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March 8-9, 2014 Weekend, WSU Shocker Madness, KS My Stitch Officers Meeting, and a Lazy Sunday


My weekend started off on Friday when the company I work for decided to host a Shocker Watch Party. For those of you who are not from Wichita; Wichita State University basketball team is undefeated at 34-0. And when I found out that we were going to have the watch party at work and KWCH Channel 12 was going to be at our facility to video tape my fellow employees watching the game on Friday. I couldn’t resist the urge to make a pair of Shocker Slippers on Thursday and get free advertisement for my crochet pieces. Since I am not a sports fan I chose to stay out of the room to cover phones and catch up on some of my work. But in the end, when I got a chance I went over to the reporter and showed her my Shocker slippers and she took a picture of them. I also just happened to have my business card in my hand so I gave it to her. 😉 You all can go to the link here to see the Training room at iSi all decorated for the party and listen to some of my co-workers talk on camera.


Anyway I got 3 orders out of posting a picture of my Shocker slippers on Facebook and I plan on making more pairs to have available at the Kansas Barn Sale.


As I was thinking about WSU and sports I thought back to the time when I was a cheerleader in 7th grade. I am having lunch with my fellow cheerleader Debbie on the left. We have been best friends since we were 10 and we have lunch together on our birthdays every year. We also get together every three months when it’s not our birthdays. I remember cheering at the games and how I practiced all the cheers. It must have made my Mom nuts with me jumping around the house doing cheers all the time. I remember the cost of the uniforms, the letter M (for Maize, Kansas) and how each letter of our name seemed so expensive. But Mom always made sure that I had what I needed. She was also the one who made all of our cheerleading uniforms. Which I’m sure helped with financing the things that I needed for my uniform. The funny thing about it is that I don’t remember her complaining about the cost. Anyway I thought you would get a kick out of the picture of me as a cheerleader. 😉






On Saturday I prepared lunch for the KS My Stitch crochet guild officers meeting. This time I decided to make homemade corn dogs, fried pickles, baked beans, and potato salad. Everyone loved the food and I was so happy that all of the officers could be at the meeting this month. I love spending time with these ladies that make our guild so special. 🙂


The rest of the day was spent making slipper soles, and then we ended the day with watching Despicable Me 2.


Sunday I woke with a tickle in my throat and I felt like I had been run over by a truck. So I lay back down and slept until 8:00 am. Wow, I haven’t slept that late in a long time. I finished up some more slippers and made a pot of vegetable beef soup and while it was simmering a way I took a nap. Around 4:00 pm John came in and we both lay down and we took a nap together. Then we had dinner and I usually let John do the dishes by himself because he takes FOREVAH to wash a dish and it makes me crazy. But on Sunday I decided to stay behind and help him, it made me a little crazy sometimes but I tried to be patient with him so that I could help him out. I thought he looked so cute doing the dishes so I asked him to smile for the camera, can you tell? He’s such a good guy. Except whenever I close the blinds and he opens them; when I turn the heat up, he turns it down; or when I turn the light on, he turns it off. Does anyone else do this with their spouses? So how was your weekend? I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


  1. Tamara I love coming over to your house on guild meeting Saturdays. It is so nice spending time with everyone. I don’t realize how much I miss everyone until we are together.
    The tickle in your throat stinks. I have been dealing with a throat thing going on two weeks. Have I gone to the good doc? Nope. Hope you get feeling better soon. Hugs
    Donna 🙂

    • Thanks so much Donna! I hope you get to feeling better too. Love and Hugs, Tamara

      • Thanks. I just have to make it 4 days this week then I am in Spring Break. So excited.

  2. Thanks for sharing your weekend! It sounds like a pretty darn good one. Hope the naps helped the tickle go away. Your husband is a cutie. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. You are very kind!

    • Hi Jeanne!

      I always love reading your blog and seeing all the creative things that you share with us. Thanks for always being here to tell me you like mine as well. Have a great Monday.

      Love and Hugs,

  3. AHHHH free advertisement. Get it however you can. Love your owl earrings. Those are so cool. John looks so cute washing dishes and with a big smile on his face. Jerald will empty the dish washer quite often but he doesn’t wear a smile when he does it. lol Love you girl and I hope your tickle in your throat gets better. sw

    • Thanks so much for loving my owl earrings. (Walmart special) Yes, I am very lucky that I have a husband that does the dishes and vaccums too. And yes I always try to promote crochet when I can. 🙂 Love you too, Tamara

  4. You have a husband who does dishes? Count your lucky stars, Miss Tamalini! love your owl earrings, by the way 🙂

    • I know I am very fortunate that my husband does the dishes, cleans the bathrooms, vaccums, and changes the sheets. The only thing he doesn’t do is dust. Thanks for loving my earrings and for stopping by to comment. As always I love hearing from you. Oh and I love the name Tamalini; you always make me smile. Love, Tamara

  5. So much cuteness!! btw…I’m the John in my marriage 🙂 lights off, curtains open, heat on low…but had never thought about it like that. I must make Frank very crazy, HA!

    • Oh Lisa, it runs the other way too for us. Just depending on whatever I do, he does the opposite. HAHAHAHAHA I love that you do the same thing. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  6. I love that you took the advantage to show your wonderful work. Good for you. You had a fab, talented mum. Finally, yes we do the same but the opposite way round. 😉

    • Oh Alice, I thought I was so smart about using this opportunity however, this time it didn’t work out so well, but that’s ok. It wasn’t meant to be and that just means that there will be more slippers for the Barn Sale in October. 🙂 I love hearing that you and your significant other are the same way, except opposite. Thanks so much for stopping by to tell me. Love, Tamara

  7. Hi Tamara! You work for quite an interesting company. I wish your slippers had been shown on that short video — tho it is great you already got 3 orders! I’m sure you’ll be going a bit x-eyed making a bunch of black-&-yellow slippers. You’ll be busy/buzzy like a bee!! (black-&-yellow .. get it?) Haha!!

    LOVE the pic of you cheerleading! Love your smiling dimple!! 🙂
    “Whooooooo…………….” (cute earrings!!)
    Interesting lunch you prepared for your guild officers. Fried pickles, huh?
    Adorable pic of domestic John. Love your yellow kitchen sink & tile.

    Smiles ‘n Hugs ~

    • Hi Kat! Yes the owners of the company I work for are sports fans and they know that a lot of their employees are as well. For me I would rather sit and crochet, and they probably would have allowed me to do so while everyone else watched the game. 😉 But someone needed to cover the front desk and the phones, so I volunteered to do that. Yes the black and yellow will eventually get to me just like the Minion hats color did. Thanks for loving my cheerleader photo and my dimple. I still have that dimple (it’s just hidden in the chubbyness of my face). HAHAHAHAHA Oh by the way you should totally try fried pickles some time, they are way better than they sound. Love you, Tamara

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