Posted by: tgonzales | June 10, 2011

I Think I’m Totally Obsessed on Hooking Baby Kimono Sweaters

Oh my gosh I think I’m totally obsessed with making these little baby kimono sweaters now. As of today I have made 14. I decided after making 5 of these little sweaters that I would like to maybe use up some of the bits and pieces of yarn that I have left over and this is one of the results.

I need some advice from all my very talented readers. Do you think the chain tie is too feminine for a baby boy? My husband thinks it is, but I would love to hear your opinion too. I think this little stripey jacket would be perfect to put on a baby after taking them out of the swimming pool. The jacket is made from Kertzer’s Down to Earth recycled cotton yarn. I love the softness of the yarn and the drape, just the right weight for a little cover-up.

After I made my baby doll 2 sweaters from the left over yarn from the bigger sweaters, I still had little bits of yarn left over and decided to make her a pair of Mary Jane shoes from the pink yarn. Yes. I’m still hooking the little shoes too:)

They turned out so cute that I made her another pair out of the yarn that was left over from this sweater and shoe set.

And here they are.

I think she will end up with quite a few pairs of little Mary Jane shoes from all the scrap yarns that I have. What do you think? Now I’ll have to start making some clothes or finding some more clothes that will match all of my baby dolls cute colorful sweaters and shoes. Does anyone else become hooked on making certain projects and can’t stop making them or am I the only one? I know I’ve asked this question before, but I would love to hear what more of you are hooked on or obsessed with these days. Ha! Ha! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I know I plan on having a good one.


  1. I agree, you are totally obsessed with those kimonos (and booties!) But they are so adorable!!
    Have you thought of a tab closure for the ‘boy’ sweater? I’m thinking of a tab of a row of DCs, edged in the sweater edging, with a button at each end. The space between the DCs could be the buttonhole – which would make it adjustable. Clear as mud? I can visualize it, just can’t describe it…

    You need to get some of those cuties in your Etsy shop!

    • RJ,

      You are up way too early. Just saying! I love your idea of a tab closure, but I think you’re going to have to draw me a picture. Thank you so much stopping by.


  2. Hi Tamara,

    Those little baby kimonos are so cute! And I love the booties, too. Where DO you find the time to fit all of this in to your busy life?

    • Oh Merri,

      You are so sweet to think of that. I think I’ve said this before I-have-to-crochet! It’s like breathing to me. I fit it into my day whenever I can. Thank you so much for liking the things that I do and it’s so nice to hear from you again.

      Love & Hugs,

  3. I still love the shoes and the kimono jacket. I do understand making lots of the same thing, once you get on a roll your mind keeps thinking of the different colors yarn you might use, or sizes to make and way to tweak it.

    • Oh, I agree with John about the tie.

      • Ok, I get it. The tie does look too feminine for a boy. Thanks for commenting.

    • Thanks Susie! You understand me so well. You make me smile!

      Love you,

  4. Oh I love the tiny dolly sweaters!!!!!! You wouldn’t by any chance want to share your dolly sized pattern, would you?.. Can you?? (Actually, I’m trying to remember if you made reference to the original real-baby sized pattern or not. Is it the one from Well, whatever the case, I love how all of your sweet little sweaters are coming out! Each one absolutely adorable!… Have a great weekend! ~tina

    • Tina,

      I will try and pull together a tutorial or pattern for the dolly sweater. Yes the pattern is from Thank you for liking the sweaters.

      Love & Hugs,

  5. I definitely get sucked into certain patterns for a long time! I’m going crazy making V-stitch blankets all over the place–even V-stitch washcloths. I just love how fast it works up.

    For the sweater, I keep thinking of taking the chain and making a loop to go around a very boy-like button. Maybe a little blue car or an orange basketball or wooden train or something? Sometimes those adorable buttons are sold in packs of two, so you wouldn’t have to go too crazy with them. Just a thought! And you can always coordinate something to match your colors.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Mindy,

      I can’t wait to see your v-stitch blankets and washcloths. Do you have them posted on your blog or pictures of them? I’ll have to check them out.

      I agree with you about a really cute boyish button and a loop would be cute too. Thanks for giving me your opinion. I hope you have a great weekend too.


      • My Ugly Blanket is a V-stitch blanket, and I have a few washcloths on there (, but one that I’m currently working on is still a secret. 😉 I have 2 people expecting babies that read my blog. Just found out we’re going to have a niece, so this one may be for her. Yeah!!! =) I’ll be able to post it after I give it away. ha ha!

  6. what does weekend mean anymore?? sigh. i can’t believe you are making so many things for a doll! aahahahahaha oh my. i have yet to make anything besides that little hat from like almost two weeks ago. gee whiz. i’ll pick it back up soon! enjoy your free weekend!

    • Oh My poor Joshua! I know how hard it is when you are trying to work and the job that you have is working all weekend. I know you will pick up the hooks some time when you have a little more time to devote to creating something. I’m making a hat right now and if it seems like a good one I’ll send you the link. I hope you do well this weekend and make lots of money.

      Love you soooo much!

  7. Hey Tamara …. You wrote: “I Think I’m Totally Obsessed on Hooking Baby Kimono Sweaters”. …….. Ya THINK?? ;-D

    Have a grand weekend!
    Love ya! ~ Kat

    • TEEE HEEE!!!!!! Love you too, Tamara

  8. Mindy,

    I do remember reading that blog post and thinking I loved the v-stitch wash cloths. I do like the open weave ones alot better than the closed up stitches. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be waiting to read about the nieces blanket. Have a great rest of the weekend.


  9. I don’t think that the chain tie is too girly at all. Looks cute!

    • Kathryn,

      Thank you so much for your thoughts about the chain on the little sweater. I do love hear what you have to think. Thanks for stopping by.


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