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June 1-2, 2013 Weekend, Another Owl Cushion, a Set of Coasters, Three Trivets, More Purple Hats, Mom’s 82nd Birthday, and a Yarn Bombed Flower Pot


My weekend started off with having lunch with my Dear Husband on Friday. We decided to go to the Old Mill Tasty Shop. I had the Chef’s Salad and John had the Chicken Salad sandwich. It was all very good.


You may have noticed that I haven’t been talking about anything crochet the last 2 posts, right? Did you think that I stopped crocheting?………..We-l-l-l if you thought that you would be wrong. When I returned from New York I had a few things that I had started before I left and I decided to finish them up. One of them was this cute little owl cushion with crocodile crochet stitches. Zoom Yummy is where I got the pattern and can I say that I love Petra’s patterns? I guess I just did, anyway you can find all her patterns in her Etsy shop here.


Then I finished up the Opa Slippers that I started for John.


By the way he decided to pose for the pictures.


I can’t keep from laughing when I see these, OH and he loves them.


While we were in New York visiting Joshua’s friend Jeremy’s apartment, I noticed that he didn’t have any coasters when he offered us a drink. So when I returned and found out that Twist Yarn Shop had just gotten in some size 3 Lizabeth cotton yarn, I HAD to have some. And I decided to get colors that would match Jeremy’s apartment. I used red, ecru, and black from the Lizabeth yarn and then I made backs for each coaster out of Patons Grace in gray. I hope Jeremy loves the coasters as much as I loved making them for him.


Then I had enough yarn left to make not one but



three trivets with the rest of the yarn. I hope Jeremy can use them as well.


I almost forgot, while I was in New York I only took purple yarn with me. So-o-o-o-o, I made more purple hats while I was waiting for the guys to get up each morning.


On Saturday we decided to walk down to our neighborhood restaurant, had breakfast and then walked home. When we arrived home John and I changed into our work clothes and when I went to look for one of my old pairs of tennis shoes in the garage I found a pair of Joshua’s old high tops that fit me like they were made for me. I think he was 12 when he wore them. 🙂


This may sound funny, but I love to mow the yard. I have been mowing ever since I could reach the handle of a lawn mower. I remember when I was a teenager I didn’t like it so much because I always had to mow a portion of the yard before I could go anywhere to have fun. But once I bought a home and had a yard to mow, I mowed. I had to stop mowing about 5 years ago because of 2 bulging discs in my lower back. On Saturday I was determined to see if I could actually mow and MOW I did. I only had to have John dump the grass clippings into the compost pile a few times, the rest of the time I did it myself.


After I mowed the yard I fixed lunch and then John and I went to Ace Hardware to get some tomato cages and ended up rescuing some perennials that the store was going to let die.


Of course we got them at a discount. Oh how I love a discount and I love to watch the plants come back to life once they are planted in pots. As I took this picture I noticed how yucky the pot on the right looked, all faded and cracking. I started thinking and I bet you can already guess what it was? We finished out the day outside planting and just enjoying the 70 degree weather all day and into the evening. It made me feel good that I had actually mowed the whole yard; of course we won’t talk about how bad the inside of my hands hurt from holding down the handle bar the next 2 days. By the end of summer I hope my hands will get used to it and not be sore. 😉


On Sunday we took Mom to Emilia’s for her 82nd birthday breakfast.


Of course I didn’t have a chance to tell the waitresses that it was her birthday because she wanted them to know right away, so she told them.


The owner came out and wished her a Happy Birthday while the owners’ wife (who is also the cook) was making Mom up a piece of the yummiest chocolate cake (still warm from the oven) along with homemade icing with a few pecan pieces on the top. You probably wonder how I know that it was still warm and yummy? You know that Mom’s always share and this time was no different. The wait staff and owner sang Happy Birthday to her and she was very happy. I’ve noticed that the older she gets the more attention she likes and that’s ok because I think she deserves it after all these years.


After Mom dropped us off at our house I decided to start on a little something something for that cracked-up flower pot. So I pulled out some old yarn that someone gave me, I measured the cracked-up flower pot and I went to town making stripes. Then I added a row of scallops at the top, then I tried it on my cracked-up flower pot and oh how I love it. So what have you been up to? Is there any crafting going on at your house that you want to share with me?


