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August 11-12, 2012 Weekend, KS My Stitch Officers Meeting, Family, Friends, and a New Crochet Project

My weekend started off with our monthly KS My Stitch officers meeting. I was happy to see Kaye and Susie again. I loved seeing Kaye and her cool thrift store find and know that she was very excited to have found it for only $3.50. I still can’t help think about all the hours that went into the afghan and wonder how many times the lady or man who made it had to stop and massage their hands to wake them up so they could continue to crochet on, if you know what I mean? 😉 Thanks so much Kaye for all you do for the people in your life you deserve to find many more of these cool thrift store finds and I’m glad you rescued this one.

I couldn’t resist having Susie try on the pink sweater that I embellished with fabric covered buttons. Don’t you think she looks great in it?

We had a great meeting and then we followed up with lunch consisting of chicken salad (made by John) on a bed of spring mix lettuces, sautéed asparagus spears, and fried low-carb tortilla strips.

After the meeting I went on-line to see what was happening with my friends on Facebook and I found that Junk in the Trunk Clothing was having a back-to-school sale of buy one get one ½ off. The owner of Junk in the Trunk had also posted a picture of a pair of really cute boots. You can like them on Facebook here and keep up-to-date on their daily and weekly specials. In my mind I thought about the sweater dress that I had purchased while on vacation and decided that I needed to check them out to see if they just might have a pair that I could come home with.

Well much to my surprise they had just the right pair for me, and what a bargain at $12. 🙂

As I was looking through the clothing I looked up and saw my cousin Amber coming into the shop. She was there to drop off clothes and shop a little herself. I loved being at the store where you can visit with other women who have the same problem as I do. I lost weight one time and have gained it all back; so I still have the smaller clothes thinking that someday I will get back into them. But we all know that if I lose weight I won’t want to put those clothes on I will want to go out and reward myself with new ones.

And that’s how the owner of Junk in the Trunk felt about her own wardrobe, so she opened her shop knowing that there were other people just like her that had the same thoughts. Anyway I left the store with 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, and my cute black boots and I now know that I need to clean out my closet and take them into Junk in the Trunk for store credit.

On my way home I decided to stop by my daughter Jennifer’s house. I loved seeing my Megan and especially how much she reminds me of Jennifer when she was young.

When I got home I asked John to take some pictures of me in my outfit with my new boots; so much for showing the boots, huh? Some of you may think that I am showing off, but deep down inside of me I don’t have much confidence in how pretty I am. I remember when I started feeling unconfident in my appearance and my Great Aunt Erma stepped in; she was the one person in my life who made me feel beautiful. I still remember how influential she was in convincing me that I was indeed beautiful, kind, and important. As a teenager that was very important; on one occasion I will never forget how good she made me feel when she drove me to the fabric store so that I could pick out fabric to make a new top for myself. She always made me feel beautiful and

so does John.  🙂

John and I ended the day with dinner at TJ’s and a Netflix movie.

Sunday morning was breakfast with Mom and

Jean. It’s always nice visiting with them and people watching at Emilia’s.

Then it was back home in time to crochet with my childhood friend of 40+ years, Debbie. Debbie had made some of the Lovely Crow headbands and wanted to learn how to make flowers to add to them. She especially liked the one that I had designed to go on all my hats and headbands.

I was so excited to teach Debbie how to make the magic loop and the flower and I enjoyed just sitting with her and crocheting, since it had been many years since we had done just that.

Debbie was very pleased with the way her flower turned out and so was I. I think there will be many more flowers made by Debbie in the very near future. What do you think?

On the crochet front, I have started a new project that consists of some stripey goodness along with some more dahlia granny squares. The yarn that I’m using is Debbie Stoller’s Washable Ewe and Bamboo Ewe. I am using a size G hook and the squares are much smaller than the worsted weight I Love this Yarn that I made my large Dahlia afghan from. I love the way the little squares look lined up by the stripes and,

I couldn’t help but try making the dahlia granny square from size 10 crochet thread. Can you imagine what these little squares would look like made into an afghan? I think it would be similar to the postage stamp quilts that some people make. The square ended up being around 2”x2”. Very cute indeed! I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend like me and I would love to hear all about it.


