Posted by: tgonzales | May 14, 2014

My Hard Drive Crashed, Burned, is Being Fixed, and Syrus’ Slippers

Good Wednesday to all of you! As my title says; my hard drive on my laptop crashed and burned on Thursday night. So to say the least it has been a challenge to post comments and to write a blog post. By the way thank you all for the kind and sweet comments you left on my last post. I appreciate every one of them. Anyway, I am going to keep this brief. I have been working on the crocodile stitch thingy that I asked you about and have completed the base of two of them. No one has guessed what it is yet. I will hope to share the finished creations real soon. But until then, I wanted to share the pictures of my Great Nephew Syrus in his cute little slippers made my moi.

DSC_7640 DSC_7641 DSC_7646 DSC_7647

When I sent these little slippers to my niece and nephew I told them since Jessica is a professional photographer that I wanted some professional pictures of him in them. As always she didn’t disappoint me. What do you think? Aren’t they the cutest little slippers on the cutest little boy you have every seen? 😉


  1. Little Syrus is adorable and the shoes are very cute. Sorry about your computer crashing. I’m up the creek if that happens at my house. We have to call in the son in law when that happens. It’s been a great week at our house. We happened to see a couple of little girls that used to be in the shelter where I volunteer. It was so good to see that they are well and happy. It made me cry. I always pray that they find the love and happiness they deserve. Have a great week girl and I love you. sw

    • Hi Sue! You are such a kind person to volunteer at the shelter and I know how hard it must be for you to leave the children. I would want to take every one of them home with me. Love you too! Me

      • Yes Tamara, I want to take most of them home with me and I would if I could. God tells me I can give them even if I’m seperated from them.

      • I left out the word “love”

  2. Baby and slippers are too cute!😇

  3. I could eat that child right up. With the slippers on 🙂

  4. Yup Yup!! Cutest little slippers on the cutest little boy!!!
    And terrific photography!!
    xoxo ~ Kat

  5. P.S. Soooo sorry about your laptop!! I just learned yesterday that, about a month ago, my brother-in-law’s Dell laptop was smoking! [yah, I know, people have been warned against smoking … I guess computers haven’t gotten the word yet!!]
    It was 6 yrs old, was turned on but he was not using it at the time! Turns out it was the camera cord inside the laptop … the cord was positioned under a hinge within the unit; so every time he closed the lid, it pressed down on it – and eventually burned out. Fortunately, he was able to back up his important stuff before ditching the thing.

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