Posted by: tgonzales | February 19, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday!


I noticed that it is Brother’s Week, so-o-o-o I had to share a few pictures of my brothers.


I can’t even imagine my life without all three of them.


I love you Tommy, Deanie, and Terry!


And I have the best sister in the world; I love you too Jackie!


    • Thanks Jill! Love you, Tamara

  1. I wonder if you felt like this when growing up amongst the fights …..;)

    • Hi Alice!

      You must have had a brother and/or a sister. HAHAHAHAHA! You are so right. There were many fights and arguments, but now that I am older and wiser those memories don’t flood my mind as much as the good times do. 🙂 Thank you for always being here.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

      • Yes a brother although we did get on most of the time …….;)

  2. Love the pictures. I remember all of you kids at these ages and was always proud to call them my cousins. sw

    • I loved all my cousins too and especially the Bransons!!! Love you too, Tamara

  3. You were such Cute kiddos. I love old family pictures Mine and other people’s as well. How on Earth did they all agree to put on those dresses? I cannot even imagine my two brothers or my son putting on dresses
    – much less allowing their picture to be taken with them on.

  4. Awesome post, Tamara!!! Just made me smile thru all these photos. HOW on earth did (whoever) get all the boys to put on those dresses for that photo op? haw-haw-haw!!! I’ll bet there’s been razzing over the years about that!! 😀

    What a lovely family to be blest with: 3 boys & 2 girls. My folks had 2 boys & 2 girls, in that order. Frank’s folks had 4 boys & finally a girl.

    Only 2 work days left for ya!! 😉
    Love n Hugs ~

  5. I tried to enter a comment when I first saw this post, but for whatever reason, it wouldn’t post. I kept getting an error message. Strange. Anyway, I’m going to try again and say I sure enjoyed the family photos. Like Kat, I am curious about how someone got them to wear the dresses and smile to boot!

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