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June 11-12, 2011 Weekend

First of all I want to thank each one of you who commented and gave me your opinions on what you would use for a closure on my baby jacket from Friday’s post. You all had some really good ideas. I want to tell you that when Rosina (RJ) commented and told me that she thought a tab closure would be cute; I couldn’t quite picture it, so I asked if she could draw me a picture. She went out of her way and made a crocheted tab and brought it to work for me to see exactly what she was talking about.  (now that’s a true friend)

I took her idea and Tamarafied it and placed a small button on the left side and sewed it through both thicknesses & sewed a larger button to use as the closure. I just the love the way it looks.

I liked it so much that I used the same idea on this stripey little sweater, except I chose to only use one large button for the closure on this one. Thank you so much Rosina for helping me out with the closure dilemma.

On Saturday we had the officer’s meeting Susie brought all the fixings for her yummy turkey curry sandwiches and I made a homemade tomato basil soup. I had a surprise for Susie, I knew she had wanted to make a little sweater for her doll like I had done for my doll, but she had been very busy making gifts for people.

Susie is always doing something nice for others (especially me) and I wanted to do something nice for her, so I gave her the little pink sweater and booties that I had made.  And this is a picture of her doll in the sweater, and it looks like it was made just for her. I love when this happens.

When Steph arrived we had our short meeting, then I couldn’t stand it any longer I wanted to show them my newly cleaned craft room. (since both of them had seen it at its worst) As we were looking through some of my finished creations, I ran onto this orange sweater that I had embellished quite some time ago. I cut the band off of the bottom of the sweater and off of the sleeves, then I made a ruched band with a small crocheted ruffle along the bottom of the band, then I crocheted the band to the bottom of the sweater and then crocheted ruffles on each sleeve to match the bottom of the band. Steph is always doing nice things for other people too and again, especially me. I told Steph that I would really like for her to have the sweater if she wanted it, and she said “yes, I would love to have it.”

It fit her like it was made just for her and the fun thing about it is that she really loves the color “orange”. I love it when that happens. I know each of you probably already know this about me, but I love to give my creations away to people who will appreciate and cherish them.

Saturday afternoon I sorted some of my buttons and those little plastic baskets came in handy. I have placed the different colors into baggies for now and am waiting for just the right container to put each of them in.

Saturday evening I decided to go and get a sewing pattern to make my doll some clothes. I ended up with 2 and love that Hobby Lobby marks their sewing patterns 40% off the retail price. I had been thinking about what Joshua said, “Momma I can’t believe you are making clothes to dress your doll?” I thought about this hard and long and finally I remembered back when my daughter, Jennifer was young, my Mom decided that she was going to make doll clothes for each of her granddaughters. At the time she had only 3, so it wasn’t so hard, but she made each one of them sets of clothes for one of each of the girls’ dolls. I remember how excited Jennifer was when she received the clothes for her doll and how my Mom seemed to enjoy that. That’s the same feeling I get when I see my Megan play with my doll and see how she loves to change her clothes. I just know that she will have so much fun dressing up my doll when she comes over to play.

Sunday was spent cutting out doll clothes (2 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of bloomers, 2 sunsuits, and 2 nightgowns), cooking, and helping my dear hubby search for another one of my dolls that I received when I was around 4 or 5.

He searched, cleaned, sorted, and threw away things in the garage all day. Still no sign of the doll, but there’s always next weekend. (Ha! Ha!) I did find this stool in the garage, that I am definitely going to have to make a crocheted cover for. I was wondering what I was going to use to sit on at my sewing machine, since I moved the sewing machine into Joshua’s room and put it on a card table. The table sits really low, but this little stool is going to work perfect. I managed to finish 2 pairs of pants and a pair of bloomers in between helping my dear hubby decide what to throw away, what to keep and what to save for a garage sale. I feel very blessed to have such a good husband who will go to such lengths just to find a treasured doll of mine for me, my good friends that live here and the ones in blogland that do so much for me; I do appreciate all of you. I would love to hear what you’re up to and how your weekend went.


