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Wednesday Update August 13, 2014; crocheted hats, another bonnet and a diaper cover


Wow, the time has really flown by. I spent Friday night and into Saturday night with my Mom. Friday evening when I arrived my Mom was sewing the binding down on a quilt that I had tried to hand quilt many years ago. It had been hand pieced and I bought it from someone at a market, Jackie helped me sandwich it together and I started to hand quilt it. I put it away quite some time ago and thought that Mom might like to finish hand quilting it. Mom hasn’t enjoyed this project one bit since the pieces were cut by hand and are not accurately cut she has been very discouraged with how the whole thing has looked. But she is trying her darndest to finish it for me with lots of help from Jackie. I find that if you give her something to do she is happier and she doesn’t want to pack her things to go home or look at her embroidery floss for hours, or go through her purse for hours at a time.


This is the window that I look out and see the sunrise when I am at my Mom’s house. I sit in the same chair that my Dad always sat. I’m sure he enjoyed watching that sun rise above the horizon the same as I do. I think of him often as I sit and crochet before I have to start the day.


Saturday I went to the store around 6:30 am and arrived back to Mom’s just before a little rain storm came through. I have to tell you my Mom has always loved to jump out and scare us when we were least expecting it and Saturday morning was no different. As I struggled with bags, a large package of bottled waters, and finding the house keys in my purse I never thought that Mom would be up waiting for me at the door. But you guessed it there she was as I pushed the door open and looked away to grab a bag, she just softly said “do you think it’s going to rain.” OMG I think I jumped a foot and we laughed and laughed.


She helped me with the bags and I put her right to work peeling apples. I fixed breakfast and started fixing lunch of tacos, rice, refried beans, pico de gallo, and salsa. I love this photo of Mom’s neighbors on the south of her. They have a very large garden and I love watching them as they pick their vegetables and fruit.


I asked Mom’s neighbors to the west of her Bill and Mary to come for lunch as I needed to have Mary stay with Mom while I went home and did some laundry of my own. Mom loves her neighbors and they love her back.


We had a wonderful lunch and I had a relaxing time away for 3 hours.


On Sunday I was able to stay at home and enjoyed myself picking some vegetables from mine and John’s garden.


I sure enjoyed picking the vegetables and I even had a chance to shave my legs (even though I cut them in 4 different places). It’s amazing what all you can get done if you stay at home the whole day. 😉


I was also able to finish up a few projects and photograph them. Here’s a gold and black bonnet with a diaper cover to match for a dear friend’s nieces baby. The bonnet is the Penelope bonnet from here and the diaper cover is from here. Of course I had to Tamarify the diaper cover and put three rows of black ruffles on the back of it. I hope Pamela likes it as much as I did making it for her great niece.


My Megan called and asked me if she could come over to visit since she hadn’t seen me in a couple of weeks. Of course I told her yes and Jennifer even came and stayed all afternoon into the evening. I used to sit just like Jennifer when I crocheted and I wished I could still sit that way but my old knees won’t allow me to.


Here are the red hats from the I Love this Yarn Colors collection. I love how they turned out.


These are made from another colorway from the Colors collection. I love these as well.


I love this picture of Megan and her Poppy. I’m sure they are trying to solve all the problems of the world.


John is trying his best to finish up the pond before summer is up. Megan sure enjoyed dipping her toes in the water.


She even caught a ladybug and made it a little home in a jar that Poppy punched holes in the lid and helped her gather grass to put in it.


I also finished up the last session of my Crochet 102 class on Tuesday night with the lovely Kim. I have made arrangements to meet up with my second student Rosa for another one on one session of the second session of Crochet 102. I think one on one teaching is great. I had a wonderful weekend and hope you all did too. So what has been happening in your world? I would love to hear all about it.


  1. I have missed your blogging girl. Love the quilt that your mom is working on. It helps to keep her hands and mind busy. I enjoyed talking to Jackie the other day. You kids are so good to your mom and I love that about all of you. I got tickled about your mom scaring you when you walked in the door. It reminded me of the time I took My mom to the doctors office for an appointment. The dr. was getting ready to check her ears and when he got about two inches from her ear she snorted. The dr. jumped back about 3 feet and of course Sis and I were rolling over laughing. It was so funny. Love the picture of you gathering your garden produce. Also enjoyed the other pics and the one of Megan. Love you very much cousin.

