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Kansas Barn Sale 2014


My Kansas Barn Sale weekend started off with meeting up with friends at the motel. I could hardly believe that my friend Susie and husband Korey from Wichita decided to stay the night at the same motel with us. Let alone my blogging friend Lisa and her husband Frank from Iowa came too. Before heading out to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant (the only one) in Hesston we needed to crochet a bit. I so loved spending the short amount of time that we had with my new and old friends before the frenzy of the sale the following day.


A little bit of fluffing right before opening.


I love that the cinnamon roll makers always come around before opening to serve cinnamon rolls and coffee to all the vendors.


 I asked John to go and get pictures of some of the crowd as they lined up to get into the sale. Here is one entrance.


Here is another. I heard that the line of cars along the road leading to the barn sale was 2 miles long. John said the people standing in line was very long too. I heard that some people turned around and left when they saw the line, but for the most part the people stayed and waited. The total attendance has not been announced yet, but I will let you know as soon as I know. 🙂


Some of the over 80 booths. I never had a chance to get around to any of the booths this year, but we did drive by this one as we were leaving our setup on Friday. John bought 4 speckled goose neck gourds from them.


Here I am anticipating the excitement from the crowd I can hear and trying to look like I’m not freezing (which I was)! You may be wondering about the necklace I am wearing? Well if you’re not I am going to tell you about it anyway. LOL When I was hand dying the doilies for the picture frames and to have extras in my booth in case anyone wanted to do their own, one of the pansies fell off and it dropped on the floor in the entryway. John found it and flattened it out, lacquered it and hung a cross on the bottom of it and he hung it on a chain. I loved wearing it because it had turquoise and purple in it. If you are wondering about the basket I have in my hand I didn’t know quite what to do with it so John went and purchased a couple of goose neck gourds and I put them in the basket. One of my first customers bought the gourds but left the empty basket. I sent John back to get more gourds to display in it and if anyone is interested the basket is still for sale.7

Here is the view of my baker’s rack before the sale.


Here is another view of the other side.9

The rag dolls and purses. 10

Picture frames and Tiff. Isn’t she adorable? As soon as she saw me taking the picture she smiled. 🙂

Table of baby, children, and adult scarves. I love how I can see myself in the mirror. 🙂12

Another view.13

Pillows with crochet edged pillowcases, washcloths, and miscellaneous.14

I love the mannequin head that John bought for me just before the market. Every time I would put a hat on her it would sell. 15

Picture frame with the birds and long tailed elf hats.16

Here is the start of the frenzy.17

Before the crowd made their way over to us I thought I had better get a picture of my niece Angie and her booth. Her sweet sister-in-law Tiffany and her friend helped her out. (sorry Ang I didn’t get a picture of your friend too)18

Here I am promoting a little crochet and rocking the purple. 😉19

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Isn’t this the sweetest little face you ever seen and that Penelope bonnet with the flower looks amazing on her. (if I say so myself) The Momma said that every one kept calling her a boy and now they wouldn’t.20

Had to get a good picture of my Iowa friend Lisa before she made her long way home. Love you Lisa and loved meeting you and Frank in person.21

My first customer who loved my idea of the doily in a frame. She had just the bag to put it in as well.

Oh my gosh this little girl was so cute.23

She loved all the hats.24

And couldn’t decide which one to get. She was so sweet to let me take a picture of her and I do believe this was a smile. 🙂25

This young lady was very pleased with her gold and black long tailed pom pom hat.26

As soon as I asked this little boy if I could take a picture of him he gave me this smile. He was adorable too and his Momma ended up buying him slippers to match his hat.27

I loved this granny square scarf on Rhonda. She said that she was going to buy it for someone but would wear it. She texted me about 5 minutes later and said that she wanted to order another one because she loved it so much and wanted to keep this one for herself.28

Ok what is cuter than baby feet in crocodile stitch booties?29

Here is that babies face. She ended up with two hats and the booties.30

Here is Miss Lillie doing her thing. We asked her if it was ok to take a picture of her in the hat and this is what she did.31

Here’s my beautiful niece Angie on the big gold couch that they had out on the grass in front of the porch where the musicians were.32

Oops a little photo bombing. Scary!33

Last of all I loved arriving at the AmericInn on Friday and then again after the Barn Sale because they have the nicest people there. Especially Keena and Gale (who makes the delicious breakfasts on the weekend) Keena works the front desk and was very interested in my crocheting. So I went out and pulled a few things from the plastic tubs to show her. Score, she is getting ready to be an Aunt in February and it is going to be a girl, so she picked out these adorable pink and turquoise Galilee booties. I gave her some fingerless gloves too and one of her family members bought a pair of gold and black slippers and a baby bonnet for Keena to give to her new to be born niece. Also thank you so much Keena for helping me figure out why I was not able to get my new phone to ring.Who would have thought about the silent button on the side of the phone? Not John and me. 🙂34


