Posted by: tgonzales | June 7, 2013

Thank Goodness it’s Friday and Mandalas


I’m so glad its Friday and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Our KS My Stitch monthly officers meeting is on Saturday morning and I can’t wait to visit with my ladies.


The past few days I have been in a Mandala making mood. Has anyone else out there been fascinated with the Mandala craze? The first one I made was from Issue #5 of Simply Crochet.


Then as I was reading Lucy’s blogpost over on Attic 24 I saw that she had made a few Mandalas too. I loved the design of hers so I followed the link on her blog and made one from the pattern she used. You can find it over on Barbara Langford’s blog called Made in K-Town, just click here and it will take you to her pattern. I love how mine turned out, even if the colors are very subdued for me. 😉


Then I remembered I had seen a doily pattern in Issue #4 of Simply Crochet, so I dug it out and


made this one from Nikki Trench’s doily pattern. I love how it turned out too. Actually I love all three of them, can you imagine that? That’s about all I have for now; I’m off to make another Mandala and can’t wait to show you. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend. I love you all!


  1. They are lovely. But what are you going to use them for?

    • Hi Jill!

      That’s a very good question. I’m not sure I have the answer for it. Maybe I will crochet them all together and make a Mandala blanket? On second thought; GOD that would be hard. Or I could just sell them at the Kansas Barn Sale? Thank you so much for thinking they are lovely and as always I appreciate you stopping by to tell me. I hope you have a great weekend and please stay WARM!!!

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Jill. They are so very pretty. I guess you could frame them and hang them up? That might be nice, except you might need large frames. I hadn’t heard of the mandala craze though. Well, I don’t get too many magazines so that might be why. LOL Thanks for sharing. The ones you pictured sure are pretty and may find a home on my hook one of these days. *Ü*

  3. Love both of your mandalas AND the doily… Beautiful colors, and such fun patterns!.. I have a kitchen stool cover that is done in very much the same fashion as a mandala is done.. Loved how it came out, then one day, in one of my mad rushes, not thinking, I set a hot pan on it and ruined it! I was so mad at myself, and keep meaning to make a new one for it. Maybe this weekend I’ll get to that.. It’s going to be busy though, so maybe next! (0; Hope your day’s a good one, and your weekend even better! ((love and hugs)) ~tina

  4. The mandalas are very pretty. I have some that my Mom gave me many years ago and she used them as trivits. Maybe what I have is something different-I’ll show them to you sometime. We’re still working tornado relief in Shawnee and still have several weeks to go. ugh! Love you girl. sw

  5. BeeeYOOtiful color choices 🙂 I use mine under the blender and other gadgets in the kitchen, and often under the salt & pepper on the table, and as wall art or yarnbombings. Have a fab weekend!

  6. I have yet to understand the Mandala craze. And I too wonder how to use them – ‘cuz ya don’t really want to put something atop them, which would hide their prettiness. I say “sell them” and let someone else figure out how to use them while you earn $$. 😉
    FUN-tastic weekend to ya, dear friend!!
    Smiles ~ KAT

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