    • Hi Sue! Thank you so much for loving my blog, my family, and especially me. Love you too. I hope you have a chance to go and see Mom soon as I know she will love seeing you. I remember you sharing that story about your Mom and her scaring the doctor. You can tell my Mom and yours were sisters, she does the same thing with me when I get close to her ears to help her put on her earrings or help her take them off. So funny!

  2. This week I have totally side tracked myself with an embroidered rabbit which I will post shortly. So happy you had time with your Mum and at home. That quilt will be a real treasure. Xx

    • Hi Cathy! I can’t wait to see your embroidered rabbit. Thank you for all the sweet comments that you have been leaving me. It helps to keep me going. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. that is one stunning quilt! I am completely envious, quilting has never “grabbed” me as a creative outlet, so I’d have to purchase! I’m sure your mom is doing it beautifully.
    I love seeing you with all those veggies stuffed in the front of your apron. And thanks for reminding me to keep up with my own personal grooming – my legs are also overdue for some attention, so excuse me while I go search for the machete…..

    • Oh Jill. You have so much talent I know you would do a wonderful job of quilting. My sister and Mom are the quilt makers in my family. I would rather make a blanket out of yarn. Although I have an urge to create one with fabric and crochet combined. Of course I will have to have my sister get involved with that. 🙂 I sure am enjoying the garden John planted for us. It makes me happy. If you look really close on the inside of my right leg under my knee you can see a little bit of blood from the cut and what I hate is that I need to shave them again already. Yuck!!! I wished it was winter. Anyway be careful with that machete. HAHAHAHAHA! Love and Hugs, Tamara

      • Sometimes I remember to use my epilady – that keeps the hairs away for much longer than a razor, but takes much longer to get through the shrubbery.

      • OUCH that epilady thing sounds awful. I don’t like my hairs ripped out of my body. I can hardly stand it when I get my eyebrows waxed. You are a brave woman. Have a great day! Of course you made me laugh again too; just wanted you to know. 🙂

  4. What an amazing time you had, enjoying life and your family, Tamara. You’ve definitely got the right idea…family is most important and the little things you do for and with them, well, they become the big things down the line. Thank you for sharing these snippets with us. Lovely family!

    • Hi Jeanne! Thank you so much for always being here and for your encouraging words. They help so much. I know you know how important family and friends are. I hope you have a great day and rest of the week. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  5. Hi Tamara! The quilt looks very Americana, and what a great project to keep your mom’s mind occupied. She scrunches down on the sofa like I do while I crochet. LOL
    It is a rare treat for me to be up to see a sunrise. What a fright your mom gave you so early in the morn. And such a great laughing session after!! 😀
    So great to have good neighbors like that. Your mom looks quite happy peeling those apples. We are getting some ripe tomatoes now. Yay!!!

    The little bonnet is adorable! So old-fashioned-looking. Ruffles “make” the diaper cover. 😉
    I chuckled at your comment about how Jennifer is sitting .. and about your knees…. becuz I had thought the very same thing when I saw that pic: ‘Oh how I wish I could still sit like that!!!” Hahaha!!

    Cute hats with great pompoms!
    John & Megan: Lions & Tigers and … Panda Bears!!! hahaha!!
    I **love** Megan’s French braid. I presume Jennifer did it. Great job!!!
    Will you be putting goldfish in your pond? What a job that is!!
    Hey – do you ever get a chance to get together with Rosalie lately? [I think that’s her name ..your good friend…] Haven’t heard anything about her for a long time.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Tamara!!
    God bless you and grant you some peaceful moments.
    Love ~ Kat

    • Thank you so much Kat! I hope you know how much your comments mean. Love you my friend! Tamara

  6. Those veg look yummy. I wish I had a bigger garden so I could grow my own (that and the time of course!)

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