Posted by: tgonzales | July 5, 2013

It Seems Like a Monday, a Crocheted Collar, Family, and a Set of Nesting Bowls


The reason it seems like a Monday is because I got off a little early on Wednesday and then I had 4th of July off. Now back to work for one day and now my Friday is a Monday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining and I’m happy that I work for a company that gives us a certain amount of Holidays off with pay every year. Before I worked for the company I work for now I had jobs that were part time and I always had to work the Holidays or if I got off it was without pay. Anyway, that’s enough of that. Wednesday evening I had dinner with my Megan and Jennifer. Jennifer made lasagna with garlic bread and I made zucchini and yellow squash rolled in egg and corn meal, and then I fried it. It was all Yummy! I especially loved that since I didn’t have to go to work on Thursday that I got to sit and watch Ice Age II with Megan. I really loved it when she climbed up in the big chair with me and snuggled down under my arm and then laid her head on my chest. She didn’t even mind when I fell asleep. 🙂


On Thursday I wanted to be able to cook and sit and crochet. I enjoyed making breakfast for John and me; then I decided I had better do my ironing as I had neglected it for far too long. So after an hour and a half I had ironed 12 short sleeved dress shirts and an assortment of 15 pairs of pants, capris, and shorts. WHEW!!!! While I was upstairs I decided to pick out some buttons to go on the crocheted collar that I had finished up on Wednesday morning.


Here it is with some really cool buttons that I got from Cousin Sue. Now I’m undecided on which ones I like the best. I would love to hear what you think. Please leave me a message on which ones you like the best; the reddish ones with tiny cream colored crocheted buttons in-between or the gold buttons.


Then it was time for me to fix lunch, so I warmed up some chicken vegetable soup that I had made on Sunday and I made grilled cheese sandwiches. John had just arrived home from buying shingles for his new shed so it was perfect timing. After lunch John called in reinforcements to help him unload the shingles. Here they are cussing and discussing how the shed is going to be painted and such.






It didn’t take too much coaxing to get them to pose for pictures. These are our two nephews; Justin and Michael with of course our brother-in-law CW. We are very blessed with family that help John with most of his projects.


Now on to the crochet part of my day; the other day as I was trying to figure out what to make with the bulky cotton yarn that I won in the May Made-it-Challenge I was looking through my Interweave Crochet Accessories Special Issue 2011 magazine.


That’s when I found these 5 nesting bowls and I thought the yarn would be perfect for a few of the bowls.


Well I got 4 of the bowls done and started on the 5th bowl when I ran out of yarn. So I am now going to hold 2 strands of Lion Brand cotton yarn together to finish up the 5th bowl. I think they will look really cute all nestled together and the 5th bowl has a lid and a handle on it. Since it’s not pictured in the magazine it’s going to be a surprise on what it will look like. So…… I’m looking forward to the weekend and hope I will have time to finish up some more projects to share with all of you. Do you all have any plans?


  1. your collar is the BEST and nicest one i have seen on the internet so far! Genius! I think i prefer the first lot of buttons you tried, the big square ones detract from the collar shape too much. In my opinion.

    • Hi Jill!

      I can’t believe it we both commented on each others blogpost at the very exact time. 🙂 We are truly kindred spirits aren’t we? Thanks so much for loving my collar and for your opinion on which buttons I use. I value your opinion and will mark you down for the reddish vintage button look. 😉 Have a great Friday!


  2. Tamara, your crocheted collar is turning out beautiful. Although it would be nice to use the buttons gifted by your cousin Sue, I think that the alternating buttons look better for this project. The square buttons seem a bit large for the collar. Perhaps Sue’s buttons would look nice along the edge of a nice warm bulky cowl.

    John’s shed is coming along nicely. I love the nesting bowls and perhaps I will make some sometime.

    We are at anchor on Lake Champlain trying to enjoy the water and what little sun there is. We have had nearly four straight weeks of rain and downpours and T-storms, which does kind of put a damper on outdoor fun.

    Can you believe that my husband just asked me to crochet a cozy for our coffee pot that we use here on the boat? I guess I know what my NEXT project is!

    • Hi Merri!

      Thanks so much for your opinion on the buttons and what a wonderful idea for the heavier square buttons. I think I know what my next projects will be for the Barn Sale (chunky cowls with these square buttons).

