Posted by: tgonzales | November 4, 2014

John Fractured his Tibia


I usually don’t ask this; but this time I would like to ask for special prayers for my husband John Gonzales who fell and fractured his tibia (the bone below his right knee). He also hurt his right shoulder in the fall and may have a meniscus tear. All I know is that he is in a lot of pain! 😦


He has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon but not until the 10th. Our MD is going to try and get him in sooner and I hope this happens quickly. I have to make sure he doesn’t put any weight on it, but am having trouble since I suffer from an arthritic back and pinched nerve problem. We are a hopeless pair the two of us. We are both so concerned about each other; you should hear us. Now don’t do that you will hurt yourself, are you ok, and please don’t hurt yourself because of me. 😉


We will be staying at my Mom’s house since it is all one level with a wheelchair ramp; since he can not put weight on his leg. Please feel free to call him on his cell phone; I’m sure he will be very bored since he loves to be out and about all day.


  1. Some times it don’t rain it pours. Hope John gets better soon. We are going through the wars still so I really understand. Take care, love from England, Cathy xx

    • It sure has been pouring here. I hope you all get better in England as well. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Oh no! Already think of you and pray for your family daily! I’ll add John’s specific situation.

    Big (it’s all going to be okay) hugs!

  3. What adorable pictures of you two! Things will get better ❤ xox

  4. Oh my goodness.. So sorry to hear both of you having problems like this. Consider it DONE! Prayers are on the way! Love to you both!

  5. we will keep you in prayers .love u

  6. You are both in my prayers as is your Mother. Hope all gets better soon.

    You know I will be praying!! And I’m awake “thru-out the nite” (off & on). Jesus will bring John & you to my mind during those hours, I’m sure — so extra prayers will be said.
    God bless & heal John as quickly as possible. I also pray he’ll get to see the orthopedic surgeon well before 6 days from now!!!

  8. Offer to make that orthopod’s children some owl beanies for christmas if he fits you in earlier.
    But seriously, this is awful and I’m very sorry about John’s fractures. And if I had his number, I would indeed call him !!!!!
    Thinking of you both, sending love ❤

  9. Oh goodness! I’m so sorry to hear of John’s accident/injuries. I do hope he will be able to see the doctor sooner! My thoughts go out to both of you during this very difficult time. Hugs!

  10. Praying for you both!

  11. Tamara,
    We surely will mention John in our prayers. God must have something great in store for you because he sure is putting you through the refiner’s fire. So glad you can use your mother’s home.
    See ya,

  12. Sending prayers for him and all your family, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    Hugs, Mary in NY

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