  1. How cute is that !!
    The colors are pretty together too.
    And the little button tab really makes it look more like a little boy.

    But you need to tell me where to find the pattern.
    I looked for it on but didn’t see it there.
    I’d really like to crochet one of these little sweaters for our almost 6 mo old
    great Gbaby. She would look too cute in this !!
    with so much air conditioning now days, the babies do get chilly.
    This would be perfect.

    • Barb,

      Thank you so much for liking the baby kimono sweaters that I have been making. Here’s a link to the pattern:, please let me know if you can’t find it. I would love to see the baby sweater that you make for your grandbaby.


  2. I love the way the tab turned out! It’s perfect for the sweater!!

    And the orange sweater is GORGEOUS!!

    Sounds like a pretty productive weekend for you. I started on another new doily. My first “pineapple” pattern. 😉

    • Mindy,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I always love hearing what you are up to and I also love visiting your blog to see what you’ve been up to. Can’t wait to see your pineapple doily. I hope you have a wonderful week.


  3. LOVE YOU!!!
    Thanks again for the little sweater and booties, Dollie looks wonderful in them. I made a couple hot pads this weekend and started an Elise shawl. I got to sleep in my wrist guards last night…….stinking wrists, errrrrh!

    • Love you too, Susie!!! I love that the sweater and booties fit your dollie so well. I also always love to hear about what you’re working on too. But I hate to hear that you had to wear your wrist guards. Sadly, they are a constant companion of mine:(

  4. THAT STOOL. nuff said. i can’t believe it’s taken you this long to actually want it around and, furthermore, to make a cover for it! my weekend went by faster than i expected it to. no complaints about that! i hope padre didn’t throw away anything cool. da end.

    • Chacho,

      I’m so glad that you like the idea of me covering that old stool. Your Dad cut the legs off of the stool; thinking he would use it when making his jewelry. Well, he cut the legs off too much. But the good thing about it is it works perfectly for my sewing chair. I’m so glad to hear that your weekend went fairly fast for you and you didn’t get upset again. I’m not sure he threw away anything really cool, because he kept coming and asking me about things.:)

      Love you so much,

  5. Tamara,
    I spent the week-end with my 97 year old mother. We looked at and separated OLD pictures. Mother had me write her memories on the backs of them. Mom still crochets and loves to have all the odds and ends of our left over yarn. She crochets them into beautiful afghans. I will show you one of them one day soon, Tamara. I am so grateful for such a mother who taught me to love handwork and to keep so busy doing it. Love, love, love your blogs Tamara.

    • OH Kaye,

      I love to hear that you spent your weekend with your dear Mother and making memories. I know you will never regret writing down the things that she remembered. I can’t wait to see one of her beautiful scrappy afghans. You are truly blessed to have been taught all the handwork that you do, by your dear mother. Thank you so much for being here and liking what I do.


  6. Hi, Tamara,
    Writing to thank you for the amazing and fun sweater. I wore it home in the hot car with black leather seats… I enjoyed our visit and seeing the piles of sweaters in person. Best soup and sandwiches ever!

    • Steph,

      You make me laugh. I can just see you sweating away in your hot car with your pretty orange sweater. Thanks for liking my food too (and Susie’s). I love having you two over and getting to catch up on all that’s going on in your world.

      Love you,

  7. You have so many things that you’ve created Tamara!! I know that your friend Steph will love all of the things that you’ve given her. I just recently met a lady who loves orange! It’s not your normal favorite color is it? Love the tabs on the sweaters, they just look soooo cute. I taught class on Saturday and had one young man that was twelve in my class. He had a lot of fun and started on a piece that will really look good once it’s done.

    Hugs XX

    • Oh Barbara! I’m so excited for you and I think you have really found your niche in the gourd making craft and teaching. I bet you a wonderful teacher and it’s so easy whenever you love what you do. Thanks for stopping by; as I know you are a very busy woman. I would love to hear all about the young man who has been inspired by you.

      Love you my Friend,

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