Posted by: tgonzales | May 1, 2019

Connecticut Trip

My friend of 50 years asked me to go to Connecticut with her this Friday. We will be gone for a week and a half.

If you are wondering? Yes, this has been in the planning stages since the first part of the year. My friend is a very talented artist who loves all things fiber. She weaves, knits, crochets, hooks, embroiders, sews, etc. etc. the list goes on and on.

Anyway, she has done two yarn installations in Westville, Connecticut and her creations hung on and in trees during their ArtWalk. This is a quote from an interview with my friend; “I wanted to make something that makes people slow down and smile.”

Well….I hope people will slow down and smile again when they see the creative things that she has come up with for this year’s ArtWalk.

An over 6 foot long gecko lizard hanging from a 2-story building and decorated trees and bicycles are some of things that will be covered with yarn. Surely these pieces of art will make people slow down and smile! I am helping her by crocheting flowers and will help her crochet pieces to cover the bicycles once we get there. While she’s driving I will be crocheting as many flowers as I can. 🙂

I can hardly wait to start this adventure with my dear friend, Lisa. How’s your week going?





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