Posted by: tgonzales | August 3, 2011

It’s a Heat Wave Here, an Idea, and Another Contest

Wow, I can’t believe how hot it has been here and in other parts of the United States. I have given up on keeping the grass green; I’m just trying to keep the few trees and plants that I have alive. How hot is it where you live? Hot weather gives me an excuse to stay in and crochet; of course warm weather and cold weather do the same thing to me. I really don’t have to have an excuse to crochet; like I always say I have to crochet! To me crocheting is like breathing, I need it to live. Ok, enough of that.

I counted my crocheted flowers yesterday and I only need one more to complete the 8 that I need to make the 2 pillows per piece of fabric that I bought. Then I can start making the pillow covers and I will be writing the instructions for the making of the pillow cover also. As I was making the flowers the other day I ran across the directions that I wrote 5 years ago for this crocheted flower and one of my good friends Kat wanted to try it out. So I sent the pattern to her not remembering what I had written or not remembering that I never proofed the pattern either. So when Kat emailed me and said that she had a few questions about my directions I took a closer look and found that I didn’t even understand what I had wrote so how could I email her back and try to explain it. Well I knew that I would have to call her and I knew that Kat would have to crochet along as I explained the directions and I knew that it would be a challenge. Thank goodness Kat was a good sport and was up for the challenge too. Anyway about an hour and a half later Kat was well on her way to making her own flower and that prompted me to rewrite the pattern, so as I make this last flower I have written down the pattern and I will be making a flower from this one and call the first pattern that I wrote a rough-rough draft. Ha! Ha! I told Kat that she was a very good proofreader and then I told myself, “Self, since you are rewriting this pattern correctly AND with the encouragement from all of your family and friends, why not submit your flower to Mollie Makes magazine?” And that leads me to another thing, I will need a name for my flower and doesn’t that sound like another contest coming on? Since last month was my one year anniversary of writing my own blog I think it would be fun to have a pillow naming contest. This time all the names that you come up with will go into a bowl and will be drawn out randomly.

The Grand Prize winner will win a crocheted flower pillow of their very own made by Moi. (Tee Hee)

The second place winner will win an autographed Easy Learn to Crochet in One Day book that features around 30 fun and easy projects to crochet;


along with my own designs of a baby hat and sweater. (I hope the directions are clearly written in this book, since they were edited by DRG Publishing Co.) 

The third place winner will win the Triangle Treasury book designs by Darla Sims and published by Leisure Arts. Now get your thinking caps on and start sending me names either here or by email at or on Facebook. You can send me as many names as you want; the more times your name is in the bowl the better your chances are. I will be drawing on my best friend Debbie’s daughters 30th birthday on August 14th. Please remember I want the names to be really good so if my design is chosen to go into the Mollie Makes magazine, I’ll make sure that I mention the winner’s names too. 🙂

Speaking of contests I will be preparing my Candy Kaleidoscope afghan for shipping out of here to be in the

CGOA Design Contest competition real soon, I can not send it any sooner than August 15th and the deadline to have it to Pennsylvania is August 31st. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week and Happy Crocheting!


  1. For the flower I like the name, Burst and Color Burst.
    I wonder when the lovely blanket was going to make it’s trek to the contest. Keep us all posted!
    I haven’t seen the newest Mollie mag in stores yet.
    So ready for the fall and temps to drop. The poor garden is just hanging on by a thread…………

    • Susie,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and entering into the flower naming contest. I love both names. Good luck!

      I’m the same way about the weather! We just have to hang on another month and it should be all behind us.

      Love & Hugs,

  2. Tamara – I’m copying & pasting in case you missed this one! You’d for sure be a winner!!
    KNITTING IN BLOOM Design Contest

    We all need flowers in our lives

    Nicky Epstein, author of Knitted Flowers and Crochet Flowers, is calling all knitters and crocheters to design an original flower. Your flower could be in the running to win a grand prize trip to Vogue Knitting LIVE or be on display at the show in Los Angeles this September. Send up to 5 knitted or crocheted flowers by August 29, 2011, when <Nicky Epstein will judge all the entries and pick her winners. In addition to the grand prize trip, the winner will be featured in a future issue of Vogue Knitting and the pattern will be made available on Four additional winners will also be chosen to receive signed copies of Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers and Crochet Flowers, plus free classes and lectures at a future Vogue Knitting LIVE and gift cards.