  1. Whoo hoo! Sounds like a fabulous sale. I couldn’t believe all the projects you had on display to sell. You are amazing! How fun that you were able to get pictures of people with the items they purchased. It looks like you were very successful! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Oh Jeanne! The sale is now a blur. I had so much fun talking to the people who waited in long lines to get into the sale and then the ones who waited to get into my booth. I did sell a lot and managed to come home with a few items as well. And that is ok too, it gives me something to start with for next year. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. What a great post and busy weekend! So glad you got this info up and posted. I was wondering how it all went all day for ya! I bet ya slept all Sunday! It was so fun at the hotel and meeting Lisa and Frank and seeing all your thing and the many fun vendors.
    I think I was going to look at your little crochet earring and didn’t, cause it was such a swarm of shoppers.
    Love ya!

    • Hi Susie! As always it is so much fun hanging out with you. By the way I still have most of the earrings if you are interested, just remind me next time you are over. Love you, Tamara

  3. It was a pleasure having you, your husband & friends stay at our hotel.
    You are an absolute delite, I am looking forward to following you on your blog. Thank you for the fingerless gloves. I LOVE them!!! ~Keena

    • Hi Keena! Thanks for stopping by to comment and for following along here. Hugs, Tamara

  4. Tamara, meeting you finally and spending time laughing was wonderful! We enjoyed your company so much ~ and thanks for introducing us to Susie and Kory too. There was just enough of a chill in the air this morning, I was able to wear my fingerless mitts with pride and show them off to my work friends 🙂 Your Barn Sale was amazing and fun and I am so happy we could make the trip! Your booth was fantastic and you are such an inspiration! Many hugs to you friend ❤

    • Thanks so much Lisa. I feel the same way. I am so glad you were able to stop everything and travel to Kansas. I hope your house was still standing when you got home? Love and Hugs, Tamara

      • Well…the house was still standing but there is a young man that will be at my beck & call for the next 2 weeks whenever I need a bathroom cleaned, the laundry done, dishes need washing…his pants were on fire when he said, ‘no mom, I’m not having a party while you’re gone’
        I suppose the funniest mess we found was that they tried to make coffee with Monster energy drink instead of water in Frank’s coffee maker. Messy…but funny.
        He still is no match to my teenage years and the mayhem I inflicted on my parents, so I’m going to let him live 😉 and just make him my housework slave for another week or so. Haha.

      • Oh my gosh Lisa. That is too funny! HAHAHAHAHA

  5. Sounds like you had a nice time, between meeting with family and friends and sales, glad it went well, hugs, Mary

    • Thanks so much Mary! Hugs, Tamara

  6. Wowsers! Totally blown away by all that crochet gorgeousness! More power to your crochet hook. So glad you had a terrific time, all that work paid off. Cathy xx

    • Hi Cathy! Thanks for loving the things that I make and yes all the hard work paid off. As always, thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings and for commenting. Hugs, Tamara

  7. Tamara,
    I am anxious to know the total number of people attending – it was hundreds and maybe even thousands. We left Wichita at about 12:30 and got within a mile before running into a problem. We slowly crept around the corner and went slowly up the road and saw the beginning of the booths and got a glimpse of the barn. Then, we kept on driving. We didn’t plan on stopping but wanted a ride and was interested in the location. The Barn Sale is just like the “Whimmydiddle” in Scott City. They have about 300 venders and it is wall-to-wall people. I know your glad to have it over. Hope you did well.

    • Hi Kaye! I am so sorry that you were having problems. Wow, it sounds like the Whimmydiddle is quite a sale. 300 vendors is a lot. I think there were probably 80 or more vendors on Saturday. But I didn’t get out of my booth or let alone count all of them. I did very well and will feel very blessed if the Barn Sale Chicks send me a notification in the spring of 2015 that I have been accepted again as one of their Kansas Barn Sale Vendors. I am very pleased with how my sales went and for how much I sold. See you soon! Love and Hugs, Tamara

  8. Wow, Tamara! What a $ale!!!
    Amazing that the line of cars was 2 miles long, just anxious to $pend! LOL
    So adorable – your John-made necklace! He’s very sweet & thoughtful!!
    Gorgeous mannequin head — and what an asset to getting hats $old!!
    Love the baby’s foot in the croc booties, yes!!
    Really enjoyed ALL the pics and viewing so much of your gorgeous crochet.
    And YOU .. even in the mirror!! Haha!!
    Congrats on doing so well. So glad the weather was great too!
    Lotsa Love ~

    • Hi Kat! Thank you for the congratulations and the sweet comments about the Barn Sale. We had a wonderful time and look forward to being asked back again next year. Love you! Tamara

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