      I love hearing about your adventures on your boat and I have a feeling those rainy days are behind you and warmer sunny weather is on its way real soon. What am I talking about? I’m not the weathergirl, but I do know that our weather here in Kansas is going to be hot and dry, maybe it will make its way to New York. 😉

      That is so adorable to hear that your husband wants you to make a coffee pot cover. I would love to see it; make sure you send me a picture. Have a great Friday and weekend.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Hi Tamara,
    I like the rust and cream buttons the best. For the 4th we went to our oldest son’s and watched our great grandson shoot off one and one half hours worth of firecrackers. He’s 8 and has started to mow the neighbor’s yard for extra money. I’ll bet next year he thinks twice before he burns up all his money! Are you going to fill John’s shed up with yarn? Or, is John moving to the shed so you have more room for your yarn? Just joking:)

    • Hi Kaye,

      Thank you for stopping by to comment and give me your opinion and I’m glad that you had a good 4th. It’s funny that you ask about the shed; because his thoughts were to move all his jewelry making stuff out there. But I told him that was silly because there isn’t any electricity out there. Why don’t we just clean out the garage and he could make IT his new work space. He thought that was a pretty good idea. Now the cleaning of the garage is going to be another project all in itself. 🙂 I am afraid to say that the new shed will have to have some Tamarafication done to it.

      Love, Tamara

  4. Good morning Tammy, I like the reddish and tan buttons the best. The square buttons are really cool but looks too heavy for a collar. Maybe if you would try it with 3 square buttons in each corner it wouldn’t look as heavy. Something else that might look good is a small crochet flower in the left corner might look dainty. Just suggestions. Looks like John and his work crew are making progress on his building and having fun while doing it. What color is he going to paint it. Have a great day girlfriend and I love you. sw

    • Hi Sue!

      Thank you so much for your suggestion on trying the metal buttons in the corners and the flower! Hey if I have my way he will paint that shed a pretty turquoise. 🙂 Just kidding or not.

      Love you too! Tamara

  5. Hi Tamara! I’m going to go against the popular vote and say that I like the square metal buttons 🙂 I think I would go with fewer buttons and maybe add a crochet flower at the other corner. Whatever you choose, I agree with Jill that this is BY FAR the prettiest collar I’ve seen in a long time 🙂

    • Hi Lisa!

      thank you so much stopping to voice your opinion about the buttons and thank you for thinking it’s pretty. That makes me smile.

      Hugs, Tamara

  6. Hi Tammy. Your collar is pretty. I think you are putting too many buttons on it. People will see the buttons & not the collar. I like the little cream color buttons best & then maybe add a small crochet flower. Looks like the “cuss & discuss gang are doing a good job building the shed. Or is it their club house? Just kidding. Lov your blog. Makes me chuckle.

    • Hi Sandi!

      I really like your opinion on the matter of how many buttons I’m adding to my collar. Your comments make me chuckle; especially about the guys club house. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. Have a great weekend.

      Love, Tamara

  7. The collar is indeed very pretty.
    I love ALL of the buttons. What I nice cllection you have. I agree that the collar really needs the smaller buttons and a little flower on one side might be nice to. I can hardly wait to see what you decide and I look forward to seeing what you do with the others you don’t use for this project.

    We could use a new shed -well maybe we just need to clean out the one we have and then move a bunch of stuff from the garage so I could park inside next winter.

    I love the bowls. This might be a good way to use the bulky yarn I won at Crochet Guild in February.

    • Thanks Linda for loving the things that I do and for stopping by to tell me so. See you at guild. Hugs, Tamara

  8. Hi Tamara ~ Nice to hear about your good times on the 4th …. good times & great food!
    Can’t wait to see the collar on you! I choose the “red & cream” buttons — not as many, tho. The gold ones are, IMO, too large for this piece — besides their being square.
    I’ll bet your photo-shoot with the guys got them to stop cussing. LOL!
    Hey ~ The trouble with nesting bowls is that there is nothing inside them .. except bowls. LOL

    Have a grrrreat weekend! I’m glad it wasn’t really Monday for you. 😀
    :: Kat ::

    • Hi Kat!

      I appreciate your opinion on the button dilemma and for stopping by to comment. It didn’t take much to convince them to stop and let me take their picture; they all love to ham it up. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

      Love and (((HUGS)))!

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