    ALL KNITTING IN BLOOM entries must be received by August 29, 2011, to be eligible.

    • Cass,

      Thank you for the link and thank you for thinking of me as a winner. You are so right we all need some flowers in our lives 🙂


      • Awesome, Tamara, do it!
        Thanks Cassandra!

  3. We have had the strangest weather since we moved to Minnesota 11 years ago. Normally we have a few days over 90 and maybe we hit 100, but our humidity has been very low in the past. This year we have had many days over 90 with humidity in excess of 75%. It has felt like walking into a sauna. You’re absolutely right – perfect for staying in the air conditioning crocheting!

    I think Fiesta Blossom would be a good name for your flower.

    Happy Crocheting!

    • Linda,

      I hope you have air conditioning as I know some of the people who live in Minnesota don’t. 🙂 I’ll enter Fiesta Blossom into the flower naming contest.


  4. Pillow namimg contest;

    Kaleidoscope II, the Pillow

    • Kaye,

      I’ll add your name and pillow name to the bowl. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


  5. The Late Bloomer.

    Because it’s a flower you can cuddle up with late at night. 🙂

    • Kathryn,

      I hope you aren’t talking about my age 🙂 🙂 Thank you for thinking of a name and I’ll add it to the bowl.


  6. First of all, how are you & some of your followers getting your chosen little pics to show by your comments???

    Secondly, I am confused…. Is this contest about naming your FLOWER — or naming your PILLOWS? Or is that one & the same??? You said you need a name for your flower — and then said you are having a pillow-naming contest. Anyway, I like what you had written at the top of your rough-rough [LOL] draft –> Flower Fantasy.

    Now I want to make it purr-fectly clear that, yes, I am a slow crocheter BUT…. you & I did talk about other things, Tamara, so it really did not take me 1½ hrs to “get it”. LOL! Oh how I enjoyed CROCHETING WITH TAMARA!!! 🙂

    I would think it would be ‘scary’ to mail away your Candy Kaleidoscope Afghan. Can’t wait to hear how you do in the CGOA Design Contest!

    Our weather in northern Idaho lately is sunny & almost 90 …. very low humidity (under 20%) …. lows in the low to mid-50’s. Nice, huh?

    • Kat,

      I’m sorry I didn’t explain that it didn’t take you an hour and a half to catch on to the flower. I hope that no one understood it that way. It was very nice visiting with you the other night and I enjoyed teaching you how to make the flower. I just wish we could all sit and crochet together some day. 🙂

      About the contest; you always seem to catch my mistakes. 😉 I want a name for the flower so that it can be included on the pattern. I’ll put you down for Fantasy Flower as the name that you choose. If you would like to make up some other names please feel free to send me those names too and I’ll enter them into the drawing.

      I’m very jealous that you have such low humidity and in the evenings your temperature gets in the mid-50s. Very nice indeed.

      Love you My Friend,

      • Hey Tamara ~

        No prob! I was not offended about the 1½-hr phone talk comment — hope you do not think I was. I just wanted to tease you about that. ;-D

        Wish I could share our low humidity and nice evening temps with you. Uh, actually, I CAN — just hop on over to my territory!!! Emma loves visitors!! 😉

  7. Kat,

    Well, we were blessed last night with a drop of 30 degrees in the temperature and some rain. But we also had the storms to go with the rain and the winds knocked down some tree limbs, (not mine) and electricity went out. Temperature right now in the upper 80’s; I can live with that even with the high humidity. But it would be fun to come and visit your territory and meet Emma.

    Hug & Love,

    • Hi Tamara ~

      I just want to say that I am happy to hear your temp dropped a bit. Also VERY GLAD your trees & limbs are safe. Hoping you were not without electricity for too long — makes the heat unbearable without a/c!! Love ya!
      Hugs ~ KAT (& Miss Emma)

  8. did you know that we had a downpour at the same time as wichita?!?!?! cuz we did. kat got me confused now too. i think we’re just naming the flower. yesh? yesh. i am determined to think of some names. just gimme a bit.

    • Chacho,

      Isn’t that weird? I didn’t know the storms were reaching as far as New York too. Sorry about the confusion but yesh I want to find a name for the flower not the pillow. 🙂 You have until the day of the 14th.

      Love you,

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