Posted by: tgonzales | March 13, 2015

Mom’s Doll named Susie

DSC_0854When I thought about all the dolls that my Mom had collected, this is the only one that I really wanted. I remember when she was making her, how she fussed over her.

DSC_0855This was the only doll that she made completely from scratch and took a class to make her. She painted the features and was so worried that she wouldn’t look good enough.

DSC_0857Her wig had to be just the right wig too.

DSC_0858My Daddy even got in on the action of helping Mom with finishing up the dolls. I remember him helping her string the arms and legs of many dolls. I love the way he made a lot of the doll stands that Mom used to display her dolls. I was glad that when I lifted this dolls skirt I found that she was being held up by one of the stands that my Daddy made.

DSC_0859I always loved watching my Mom sew and make all the clothes for her dolls. Mom loved the finishing details of the dresses and she never missed placing just the right type of lace, tiny buttons, slips, camisoles, and pantaloons on her dolls. Every time I look at this doll I am reminded of all the work that Mom put into her works of art and I am so glad that I have one of them. Well, here it is the end of the week and John and I are going to celebrate our 23rd anniversary with our Son and Daughter-in-Law; Daniel and Chrisinda, and Grandsons; Eyan (whose birthday happens to be on our anniversary) and Alex. I’m looking so forward to seeing them all again.


  1. What an amazing heirloom you have there, Tamara. This is one beautiful doll. I am in awe that she made this doll from scratch. Did you say she painted the face as well? Oh my goodness! Love each detail from her head to her stand. What a labor of love. I can see why this one is so special to you. Hugs!

  2. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! And I was surprised to read that she is entirely a work of art created by your Mom!!! Just soooo amazingly grand!!!! Such a very special treasure for you from your Mom .. *and* your Dad!! {heart}

    Pre-Happy Anniversary to you & John! Have FUN celebrating!!!
    Hugs from Kat

  3. When I was a little girl, we used to go visit a friend of my mother’s who had a doll much like your mother’s doll. Her name was Susie too and she used to let me sit in her little rocking chair and hold Susie. This was a great treat to me. Whenever I see a doll with a China head, feet and hands, I think of her. I didn’t know your mom made dolls. Thanks for sharing that. Sue

  4. Oh how I loved seeing the doll that your mom made and little Susie was always a favorite. I always knew your mom had many talents. I still have a dress that your mom made me when I was little. I got to see your Jenny in Udall Friday evening. It was so kind of her to bring baked potatoes and chile to those of us who had been moving all day. I’m getting too old to work that hard and the food helped me work a couple of hours longer.Love you girl. sw

  5. Susie is exquisite, I can see why you love her 🙂

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