Posted by: tgonzales | August 21, 2014

The Week in Review; Barefoot Sandals, Dying Doilies, Time with Mom, Two Slouchy Hats, a Pair of Boot Toppers, More Penelope Bonnets, and a Pair of Unfinished Earrings


Here is a picture of the barefoot sandals on my co-worker Lauren.


And here they are on Steph’s feet. Thank you Steph for stopping by to pick up the sandals and for a shoulder to cry on. You always make me cry and smile at the same time. 🙂


I was able to make three Penelope bonnets for special orders. I love how they all turned out and hope that the Momma and the new Grandma who ordered them will love them too.



Here are two of one-of-a-kind creations that will be available in my booth at the Kansas Barn Sale on October 4th.


I have been dying doilies that I have picked up at antique stores and sales. Although the first framed doily is one that I made a few years back, but I love it more now that it is purple. I saw this idea on Facebook and just had to try it out. The person that I got it from was using their framed doily for an earring holder. I have a feeling that most people will just use them to decorate with. What do you think?


I also saw a set of earrings made from buttons that were crocheted around. So I just had to try it. John said that he would make them into earrings as soon as he could. I will have these at the Kansas Barn Sale as well.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of John helping me get just the right lighting for my photo shoot. Don’t you just want to squeeze him?


I spent the afternoon and night with Mom on Saturday. She loves Jarred so much and looks so natural trying to dig a sticker out of the bottom of his foot. On Saturday she didn’t know my daughter Jennifer or my niece Angie. My niece Shannon and her children were there when I arrived and she seemed to know them and me.


I was able to finish up a slouchy hat and boot cuffs on Sunday morning before Mom got up.


I also started another slouchy hat and finished it up this week.


I fixed vegetable beef soup for lunch on Sunday. It was very good, I just used whatever was left over in the frig and a couple of cans of vegetables from the cupboard.


I was so happy when Debbie (my best friend of 40 plus years) called and said that she was on her way over. Mom seemed to know her and she enjoyed showing Debbie some projects that she had finished up.


I am still amazed at how natural Mom looks sitting at her sewing machine. The only bad thing is that she doesn’t know quite what to do after she sits down. I had to take this picture of her so I can look back at it and remember how I loved seeing her sitting there making a dress for me and my sister. I loved hearing the hum of her machine and always knew that something beautiful would come out of that room when the machine would stop. I will never forget what Mom told me the other day. She said, “Getting old is not fair! I still had more things that I wanted to make and do.” Every day is a challenge for her and Jackie and I are willing to walk along with her on her journey. It’s not going to be easy sometimes but we know that she would be very proud of how we are handling things, if she still understood. Mom has always been there for both of us and we will never let her down. On Wednesday Jackie arrived at Mom’s to find that Mom did not recognize her or know her name. Yet, when she talks to Jackie she calls her by her name. The mind is a complicated thing and we are learning through what we have read and heard we are almost certain that Mom has Alzheimers. Jennifer will be taking over on Friday night into Saturday and I will take over in the early afternoon on Saturday through Sunday. I am looking forward to being with Mom again and it should be very interesting to see if she knows me. I am so glad that I have a sister who is so dedicated to the care of our Mom and that we both want the same thing for our Mom. We want her to feel loved, safe, and happy. Just like she wanted us to feel as she was caring for us. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I’m loving the little bonnets and the doilies. The barefoot sandals are really cute but probably not something I could wear because I’m not a barefoot person. Some of the pictures didn’t come in so I can’t comment on them. Seeing Your mom pull out the sticker from Jareds foot reminded me of John Mark when he was little, I always let him pull out my stickers. He was so gentle-don’t know if he still is but he was when he was young. I think of your mom often and pray everything is going well with her and those that are taking care of her. Such a tough road. Love you girl. sw

    • Hi Sue! Thanks so much for always being here. You don’t know how much your kind words mean to me, or maybe you do? Anyway, I fixed the pictures so you should be able to go back on the blog and see them. Love you, Tamara

  2. Everything you make is KILLER. And i absolutely ❤ ❤ ❤ the earrings. That's such a clever idea, but I know if i tried it it certainly wouldn't look anything like yours 🙂 thinking of you and Jackie with your mom, and glad you still get so much pleasure from being with her. xxxx

    • Oh Jill. You are so sweet to say such kind things about the things that I make. Thank you so much for thinking about us, I appreciate you and your support it means a lot. Have a super weekend! Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Tamara, your work is amazing as always. I love the doilies in the frames (I will have to remember that idea) and especially that one photo of John helping you with the lighting for the one doily. The barefoot sandals are beautiful! Your mom is very lucky to have you and your sister in her corner. She raised some amazing women. I wish you much courage as you walk this journey with her. She is so right…getting old isn’t fair, at least when one gets old and has to deal with Alzheimer’s. Stay strong, but ask for help when you need it! Big hugs!

    • Hi Jeanne! Thank you so much for always loving my ideas and my creations. And the encouraging words regarding my dear mom. We have a meeting scheduled with an agency for aging on Tuesday and we feel very good about the next steps that we need to take to make her happy and safe. Have a great weekend my friend. Love and Hugs! Tamara

  4. Barefoot sandals crack me up.
    Adorable bonnets – and I love your homemade buttons on them!
    I love the photo of you, dreamy-eyed, at the chair.
    Very nice framed additions for the Barn Sale!!! I especially like your purple one!! I think dying those doilies is a great idea. I am all for COLOR!!! And yes, we all know how sweet John is .. even helping you with the lighting. {heart}

    Very sorry to hear about your mom not knowing Jennifer or Angie. :,-( And then Jackie! Yes, she most definitely has Alzheimer’s .. the horrible, dreaded mind disease!! I am sorry that it has progressed to her not knowing people. God bless you & Jackie and everyone else who helps her. Too often, family members will have nothing to do with this and they leave it all up to just one person. So stressful. … I know you will give & receive LOVE with her this weekend. {heart}

    Your soup is to die for. Looks soooo scrumptious!!!! Mmmmm……

  5. I am soo in love with your dyed & framed doilies ~ I would most definitely use one for my dangly earrings. I am going to put away my computer and rummage thru my doilies, stat! All your stuff looks fantastic actually, and you’ve gotten so much accomplished this week even with working and hanging with your family 🙂 (And yes – your boytoy is a keeper) Hugs to you, Jackie and your mom!

  6. You always make so much! Love the buttons.

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