Posted by: tgonzales | October 10, 2014

A Few Things That I Have Been Working On

I am happy to report that I am now painfree from my tooth problem. I ended up getting into the Endodontist at 4:00 pm on Wednesday to get a root canal. Wow what a difference it makes to get rid of those painful roots of my tooth. The doctor was very kind and very concerned about not hurting me. I was so relieved when it was all over I felt like hugging him, but I didn’t. 🙂 My Megan is also doing much better and is back at school.

Anyway, my friend Lisa H. visited my booth at the Kansas Barn Sale and asked if I would be interested in making another owl hat and she told me that if I didn’t think I would want to pick up a hook for a very long time that she completely and totally understood. I told her no matter what I will always want to crochet and if I have to crochet, then I would totally want to make something that someone wanted. So I said yes and it did not matter that she needed it in 2 days I would make it for her. So Sunday when I returned home from the Barn Sale I started the owl hat for Lisa H.


I finished it up that evening and I do love the way it turned out and so did Lisa H.


On Tuesday I started on a back order from before the barn sale for my dear cousin Amber. I have to tell you the story behind the owl that I made here. Amber posted a request on my Facebook page to see if I could make an owl toilet paper cover like she had seen at my niece Kelley’s house. I’m not sure who responded the soonest me or Kelley to tell Amber that the owl that Kelley had been using for a toilet paper cover was indeed a teapot cozy. I had to laugh out loud as I was telling Amber and remembering that Kelley did not have a teapot but she loved my little teapot cozy so much that she just had to have it anyway. I thought it was cute that she was putting the cozy to use.


I went ahead and closed up the sides of Amber’s teapot cozy so that she could use hers totally for a toilet paper cover. I like to make one side one color and the other side another that way when she gets tired of one side she can turn it around. Amber ordered two of these and I am almost done with the second one. I will show you it in my next post. My weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. I will host the monthly KS My Stitch Officers meeting here on Saturday and am looking forward to seeing the ladies that help keep the guild up and running. I’m not sure what I will be fixing for lunch but I hope they like what I pull out my sleeve (or in this case my refrigerator).


I am looking forward to visiting Mom this weekend before we move her to her new home at Colwich Gardens Assisted Living on Tuesday. I know the children will miss walking and talking with their Grandma at her old house, but I hope that everyone will visit her often at her new home too. I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend doing the things that they love to do.


  1. You just can’t beat an owl hat. Love the story of the owl cosy. Good luck with your Mums move, I’m sure she will be happy. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the lunch. Cathy xx

    • I agree with you Cathy. I just love the owl hat and owls in general. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment; it means a lot. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. I also like the story of the tea cozy. I know Amber will love them and I can’t wait to see them. I wasn’t aware you were moving your Mom to Colwich. She will adjust very quickly and eventually will learn to love it. Her family will be able to sleep better at night knowing that she will have somebody with her to help her if she needs it. As you know she is very special to all of us and we all have special memories of spending time with her. Love her very much and I love you very much. sw

    • Thanks Sue. As a family we have decided it is the best for everyone involved with her care. Mom doesn’t know where she is and doesn’t recognize anyone. She has crossed the 4 lane road that is front of her house to go to the neighbors and we are afraid that she will begin doing that if left alone. Jackie is the one that has taken on the major part of caring for Mom and it is wearing on her. We need to make sure Mom is safe. Everyone is welcome to go and visit Mom and she would love to see everyone as well. I know Mom is very special to you and I know she thinks a lot of you as well, we all feel the same way. Love you too and hope you have a wonderful weekend. Tamara

  3. Thanks for sharing your crochet projects, Tamara. The owls are so cute (never thought I’d say that about an owl, but they are) and I enjoyed the story about the cozy. Way to think out of the box for sure!. While I’m sad that you mom has to move, I’m relieved to hear that she will not be on her own and able to get into sticky situations anymore as you described in the comment reply above. Her safety is paramount as is giving Jackie some relief from caregiving. I hope she will adjust fairly easily and enjoy her time in her new living situation. You all have handled her illness with dignity for her and grace. You are to be commended to the love and care you show her! I know she appreciates it.

  4. Lots of stunning little owls! Speaking of owls, I found a cute little owl charm at the Barn Sale that I’m going to incorporate in a project update that was inspired by your phone cozy!
    I’m starting to think tea cozies are the new black 🙂 I have been culling through tons of patterns so that I can make ‘just the right one’ for my teapot 🙂 It’s good to hear that the arrangements for your Mom are all set, and that Jackie will get a break. It was great to get to meet her last weekend too! I wish I could have met your Mom, but give her a hug from me anyway 🙂


    • You got to meet Tamara AND Jackie???????!!!!!!! I feel like I missed out on the equivalent of meeting the royal family…..

      • Oh friend, but you did. And Princess Jill, you would have fit right in 🙂

      • Oh my God, Jill you are so funny!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA. I feel the same way about you.

  5. Thank god for good dentists. And you should have hugged him, he would probably have loved it.
    That’s a beautiful pic of your mom and one of the littlies. Good luck for Tuesday. xxxx

    • Thanks so much Jill for always being here to cheer me up. Love you and hope you have a wonderful day. Tamara

  6. Hi Tamara!
    Can’t believe I’m here on the day you wrote a post. 😀
    Sure am glad to hear you are no longer feeling any tooth (root) pain. And that Megan is well and back to school — and you did *not* catch strep!!
    Cute-Cute owl hat! Love the story about the TP cover. Hey — TP is for Toilet Paper *and* TeaPot Cozy! Haha!! I also love that you make those 2-sided for colors. Great idea!
    What a difficult day this upcoming Tuesday will be, moving your mom to a nursing home. Will someone else be taking over the farm? How close is it to where you & John live?
    Happy for you that, a couple hours from now, you will be enjoying your weekend!!!
    Love & Smiles 🙂

  7. So glad that your tooth is better.
    Glad to hear they moved your mom up that list.
    See ya tomorrow!
    Oh, and you are a great cook, I miss those meeting and your food!

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