Posted by: tgonzales | June 17, 2011

Things I’ve Been Working on and Random Things

Wow, it’s hard to believe its Friday already. I’m not saying that I don’t want it to be Friday, because I do and I do love my weekends. I just don’t know where the week went. In other words I don’t feel like I have accomplished much. I still haven’t been able to get back to my sewing machine to make the rest of the doll clothes that I cut out.

But I did manage to make another little man’s vest and this might even be the cutest one so far? (I know I probably said that about the last one too, ha! ha!)

Not to mention probably the cutest pair of little man shoes. I really need to find a little man baby to try them on. I wonder if my great nephew Truman has grown enough yet. That will be my next project is to see if Angie will let me try them on him.

“This is so random,” as Joshua would say. But here are some things I found while cleaning my craft room. I just love this bumper or window sticker because it describes me to a tee!

But also beware of the crochet lady who collects flowers,

more flowers,

and even more flowers, and I’m wondering every time I look at these flowers that are made from hosiery. I don’t know who has the patience to sit and run wire inside nylon stockings to make flowers? Oh well, I’m sure these people look at me and wonder how I have the patience to make some of things that I make? And that’s what I love about crafting; I’m not going to say that I wouldn’t make these nylon hosiery flowers but I don’t think I would enjoy it like I enjoy my crochet. I would love to hear if anyone knows someone that makes these lovely flowers.

A set of green dice, (why, I don’t know?) I guess I just love the green color of them with their little white dots all over!

Spools of thread in vintage colors, I love the way they look all stacked up.

I’m not sure if any of you have heard about this magazine called “Mollie Makes” living & loving handmade. Oh-my-gosh, can I say this is a fantastic magazine to have around? I love everything about it; from the crocheted apple jackets on the cover, to the words “LIVING HANDMADE, making, thrifting, collecting, crafting”. Words that I live by every day and I know there are quite a few of you out there that do the same thing. I am so blessed to have a friend in Susie who purchased this magazine for me while she was at Joann’s last Saturday. It’s one of those magazines that you just drink in slowly and take your time so that you don’t finish it too soon and then as soon as you’re done with it you long for the next one to come out. The pictures inside are amazing and some of the stories are from people that write blogs about their crafts where I visit. Thank you so much Susie. That’s what I’ve been up to and those random things that Joshua tells me that I talk about. I hope everyone has lots of fun things planned for their weekend and I can’t wait to hear all about those fun things on Monday.


  1. The magazine looks awesome! Looks like it has a little of everything!! I love that! I checked it out, and the website is great too!…. Enjoy your weekend Tamara! ~tina

    • Tina,

      Thanks for checking out the website. I meant to link you all to it and forgot to add the link. I hate when that happens:)

      Love and Hugs,

  2. i can’t believe another weekend has begun. urgh. at least i have a second interview tomorrow. holla. a workin’ weekend for meeeee! good random stuff. i like the set of dice, yes yes yes. and those little man shoes. have a grood day!

    • Hello Chacho Aaron,

      Holla Attya!!!!! You are doing such a good job at working and hopefully you will get the other job too. I know it will help out a lot and be something different too. I knew you would like the randomness of the things that I found. I love you and hope your weekend is good too!!!!


  3. Tamara,

    Those nylon stocking flowers take me back. My mother-in-law used to have some and I think my sister-in-law made them. They aren’t that hard, really. you just push the wire inside a nylon stocking (I don’t think panty-hose were popular yet but they might have been) and shape it around the wire, tie it and cut it off. Also there was some kind of plastic stuff that looked similar. They were a little more fragile. I’m surprised you don’t have any of those.

    I’ll have to look for the Living Handmade book at Joann’s. It looks like something I’d like to look through many times. I have been teaching my 9 and 10 1/2 yr. old granddaughters how to crochet and I think they both ‘see’ it now!! How thrilling that is!! I have visions of them going through all my stuff and coming up with jillions of ideas I never had! I hope so, anyway!

    Your little jackets and shoes are so cute but by the time I get around tomaking them, any baby I know would have outgrown them! I have too many things going. Making curtains for my new front window right now – almost ‘as I write’! Sue

    P.S. Looking forward to hearing Lana on Monday!

    • Sue,

      I’m so glad that you stopped by to comment on the little nylon flowers and I’m so pleased that you’re excited to hear Lana speak at the guild meeting on Monday.


  4. Oh goodness. Your “WARNING: Beware of the Crochet Lady” sticker ought to be on your front window, closest to your front door. hahaha!! So purr-fect for YOU!!

    All your baby kimonos are too cute. Nope, I had not heard of “Mollie Makes” mag. I just googled it and see it hit the US on June 9! So Susie honored you with the first issue. And now you need to get those kimonos featured in the mag (says there are no patterns there, just gorgeous photos). Here’s a little info on showing off your little kimonos……
    “We’re always on the lookout for more crafty contributors around the world, so drop us an email at if you fancy joining us.” 🙂

    • Kat,

      You make me smile and no wonder we’re such good friends. I have the same thoughts as you. I was going to send them some information about something that I make; but wasn’t for sure what yet. Your idea sounds purrfect to me too. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment. It’s always fun to read what you think.

      Love & Hugs,

  5. Tamara ~ I love what you say about me. Thanks, my good friend. You know what ‘they’ say: Great minds think alike. 😉

    • You’re so cute!!!!

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