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May 17-18, 2014 Weekend, More Hats, a Surprise Flower, Breakfast with Mom, and Owl Cushion Liners



I started my weekend off with another hat and an earwarmer headband for a 6-12 month old.


I have talked about this before and I am now convinced that the reason I like to collect old zippers, stems from my paternal Grandma Kingery (Vada). These are some of the zippers that my cousin Jill gave me that Grandma Kingery left behind. I have been looking at these zippers for many years and thought there should be that I could do with them. Then I purchased a hat pattern from CrocheTrend and it had the directions on how to make a


flower from a zipper. So before I headed to Twist to teach my Crochet 102 class I whipped one up. I’m not sure if any hat or anything is worthy of this adorable (hard to make) flower. πŸ˜‰ I could have made a baby hat in the time that it took me to make one flower. Anyway, who knows if there will be any more of these flowers, Heaven knows that I have plenty of zippers to do so if I get that wild hair brained idea to make another one.


I spent the afternoon at Twist teaching two lovely ladies how to read a pattern and both of them made a granny square and a coaster. They were model students and I loved that they were excited about learning new things, even after crocheting for quite a while. When I returned home I made another hat and John and I ended our evening with dinner and a movie, Labor Day. We both enjoyed the movie very much.



I have been meaning to mention that Joshua got another job. He now works for ilili Mediterranean restaurant in Manhattan as a host. He seems to enjoy his job and has to dress up for work. He asked me the other day if I would look out for him some cool bowties and skinny ties. Well, I happened to stop into the DAV before I got to Twist and I bet you already guessed; I found a couple of skinny ties that I think he will like, of course we will have to dry clean them before we send them but I feel very fortunate that they were good quality and very reasonable at .98 each.



Sunday morning I managed to make 2 more hats before Mom arrived to take John and me to breakfast. I ran out of yarn again, but I held two turquoise yarns together and finished it with them. I like the way it turned out and hope someone else does too.


After we ate I was pleased to find out that Mom wanted to stay and visit for a while with me. She is so funny every time I show her one of my new hats she has to try them all on. This is the only one she left on long enough for me to take a picture of her in it.


I started another hat while Mom was at my house but did not finish it yet. But later on in the evening I sewed up 4 owl cushion liners. I plan on making 2 more crochet owl cushions for the Kansas Barn Sale. I am still struggling along with my computer after a nice young gentleman replaced my hard drive and updated my operating system to Windows 7 from Vista. Now the built-in mouse runs even though I have it switched off. Plus, the cursor just randomly shoots up into the previous paragraph and starts typing my words there instead of where I actually want the words. It’s very frustrating and it takes me twice as long to write anything. Anyway, I have a co-worker who is helping me with the mouse issue and hopefully she will be able to fix it soon.


I am trying to pick out new glasses after 7 years of having the same ones. I think I have finally decided on THE ones. Gosh could the dark circles under my eyes get any darker? Yuck. I would love to hear what you all think about them (the glasses not the dark circles). HAHAHAHA!


  1. Oh my goodness, Tamara! I honestly don’t know how you accomplish so much crocheting in such a short amount of time! You are like a machine. (meant in the nicest possible way). All of your projects look great. I really like that zipper flower. It looks like you might have sewn some of the centers. I don’t envy you that. I like the look of zipper flowers myself and the one time I attempted to do it, I remember it being a pain, so you are not alone. I really like how the glasses look. Have a great week!

    • Thank you so much Jeanne for loving what I do and for understanding the pain of making a zipper flower. I would totally love to recycle all of those zippers into some fantastic flowers, but they are hard for me. Oh by the way, thanks for the feedback on the glasses. Have a terrific Monday! Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Good morning Tammy. Love the hats and headband and the Zipper flower is the bomb. Can’t wait to make one. Like you, I have 9 boxes of old zippers (imagine that). Do you have instructions on how to do it? My house keeper is on her way to my house to clean. I have a basket class at my house tonight at my house. Company for supper. And leaving for the lake tomorrow morning early. I need to get the camper packed. Today I need more hours than I have energy for.

    • Wow Sue it sounds like you are going to have a full day today. But once you get to the lake you can relax, right? Love you and have a wonderful week.

  3. The ties!!! How cool!!! Also, are those glasses Warby Parker? I like them the most.

    • Hi My Chacho Aaron! I’m so glad that you like the ties. Your Dad better have taken them to the dry cleaners today. Yes, the glasses are from Warby Parker and I liked them as well until I got to work and my co-worker said that they weren’t quite hip enough for my personality. So-o-o-o-o-o I am still in search for the perfect pair of glasses for my bubbly personality. πŸ™‚ LOL Love and Miss you! Momma

  4. Love the glasses.
    I can hardly wait to see you and all your creations tonight at guild!

    • I lady! I am looking forward to seeing you as well. Love you and see you later my friend.

  5. LOVE this zipper flower! I knew you’d find something fabulous to create with them! Too bad they are so time intensive, though.

    • Oops! I didn’t mean to be “Anonymous”. Guess I forgot to log in. ~Jill P.

      • Hi Jill! I am so glad that you had the foresight to keep Grandma Kingery’s zippers and for thinking of me when you wanted to get rid of them. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment. Love you!

  6. Great hats & headband!
    Your mom makes a great hat model. πŸ™‚
    I think you ought to make a brooch **for yourself** out of your zipper flower that is sooo unique (just as YOU are!!).
    We loved “Labor Day”!!!
    Congrats to Joshua on his new hosting job!
    The blue of your new glasses brings out your gorgeous blue eyes. I did not even notice your dark circles .. until you mentioned them. Ha!! It will be interesting to see which “bubbly” frames you end up choosing for yourself.
    HAVE A GREAT WEEK!! Sure am hoping your ‘puter & mousey problems all get resolved very soon. What a pain!
    Love you!
    Kat xxoooooo

    • Hi Kat! Thank you so much for loving the things that I make and for stopping by to tell me so. I’m sorry that I haven’t been replying back to you, but this mouse thing is making me crazy. That’s cool that you two loved Labor Day too. I always love a good ending to a movie. Love you too my Friend!

      • Maybe I need to send Emma your way … to take care of your mouse once & for all. hahahaha!!!

  7. Joshua will love the ties. Your mom is a great Hat model. My computer is slow as molasses. Wonder where that saying came from.

    I really like the glasses. I always liked larger lenses and heard they’re coming back. Does that mean I’m in style again.

  8. laughing about the zip flowers – it’s really stunning but I bet darn fiddly to make!!! but it is a lovely “novelty” idea, and I bet would cheer up a plainer hat or one in a neutral colour very very well. Someone will love it πŸ™‚

    • I agree with you that someone will love it and it might be me. πŸ™‚ HAHAHAHAHA!

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