Posted by: tgonzales | April 18, 2016

My Brother Dean Would Have Been 64 Today!

9This last week was rolling right along at its usual pace and Thursday afternoon I got home from work and started feeling sick to my stomach and having the chills. I couldn’t eat my dinner and went almost straight to bed. Upon waking in the morning I still felt bad and spent the whole day in and around my bed.


On Saturday I felt so much better and got up to do some of my usual Saturday chores and as I was doing my laundry I thought about Dean. I thought about how much I still miss him and wish I could talk to him again. I remembered back to when I talked to him last and how he had told me about the party that his son and daughter-in-law had had. And how someone had drove the 4 wheeler into the creek. He also told me all about each of his children and grandchildren, all about what they were each doing. He loved to talk about his family and I loved hearing about them.


I don’t know what it is, but when I’m sick I miss my Mom and Dean the most. My Mom was the best. I didn’t even have to call her to tell her I wasn’t feeling well. She just called and knew. There were so many times she would drop everything and run down with soup for me. Dean used to call to check up on me right at the perfect time too.


I have had people tell me that when milestones of our dearly departed ones occur you may have more sadness or remember them more, and the last few days I have felt Mom, Daddy, and Dean close to me. I feel they are watching over me. Then Sunday I looked at the date and thought, Now I know what it is, Dean’s birthday is tomorrow. Happy 64th Birthday, I know you, Mom, and Daddy are all celebrating!


  1. sending hugs xxxx

  2. Big hugs to you as you! What sweet memories.

    • Hi Jeanne! Thanks so much.

  3. Sometimes are really tough aren’t they. Its has been almost 18 years since Butch passed and I still miss him terribly. Mom passed almost 15 years ago and I think I will always miss her. My plans are to be the best that God wants me to be so I can see them both again. Happy heavenly birthday Dean.

    • Hi Sue. I know you miss your brother and Mom too. It’s just harder sometimes. Love you!

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