Posted by: tgonzales | October 13, 2014

October 11-12, 2014 Weekend, a Few Crochet Projects Completed, Spending Time with Family and Friends, and My Chacho Aaron Turns 23 Today

My weekend started off with me making some flowers for these




three naked hats and I hope they will sell at the next barn sale? They look pretty cute as toilet paper roll covers too. 🙂


I also finished Amber’s order for the second toilet roll paper cover. This is one side and


this is the other. I love how they turned out and hope that Amber likes them as well.

I then prepared for the other officers to arrive for our monthly KS My Stitch officers meeting. I warmed up leftover cowboy beans that had extra spiciness and stew meat in them that John had made the day before and I made some Spanish rice to go along with them. I then made Kaye who is not a hot and spicy person a small amount of chicken and broccoli casserole, corn, and twice baked potato casserole; warming them in the oven. We had a good meeting with just Kaye, Lucy, and me. The ladies just ranted and raved about how I accommodated both of them with food that both of them liked. It really wasn’t a big deal but they felt very special; as they should, because they are very special to me and a lot of other people. 😉 We ended the day with an afternoon movie “The Good Lie”, dinner out at Jose Peppers, a Michael’s trip for yarn, and ice cream at Baskin Robbins with our dear friends Susie and Korey.


Mom’s care for Saturday was taken over by some of her grandchildren. Emilee and Jennifer watched after their grandma while Angie, Jarred, and Matt moved her large furniture to her new home; which we are referring to as “her apartment”. The day went well, Mom cooperated until later on in the evening when it was time to go to bed. Since she was spending the night in the guest room I’m sure that had something to do with her not wanting to go to bed. Anyway, I went to Mom’s to be with her on Sunday morning until Emilee arrived. I’m glad I was there because Mom came from the guest bedroom very confused and wondered where her clothes had been moved to. She stayed confused the whole time that I was there and after I left. As always I love spending time with Mom and Sunday was no different. I fixed her breakfast and had it ready when she came from her bedroom all dressed and ready for the day. We sat and ate together and I was saddened to think that this would be the last time that I would sit at this counter to eat with her there.


I asked Mom if she would like to go for a walk, since she seemed a bit out of sort with her furniture moved. She agreed that it would probably be nice to take a walk in the nice brisk autumn air. She even posed by the hay bale that Jarred has for sale from the beautiful grass that he grew all summer long. As she asked, “is this too much?” Gotta love her, she looks so-o-o-o good but her mind is gone!


We even stopped to pet the neighbor’s goat he got a few weeks ago.



Mom then wanted to check for eggs; knowing full well that Jarred had just told her that there were no eggs yet. Mom and I really like the black and white chickens. They are so pretty with their red combs.




We then went for the second trip down her driveway and back. On our way back, her neighbor Francisco was out with the sheep and goat. We visited with him for a few minutes and as we were leaving Mom told him that she always enjoyed visiting with him and his wife, as she said good-bye.


Mom said that she was sorry that she was scooting her feet and not walking as fast as she would like to. I told her that I didn’t mind, because I walk a little slower now as well. I assured her that she was doing very well for being 83 years old. 🙂


As always we have to check our shoes for chicken poop and Mom asked me to check hers. I was glad she didn’t have any on them because I would have had to clean them off. 😦


Soon Emilee arrived and even though Mom did not recognize her as her granddaughter she knew that she loved her and made sure that she gave her a big hug. As I was leaving I asked Mom if she knew who I was and she said “why yes! you are my sister, Ruby Lee.” We will be moving Mom to her new apartment on Tuesday and hope that if you are in the vicinity of her old home before that you will stop by to see her and if not and you are in the Colwich, Kansas area near Colwich Gardens; please stop by to see her there.


I can not believe that this young man turns 23 years old today! I love my Chacho Aaron to the moon and back and hope he has the best of days even though he has to work on his birthday. 🙂


I will leave you all with this saying that I found framed on Mom’s wall as I was looking around her home yesterday. I loved it so much and wanted to share it will all of you. I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with family and friends. I hope you did as well and as always I would love to hear all about your weekend too.


  1. What a lovely post. I hope your Mum settles in well tomorrow. Big day for you all. Thanks for sharing your poem, it came at a good time for me. Love the crochet hats and hope Aaron has a super birthday. Love…

  2. Thank you for sharing all that you share, Tamara. I know life isn’t exactly easy for you and your family these days, yet you are approaching the difficulties with dignity and grace. I’m sure that helps your mom be more accepting of what is to come. I hope the move goes as smoothly as it can and that she will settle in and enjoy this next phase of her life. You are a wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday to your son!

  3. Hi Tam!
    I love your tp covers.
    You are very special indeed, to cook up a special meal for the Unspice Girl – Kaye. 😉
    I can only imagine how heartbreaking it was for you to sit at that counter for your last meal there with your mom. I hope she really likes her “apartment”.
    Happy Birthday to our Chaco Aaron…. You know his brain won’t be fully developed until he is 25, right? Hahaha!!! 😀
    God bless you, my dear friend.
    Love, Hugs, & Smiles ~

  4. Uh, for the record, I meant to say “YOUR Chaco Aaron”. LOL

  5. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. xxx

  6. Your mom does look very good. I always love the pictures with her and the chickens. I know it is hard, we also called my dad’s place his “apartment” when he moved into the assisted living center. There were times that he didn’t like it there but most of the time he did and the ladies sure liked him. 🙂 My dad was 95 when he left us a month ago. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to visit her as often as you can, even if she doesn’t remember you, you know that she does love you. Hang in there girl.

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