Posted by: tgonzales | September 13, 2013

September 5-12, 2013; Kansas State Fair, Dinner with Megan and Jennifer, Haircut, Officers Meeting, Breakfast with Mom, More Scarves and Hat, and Pop Tops

Sorry for my absence but I have been frantically trying to get as much crocheting in as I possibly can before the Kansas Barn Sale on October 5th. I wanted to share with you through pictures what my week has been like.












We had a wonderful time at the 2013 Kansas State Fair with our good friends Susie and Korey. I feel very blessed to have been able to attend the State Fairs 100th birthday celebration. If you were wondering; my flower garden doily placed second in the over 12″ doily category. Three other guild members placed as well. You can go here to see their ribbons. Congratulations to all the winners.


We got to spend a little time with my Megan and Jennifer. Megan had never been to DeFazio’s and I’m happy to report that she loved it. 🙂



I got a haircut (and yes my gray is coming in quite nicely),


and I was able to spend a few hours with 3 of the ladies who help make the crochet guild run smoothly. (I appreciate them all so much) We of course missed seeing Kaye but fully understand that she needed to be with her family on such a wonderful 100th birthday celebration for her Mother, Florence.



We had breakfast and spent the morning with my Mom. I often wonder if she truly knows how much I love her.


I have been able to make a few scarves and one slouchy hat. I will have to take pictures of the other scarves as soon as I can.





Got off on a kick of making bracelets from those pull tabs from the aluminum cans. I have wanted to do this for quite some time and I thought the bracelets might be fun to have in my booth for the Kansas Barn Sale.


I made an owl family and of course there always seems to be a monkey in the bunch.  😉 As I learned last year I can never have too many hats in my booth at the Barn Sale.


I’ve had this beautiful yarn just staring at me while I was making all those yellow minion hats; and the yarn talked me into making some of it into a stripey scarf. I can’t wait to add some more rows and show you how I finish it off. Well here it is almost the weekend again and of course I’m looking forward to it as always. How about you? How was your week? Have a great weekend.


  1. The slouchy hat doesn’t look that big. It looks perfect.

  2. Awesome work, Tamara. Congrats on your win. That is fantastic.

  3. Good morning Tammy. congrats on the 2nd place ribbon. I love the fair atmosphere and this year I received a certificate for 25 years service. It was an honor. Love the purple in your hair. Wish I was brave enough to do colors in my hair (something besides grey). Love the bracelets and the minion hats. You are so talented girl. Love you very much. sw

    • I don’t know why my posts show up as anonymous. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Gosh, you have had a great week! Love all the hooky work and that awesome hair cut & color!!!! Have a fab weekend and enjoy the better temps finally 🙂

  5. As always I marvel at all the crochet work you get done. Congrats on your ribbon. I sure hope to see some of those pull tab bracelets, at Guild. My grand-kids might like some if they were there school colors even better. Your colorful scarf makes me want to get out the winter yarn and get started on scarves.

    Until this week, I haven’t wanted to work with any yarn except cotton, due to the heat. Isn’t this cool weather welcome. I loved getting out a jacket even though I really didn’t really need it much. See you Monday.

  6. I love the pigs and the goats, they all look like they just got out the shower. Congratulations on your win. The 1st place item must have been sprinkled with magic fairy dust to have been deemed “better” than yours 🙂
    AND LOVE THE BANGLES. No-one puts their own twist on things better than you.

  7. Oh the State Fair looks like fun! We’re thinking we may go to a wine tasting fest this weekend. It was fun last year, so we look forward to going again!.. As for gray hair? Oh my gosh, I just saw my first one! No doubt about it.. It was a squiggly-wiry-out of control gray hair! (gasp!) Honestly, I can’t dwell on it too long, so NEXT SUBJECT!… LOVE the hats, and the new bracelets too!! They are SO-ooo CUTE! My wrists are so small, I can never find bracelets to fit. Maybe I’ll try making one or two, sometime soon… And speaking of minion hats, I got an order for a toddler sized one, so I’ll be working on that today! The only thing is, the customer is my PASTOR!!! I feel horrible for charging anything too high, so I may just consider the cost of yarn, and leave it at that…. So busy lately trying to fit everything in. I’m just starting another year of homeschooling for my son, while trying to set him up for his GED exam. From there, we’ll see what the next step should be. I really worry about my boy. He has learning disabilities, and it scares me, what’s ahead for him. I know if something happened to me, I try to remember his sister will look out for him for me… But on a lighter note, the weather FINALLY seems to be cooling down! So much more comfortable now, and I get to do some baking again too!! All the muffins, cookies, cakes, and breads to completely annihilate my diet! (0; Have a wonderful weekend Tamara! ((love -n- hugs))

  8. Tamara, gosh I love the pictures! How many hats do you estimate you bring? I’m so terrified, because my craft fair is in Nov. I have 21 hats right now, along with a bunch of other products. Any advice? I’m nervous every time I think about it!

  9. Hi Tamara!
    I don’t know how I missed checking your blog 2 days ago. It’s a great one!
    A big CONGRATS on winning 2nd Place with your awesome flower doily!!!

    I enjoyed seeing those CLEAN piggies walking down that aisle. LOL
    That is a very good-looking alpaca interested in John’s drink.
    I laughed at the photo of Megan with that yummy Italian food .. ‘cuz it looks like she has a huge hand. 😀
    Hey “purple-haired lady” … great pics of you & John with your mom.

    I think those bracelets will be a big hit (& a big sell-out!) at the barn sale.
    You certainly will have plenty of hats for buyer$ to choo$e from. 😉
    And October is just around the corner. What’s the date of the $ale??

    Sending you Love & Hugs ……
    :: Kat ::

  10. Wow – well done on an amazing win. (Not that I am at all surprised!) Those squashes are awesome, so huge! Your makes look great too (as always) I am sure those bracelets will go really well at your fair. They look so fun. Are they fun to make?

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