  1. I can’t believe that I’m seeing the Opa slippers on your blog! I’ve been trying out the pattern with different yarns and hook sizes, but I can’t get the front bit right 😦 – where it sticks up, the 2 “extra rows”. Damn it, it’s obviously just me. EVERY TIME I get it wrong and the fronts are just rounded. argh
    Yours are stunning. John is a lucky muchacha.

    • Hi Jill!

      Thanks for thinking that Johns Opa slippers are perfect. You should really see them when his feet aren’t in them. They really don’t look that attractive. I had to ended up having to add a couple of extra rows with decreases at the top of the opening to make them fit properly. Oh well, he loves them and they look pretty good on his feet so I’m happy too. Please don’t be discouraged and stop making the Opa slippers I think yours look wonderful and comfy too.

      Love and Hugs,

  2. What a wonderful post, Tamara. I enjoy your newsy style of writing. Congrats on mowing despite your back troubles. I’m glad you are able to do that. Hope your hands feel better soon. Those slippers are awesome looking and so is the cover for the pot (something I never would have thought to do). Happy belated birthday to your mom. She is looking fabulous for her age. Good living does that, right? LOL I hope you haven’t been affected too badly by all the extreme weather I keep hearing about on the news.Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you have a happy day.

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thanks so much for loving what I have to say. I appreciate you stopping by to comment and tell me so; it always makes my day and makes me smile. By the way I think all of my pots now need a cool stripey cover. People around here will think I’m crazy. I have quite a bit of some scratchy Redheart yarn that I want to get rid of and think it will make lots of pot covers. 🙂

      In reference to the weather we haven’t gotten anything severe for a while (now I’m knocking on wood). Thank you for asking about it though, you never know.

      Thanks for loving the coasters too. 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  3. Forgot to say…that owl is adorable and how sweet of you to crochet those coasters and trivets for your son’s friend. I’m sure he will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  4. Hi Tamara!

    So-Cute owl pillow!
    Aha – so John got his Opa Slippers. Nice! Tell me – does he feel the back, above the heel, is not quite high enough? Or is it just right for him?
    You are so sweet to buy special yarn to make coasters (& trivets!) that will coordinate with Jeremy’s apartment. He will be happily surprised, I am sure.

    What a riot! You are wearing Joshua’s old-old high-tops. I know you will extra-close to him, having those on. Glad you can mow again, and hope you can continue enjoying it thru your long summer.

    A belated Happy 82nd Birthday to your mommy!! 🙂
    Wow — you sure did dress up that faded planter. Looks so purrty now.

    Glad you did not quit crocheting. Bwaaaa-haaaa!!! 😀
    Love ya much ~
    :: Kat ::

    • Hey Kat!

      Yes I finally finished John’s Opa slippers and actually I had to add 2 rows to the top closure with a few decreases all around in order for them to fit John correctly. Thanks for loving the the things that I make. I’ll make sure I tell my Mom everyone wished her a Happy belated Birthday. In regards to quitting crochet, I don’t have any plans on doing that in the near future. 🙂

      Love you too!

  5. Fun stuff, Tamara! I love the slippers and coasters and pots, oh, MY!

    Glad you got to mow – and that you had some sneaks to wear. See, holding onto stuff pays off now and then (said the friend who is on the border of being hoarder). Good use of stuff, color and creative spirit!

    I finished a TShirt quilt and did the binding all by myself from Tutorials on YouTube.

    Now I am going to make a quilt for my house with all my favorites I have been stashing for about 3 years now (hoarding). Table cloths, vintage scraps and some cool plaid shirts that I couldn’t throw away because the fabrics were too awesome, fabric from a skirt here and there.


    • Hi Steph!

      Thanks for loving the things that I do and for stopping by to let me know. I loved hearing about your quilt you finished and the one that you are planning on making. Of course you know that i hang on to way too many things too. But like you said sometimes they come in handy. 😉 I would love to see your scrappy quilt when you finish it.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  6. You’ve been a busy girl! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Lisa!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and I do love to keep my hands busy. 🙂

      Hugs, Tamara

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