Posted by: tgonzales | August 5, 2011

Another One of My Flowers and My Mollie Makes Felted Flower

Here’s one more of my flowers. And………….

I found the little felted flower that I made from the flower felt kit that came on the 2nd issue of Mollie Makes magazine. I knew I needed to add a pin back to it, but I just wasn’t satisfied with my felted flower that I made. My flower didn’t have enough depth or dimension for my taste. Sometimes I don’t know if this is an illness or if it’s just that I can’t leave well enough alone? If you’ve been around me for a while you will know that I always say, “if I can poke-a-hole-in-it I’ll crochet around it.”

And, I could poke-a-hole-in-it, so here’s my flower after I added a row of brown crochet thread around each of the layers of felt and then I couldn’t just stop there; I had to add a row around one row of the petals of the crocheted flower that I layered onto the felt flower. Then I didn’t like just the brown so I added a row of green to one of the rows of crocheted petals, then I still wasn’t satisfied and thought that my flower needed a little yellow so I added a row of yellow onto the middle petals of the crocheted flower. Do you think I was finished then?

Nope I found my little container of stamens (I do like to recycle these little containers that the body butter from Bath and Body comes in and I tuck little things like my stamens into them, I love opening the containers up, because they still smell really good) anyway I found some little tiny yellow stamens and thought that they looked just right for the added touch that my flower needed.

Now you would think that I would be satisfied with this but,

If you thought I was; you would be wrong! I thought that my flower needed a little bit of pink, so I added a row of pink to every other layer of the flower.

Then I sewed the pin back on and NOW I do believe I am satisfied. I think this will look so cute on my jackets this fall. WHEW, what do you think? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and let me know what’s going on in your part of the world. It’s always fun hearing about what you have been making.


  1. Dear Tamara ~ I am sorry to hear that you are ill. I hope your “depth perception” heals soon. [If you are now totally confused, just read your first paragraph. LOL] With all those additions to your flower, I think you truly have “gone off the DEEP end” …. (‘deep’ as in ‘depth perception’)

    Sorry, I just could not resist teasing you again. [giggles] I do think your flower looks way better now than before you started your Perception Party. It indeed BLOOMED into quite the beauty. ;-D

    • Kat,

      You are so right, I am quite ill. HAHAHAHAHAHA I do go off the deep end a lot. You make me laugh and thanks for commenting it was very sweet of you to stop by and thank you for liking my blooming felted flower. I like it too 🙂

      Love and Hugs,

  2. you wuz right about traffic. :[ i can’t believe how much you added to a simple flower ahhaahhahhaha. but now it is very interesting and pretty, so well done. i love you!

    • Chacho,

      I can’t believe I added so much to that simple flower either. Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Thanks for liking it! Love you too my Chacho Aaron.


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