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March 14-15, 2015 Weekend; my cousin Brynda, our Daniel, Chrisinda, Eyan, Alex, and Baby Girl Addie

1Our weekend started off with me getting home a little early so that we could leave to go to Oklahoma. When I arrived home John was not home and he hadn’t packed, so to say the least about that we left an hour later than I wanted to. We stopped in Wellington at the Sonic and had our dinner and didn’t get to our hotel until after 8:30. Of course I woke early and had a chance to crochet for a little while and was able to finish this pretty cowl made from Noro Maiko. A combination of wool, silk, and kid mohair.


Before heading off to eat breakfast I told John we should take a picture. This was so funny, because I actually thought I could take a picture of both of us in the mirror. Do you know how hard it is to do that without covering up your face? Well, if you don’t know, I’m telling you it is hard. I love this picture of us and am glad that John didn’t take too much offense to when I told him that I wanted to buy him a new jacket; because he looked terrible in this one. John has lost around 30 lbs. and this jacket is old and looks very sloppy on him now, and I wanted him to have one that fit him better.


Happy 23rd Anniversary, John. Our plans were to go the mall to find him a phone case for his new phone and to get him a new jacket. After John tried on this one, we decided to go down a size, the smaller one looks much better than this one did. John loves to go to the mall and could have stayed all day. But I was ready to go after finding both of the things that I had gone there for. I’m not a mall walker or window shopper, “get in and get out is my motto”.

2My plans were to see my dear cousin Brynda who is recovering from brain surgery.  A little over a month ago she was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor. Two doctors did not give her much hope; only chemotherapy and radiation. A week ago last Thursday she met with a doctor in Oklahoma City that said he could remove the tumor. So, a week ago last Friday she went through 6 hour brain surgery to remove the tumor. Brynda is truly a miracle and seems to be fighting with every ounce of her little body to recover from this.

3I’m so glad that Brynda has loving family, friends, and a small town community on her side. They have set up an auction in her hometown of Covington, Oklahoma in her honor. It will be held this coming Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the high school gymnasium. If you are in the area please stop by and bid on some pretty amazing items that have been donated.

4Brynda and her family will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. To me she will always be my little Brynda. I thought back when I was about 7 or 8; she was the first baby that I remember ever holding. And the story goes; I dropped her. My Mom was so scared that I had hurt her, of course we all know that babies are pretty sturdy and I didn’t hurt her at all. It was funny when I told Brynda this story on Saturday; she said “I don’t remember that”. And I said I didn’t remember the dropping part either, as I wiped a tear from eye. She looked hard at me and said “there is no need to cry about it now”. I’m so glad that she didn’t know the reason why I had a tear in my eye. 😉 I hope to see her again soon as we will be traveling back to Oklahoma City in a couple of weeks.

 5Our next stop was to see our son Daniel, his wife Chrisinda, and our two grandsons. Alex wanted me to take a picture of him climbing. He broke his arm a couple of months ago from climbing up on his bed. Alex is very outgoing and very active.

6John, Daniel, and Eyan enjoyed a little target practice with air guns.

7Eyan, Alex, and John. These two boys inherited a little bit of all of John. Eyan has John’s artistic, musically inclined, quiet, and builder attributes. And of course you can probably tell from the photos that Alex has John’s outgoing personality and always wants to make people laugh.

8I’m so glad we had a chance to have the time to spend with this little family. I loved watching them play, run, shoot, and just be boys.

9Since it was Eyan’s 9th birthday; it was his choice to go to Gabbi Town. Gabbi Town is a place like Chuckee Cheese, except a little more upscale. It reminds me of a casino for kids as you walk into the game room. Anyway, this is a picture of Eyan with Daniel’s mom; Granny Sue,

12and with Alex. Eyan and Alex are two little well loved boys, don’t you think?

10Then there is Baby Girl Addie. She is Chrisinda’s niece and daughter of Chrisinda’s sister, Cecilia.

11This is Addie with her first taste of a yummy cinnamon roll.

13Oh my gosh, I could not stop taking pictures of this little cutie.

14I think I need to set up a time to go down and have a bunch of my crocheted baby items to do a photo shoot with this little Addie.

15Every time I would hold the camera up she would pose or smile in a different way.

16Anyway, on to the crochet front. Here’s a hat that I finished up on Thursday. I loved the way that the yarn color patterned and love the slouchiness of the hat itself.

17Here’s another one that is made from the same pattern but heavier yarn. I think that Baby Girl Addie would look adorable in this one. I loved that we had the time to spend with mine and John’s family over the weekend, and plan on doing more of that. So, what’s up with you? Did you have a good weekend?


  1. Oklahoma? I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go there !! Great family pics, clearly you all had a good time.
    So glad John got a new jacket, looks like he’s earned it 🙂
    And re malls – I’m just like you, get in and get out asap. In fact, I avoid them totally where possible. They make me claustrophic.
    Beautiful hats, Tamara. As always ❤

  2. 30lbs. I am impressed. The weather looks so warm. Lovely family shots and good luck for your cousin.

  3. What an eventful time you had. I’m sure Brynda sure appreciated your visit and I will think good healing thoughts for her! You definitely made the most of the time you had. John looks great and isn’t it interesting that he is the shopper and you are not. I hear it’s the other way around, but most gals I know are like you and I, get in and get out! LOL Wonderful photos and great crochet projects. Have a great week!

  4. Hi Tam!
    Such a pretty cowl made with fancy yarn. Loving RED lately!!
    Adorable pic of the happy couple! I agree John needed a new jacket. Wish I could lose 30+ pounds (but I’m not actually trying – LOL).
    John loves to go to the mall? Some women would really fight to have such a spouse. Haha!

    God bless Brynda during her recovery! And thank God for the doctor who removed that tumor. Those other 2 doctors ought to lost their licenses! I look forward to getting an update on her in a couple weeks.

    Love the family photos. And you definitely must do a photo shoot with little cutie Addie!! {heart}
    Love, Kat

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