Posted by: tgonzales | February 11, 2015

October Craftacular Market and Bob from Bikini Bottom Hat


I know it’s been a long time since I talked about crochet and now here we go. I thought I would share some photos from the Craftacular Market that Jackie and I shared booth space in October of last year. We pulled together Jackie’s love of sewing and my love of crochet to make a lovely double booth.


A beautiful young lady by the name of Aaryn helped out in the booth. Aaryn was a lot of fun working with and I know I will see her again, because she’s my nieces’ neighbor. 🙂 I loved seeing all the people who came out on that beautiful warm day in October and the many lovely people who bought my crocheted items even though it was 80 degrees outside. It helped a bunch that the temperature inside was a cool 68. 😉 It made everyone want to put on a hat, scarf, or slippers.
















No, John was not part of the booth.


I swear I was laughing so hard when I took these shots of John, it’s a wonder the pictures are not blurry. I couldn’t help but share these photos of him with the Sponge Bob Square Pants hat on. My friend Lisa from yarnchick40 asked if I would test her hat pattern for Bob from Bikini Bottom. Of course I’m always up for helping a friend out so I said yes. I loved her pattern right away and made this cute hat that I think only young people and John can pull off. What do you all think? If you want more information on how to get the pattern for the hat please visit Lisa on her blog here. I hope everyone’s week is going great and would love to hear all about it. Have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Lovely lovely items,and John does look gorgeous in Bob!

    • Thank you Cathy. I will make sure I tell John that you think he looks gorgeous in the Bob hat. 🙂 Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Anyone who sees John in that hat will also want one. No question. Your booth looked amazing, I have no doubt that you could sell your crocheted goodies in the middle of the Karoo on the hottest day of the year, my friend ❤

    • Awww Jill you are too kind. But I’ll make sure I let John know that you think he can sell lots of Bob hats. 😉 Love, Tamara

  3. Look at all those lovely crocheted items. How neat that you and Jackie joined forces. Woe to those who might try to stop you! Everything looks wonderful. Not being a Spongebob fan I am not as enamored of that hat( your crochet skills shine brightly), but John looks interesting in it…I’ll say that. 🙂

    • Hi Jeanne! I’m with you about Sponge Bob; I don’t get him. But lots of people including my kids and granddaughter love him. Thanks so much for stopping to comment. I’ll tell John. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  4. I gave my grand daughters their gifts at Christmas. Audrey got the overalls and sweater on display at the n an above picture then Emmy and Brissy got aprons. That was a fun shopping time up there. You ladies had a lovely booth

    • Hi Sweet Lady! Thank you so much for loving what we do enough to purchase our items, when I know you could have easily made them yourself. Hope to see you soon. Love! Tamara

  5. Bob/John is cracking me up!!!

    • Oh Mindy! You can imagine how much laughter went on while taking these pictures. He’s so serious, even when I laugh at him. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. Hugs, Tamara

  6. There are so many things I like in your pictures. The aprons that you and Jackie are wearing are the bomb. I really admire the talents that both of you have and I also admire the love/friendship that you girls have. The clothes hanger with earrings caught my eye-love love love it. And of course John got my attention very quickly(LOL). Gotta love the man and his Bob hat.

    • Hello! Thank you for loving what Jackie and I do. I sure loved the clothes hanger with the earrings as well. It just made me smile. So does John in the hat. 🙂

  7. Tamara! So great to see some of your crochet again! I am curious about that “hanging doll” (pics 4 & 5). It is so cute!
    Thanks for this post.
    God bless you!
    Love ~ Kat

    • Hi Kat! Thank you so much for loving my crochet. As for the rag doll; I purchased the pattern from she also has a calico cat, robot, penguin, and pug patterns. So much fun!

  8. P.S. ….. John!!! …… 😀

  9. Thanks again friend for being my tester ~ John is so sweet ~ I owe him for being your model 😉
    Thanks for showing your booth. Your displays are so inspiring to me. I always get great ideas for upping my game at the farmers’ markets.
    Hugs to you!

    • You are so very welcome Lisa! And thank you for the kind words. 🙂

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