  1. Oh i get to be the first one to write on your blog today. I love the sweater on your friend Susie. That is her color for sure and John does an excellent job on the meal. I just love it when a man does the cooking. The picture of you holding your boots is cute. I saw a picture on pinterest the other dayof people buying used boots and making purses out of the tops. It is also a cute idea. The picture of my daughter Amber is cute and looks just like her. She’s pretty special. I have an all day sewing class at my house today. I don’t know what they have planned but I heard it might be a “pick Sue’;s brain” day. They each bring a project or two and get my help getting it done. Seems like they get so far on a project and get stumped and need my help to get it finished. I love these ladies. I’ve got to get busy as they will be at my house in less than 2 hours. Love you girl

    • Hi Sue!

      I’m so glad you were able to be the first to write on my blog today. I love hearing all about what’s up in your part of the world and I love that you are going to help out your friends today. I hope you have lots of fun and thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

      Love you too,

  2. Tamara,
    Thanks for featuring my found treasure. It looks so pretty and truly is so pretty. I want you to know that my heart told me what a beautiful person you were inside when I first met you and now that I know you Your outward beauty fits your inward beauty. Your dark hair and olive skin and your knack for style wraps up the whole package.

    • AWWW Kaye,

      You’re so kind to say such sweet things. You are an inspiration to me and I feel the same way about you.

      Love and Hugs,

    • Kaye and Tamara, You are both inspirations to me. Last week Ray and granddaughter went to a thrift store, while I was at my small quilt group meeting. Melissa found a great woven grass bag. I could see the potential for it to be be made over into something really special. I can’t wait till I can be more active and involved in Crochet Guild. Thanks for all you both do helping me feel connected to the community.

      • Linda,

        I can’t wait to hear what you do with that thrifted bag and for you to be able to come to the guild meetings.


      • Melissa bought the bag for herself. She brought me another bag, nearly like it (but with a zipper) and a broken handle. Her dad had bought it for her for $5 at a close out -was previously priced $40. Ideas are already forming as to how to “up-cycle” it. I imagine it will be Nov or Dec before I’m ready to come to Guild.

  3. Lovely blog- I too loved the picture of you with the boots- you just can’t beat that new shoes feeling- and I loved the picture of you wearing them too. The crochet flowers look so pretty too I shall have to try some soon. At the moment I am concentrating on finishing the mammoth undertaking of a king sized throw for our bed. And as for pretty- you are pretty from the inside out- it shows in your face and more important in the faces of all your family and friends as they have their photos taken. I am just so glad that I found your blog.X

    • Oh Cathy!

      That’s so sweet. I’m glad you like my blog and I’m thoroughly glad that you found me. Thanks so much for liking what I talk about and my photos; as you probably already know this about photos, but most of them don’t turn out very good and I take a lot of time photographing and editing my pictures. Thanks again for stopping by to comment and good luck on your mammoth king sized throw. 🙂


  4. Hi Tamara ~

    Are you *kidding* me?!!! Hard to believe someone donated that marvelous granny-square afghan — congrats to Kaye for getting it for only $3.50. Meowza!!!

    Gee, John’s chicken salad looks sooo yum-yummy!!

    Tell me, Tamara .. are you anxious for cool weather so you can wear your kewl new boots? 😉 Or are you braving it in air-conditioned indoors while it is still HOT outdoors? Hey ~ it is great to know your Great Aunt Erma (& John!!) helped you know how beautiful you are on the outside as well as on the inside. 🙂
    I absolutely LOVE the photo of you in your sweater-dress & new-to-you boots!!!

    Glad you & Debbie were able to get together & crochet. Yup, definitely more flowers in her future. LOL!

    Your dahlia granny square made with size 10 crochet thread is just-too-cute & ever-so-adorable! Hmmm…. and so are YOU!!! 🙂

    Love ya mucho ~
    HUG from KAT

    • Hi Kat!

      I’m so glad you liked the post and thanks for all your kind words. Your kind words always make me smile and laugh. 🙂

      Love you (((too)))!!!!

  5. Your grace radiates from inside and you can’t help but be beautiful when that happens. I am so proud to be related to you!


    • OH Emilee how kind and sweet you are. I feel the same way about you too. Love you, Aunt Tammy

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