my cupboard and pulled out one my drinking glasses and tried one of the jackets on it, voila.

I think they are now some of the cutest little drinking glass jackets I’ve seen in a long time. What do you think? The glass jackets are easily adjustable to different sizes of glasses by just moving the button over to make it smaller or sew the button closer to the edge for a wider glass. I love making them no matter what. The end! (one of Joshua’s favorite expressions and it makes me smile)

While at work yesterday morning, I received a text from my dear niece Angie wanting to know if I had a green or blue crocheted blanket and an earflap hat that she could use to put on Baby Truman for a photo shoot that evening. I wanted to go home right then and there and look to see if I had anything or try and make one really fast for him. But you know my bosses probably wouldn’t understand; so I waited until I got off of work and came home and found a fuzzy blue blanket that I had crocheted around the edge and a blue, gray, white, and charcoal brown striped afghan that I had started at the end of winter (not completed). I also was able to find 4 hats for her to try in different sizes. I gathered them all up and headed over to her house. I think you probably know how proud I was that she would even want to use some of my crocheted things in the pictures?

And I was so happy to be able to help her out by playing and helping Miss Ava with her dinner, while she was feeding Baby Truman and as soon as he was finished

I got to hold and talk to him while she was getting Miss Ava ready.


I couldn’t believe Miss Ava didn’t even cry when her Momma was combing her hair. She is such a grown up little girl for only being 2. Anyway, I will be sure and share some of the pictures with all of you when Angie gets them back. How’s your week going? I would love to hear all about it.


  1. I am in love with the apple cozies! I really need to eat an apple a day to help with my really high cholesterol, so havIng one in a little jacket makes perfect sense to me and will definitely protect it.
    Looking forward to seeing your goods in the photo shoot.
    Aren’t babies so sweet? I could tell in your picture you were enjoying snuggling little with Truman.
    Have a great week my friend……..I’ll try to meet up with you this week or weekend sometime for the pincushion exchange.

    • Susie,

      I know what you mean. I need to eat more apples too, but I only have the one apple and I can’t seem to bring myself to eat the only apple I have to try my apple cozies on:) Babies are so sweet and I just love to squeeze them and kiss them on the head. I’ll see you some time this weekend.

      Love & Hugs,

  2. Tamara,
    I loved the apple cozies too. After guild I came right home and found them on the net and printed the pattern – plus a banana cozy:) How about that? Now I just have to make them.Talk about busy, I too am too busy and am trying to lighten my load but so far have not been successful. happy crochetting Tamara.

    • Kaye,

      You are such a gem and I know that you do so many things for so many people. That’s what I love about you; you just say yes to everything! Thanks for commenting.


  3. Too funny.. I have to admit, I’ve questioned the use of jackets on apples myself, but I LOVE how they look on all your glasses!! Very pretty, but still serving a purpose that makes sense to me!! (0; Have a great day! ~tina

    • Tina,

      I agree with you. I love how all of them are different in color, just like I am. All mixed up! I’m all about repurposing things. Ha! HA!


  4. time spent with little ones is indeed precious time. i am so lucky i have been able to spend half of my grandchidren’s life time…they are 4 and 10….i have a work schedule that allows me to watch them the days their mother works. it means working the traditional weekends but i get to spend 4 days a week with them. i woudn’t change it for the world. i still get plenty of crochet time too!!

    • Diane,

      OH, how lucky you are to be able to spend that much time with your grandchildren. It’s so much fun to hear about how you spend your time and I do love that you are still able to have your crochet time too. Thanks for stopping to comment.


  5. Awesome alternative use for the apple cozies.

    • Kathryn,

      Thank you for thinking my idea is awesome. I love it when you stop by and comment. I know you are very busy and it means alot to me.


  6. I thought that was quite clever of you to have Lana (lovely lady) sitting so you could appear tall. LOL

    I like the ‘apple jackets’ better on the glasses.

    Little Miss Ava is sooo adorable. She sure +looks+ like she is innerly crying in that pic. Gosh, she’s cute. I want to play with her. I love 2-yo little girls. Oh – Baby Truman is quite a cutie also.

    The end! (makes me smile too, Tamara & Joshua)

    • Kat,

      HA! HA! I knew you would get a kick out of that comment. And I think I agree with you about the apple jackets being drinking glass jackets!

      Miss Ava is so very cute and acts so much like her Momma it’s funny. I got to spend a lot of time with her Momma when she was a little girl and it brings back some good memories. Baby Truman is just so serene and calm.

      thank you so much for stopping by, the End!

      Love and Hugs,

  7. i keep wanting to think that ava is older than she is! it’s crazy. truman’s adorable. those glass jackets are nice and i too wonder what brought about the apple jacket idea. pahahahahaha! tha end.

    • Joshua,

      I’m not sure who came up with the apple jacket idea, but they’ve been around for a while; so I’ve been told. I just came across them in the Molly Makes magazine and have kind of gone nuts with them too. I knew you would love seeing the pictures of the little ones.

      Love you Mucho!

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