Posted by: tgonzales | September 26, 2014

More Kansas Barn Sale Items-October 4, 2014

Wow, I can hardly believe that the barn sale is just around the corner now. I have a few more items to add to my inventory and thought I would share them with you.


Here is another framed doily. I made this piece quite some time ago and just stored it away. The piece was supposed to be a little cafe curtain but I don’t have a window that size to put it in so it sat in a plastic tub until now. I found it while I was rummaging through my other doilies that I have purchased at estate sales or garage sales. It was ecru in color and I decided that it would look pretty in purple. John made a frame special for it and I hung some really pretty buttons from the points. I love how it turned out and hope that someone will love it as much I do.


I was so excited to have 3 lovely ladies take my Up and Downs Slouchy Hat and Fingerless Gloves class the last two Thursdays at Twist Yarn Shop. Here’s Linda’s works of art.


Susie is starting another hat.


Here are Susie’s finished hat and glove sets. She loved how easy and quick these work up.


Sherry has made two hats and started on her fingerless gloves.


This is the set that I made. I used the Marble Chunky yarn and was able to make the hat and two sets of fingerless gloves and still have that amount of yarn left over from only one skein. I am so happy that everyone had a good time learning some new crochet stitches. It’s always fun to learn something new.


Here are 4 sets of crocheted buttons that will soon be earrings as soon as John creates earring hoop and attaches them right where the arrows are. It’s so funny he never can tell where he is supposed to hang the wires. Of course it so obvious to me where the loops need to hang; isn’t it obvious to everyone or is it just me? 😉


I will leave you this fine Friday with 4 of the cutest little friends. I love how they all take on their own personalities. I made each one of them with a large bell in them wrapped inside of a cut up nylon sock. They would be cute for a baby toy or hanging on the car mirror. There will not be any more of these made for the Kansas Barn Sale this year, so if you want one you will either have to order one or come early to the sale on Saturday, October 4th. I found the pattern on Bunny Mummy’s blog and you can find it here. Anyway, this weekend is going to be very busy with our annual KS My Stitch guild retreat all day tomorrow and of course I will be crocheting away on more of the items for the barn sale. And fit in a visit to Moms. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I love you all!


  1. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful work. It sure looks like your classes are a big success. That’s terrific! I wish you tons of success at your barn sale and loads of fun at your guild retreat this weekend. My hands feel tired looking at all you are able to accomplish!

    • Oh Jeanne! Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement and for loving the things that I make. I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. I love the things you are making for the Kansas barn sale. I know you will be successful at selling everything. Love you girl.

    • Thanks so much Sue! Love you back.

  3. Wow! Fancy meeting you here 2 days in a row!!
    Your purple doily is sweet – and a homemade frame-by-John. Kewl!
    I love the yarn colors Linda used for her Ups & Downs!
    HaHa! The earring loops are right *there*, John. 😉
    Your little OWLS are tooo adorable!!
    Nice to see ya, Tamara. Heh-heh!
    HUG! ~ Kat

    • Thanks Kat! The last time I left them with him he left me a piece of paper with the crocheted buttons taped down with arrows pointing to the place he thought the wires should go. Those were right, but the other ones he returned to me were not in the proper place. But I guess no one will know but me, right? And you, LOL. Love you my friend, Tamara

  4. Inspirational, as ever ❤

    • Aww Jill you are so kind. Love you and and your beautiful creations as well.

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