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May 18-19, 2013 Weekend, May Crochet 101 Second Session, Preparing for Our Trip, a Spring Storm, and a Crocheted Baby Blanket


First of all thank you so much for all your get well wishes and prayers for my speedy recovery from my illness. I’m happy to report that after sleeping, resting, taking cold medicine, all your prayers, AND not crocheting for one whole day I woke up Saturday with no symptoms of having any type of sore throat or cold. All I can say is; it was like a miracle! I needed a miracle in order to get through the weekend and to prepare for our trip to New York. I was so happy to see all of my May Crochet 101 students and I have to say; I think I’ve hooked four more. 😉  John and I ended the day with dinner and an evening of watching TV.


Sunday started off with breakfast with two of my favorite ladies and John.


Then John and I were off to pick up some travel size items for our trip. It’s too bad that I can’t shrink down my crocheted items and then just add water and make them full size. My sister and John are worried that I will be taking way too much with me (like yarn and projects). I have assured both of them that I won’t. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that always wants to have enough to do while they are gone on a trip. I just need to face up to the fact that after walking around the streets of New York all day, every day I probably won’t even have the strength to pick up a crochet hook let alone make something. So with that said I plan on taking one small project. Like I told my sister on Sunday I can make it, take it out and start over and over if I feel the need to have something to do with my hands.  🙂


Just as we arrived home from our shopping excursion a spring storm was headed in our direction. The tornado sirens went off and the local news said that people in the area of the airport and north and east of the airport were to take cover immediately. That meant that the tornado was heading directly towards our house. You would think after all the years that I have lived in Wichita I would be more used to tornadoes. But I’m not and I panic. John almost has to slap me in order to get me to calm down. The items that I always grab to take to the basement are: my crochet bag (that has all of my crochet hooks in it), a few skeins of yarn, my laptop computer, my storage drive (where all of my photos are stored), my camera, purse, and cell phone. All the essentials that I might need while in the basement. Of course I never think to grab a flashlight in case the electricity goes off. I don’t know why I have to have a crochet project anyway, because I can’t calm down enough to even concentrate on anything but the weather. Thank God John always remembers the flashlights and stays as calm as can be.


These are a few photos of our street after the storm came through. We were very lucky and the tornado and storm veered to the east of us. I know the east and south sides of town didn’t fare as well as us and I feel so bad for them.


Now on to the crochet front; I started this baby blanket the Saturday before last. I kept seeing this pale yellow Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn on the sale rack at Twist and finally decided to purchase the whole lot, plus the last 2 skeins of green. I wasn’t for sure what pattern to use and didn’t want to make a complicated stitch so I just used the stitch pattern that I made the Dish Scrubbers from. I made it the width that I wanted and used double strands of the yarn and added rows until I had it long enough to be a square.


Then I added shell stitches all around and alternated the yellow and green. I love how it turned out. Well, my loving friends near and far I am officially on vacation now and will be gone from here for over a week. I know I will have lots of photos and things to talk about when I return. So please take care and know that I love you all!


  1. Whew, glad you are better and were able to get ready for your trip. I would probably be like you during a tornado situation. Glad you are safe. Good luck on your trip and have fun!

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and I’m looking forward to sharing my trip through pictures and a few words with all of you when I return. I hope you have a wonderful week and Memorial weekend. Have fun with those beautiful daughters.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Tamara, have a fabulous time! New York is one of my favorites. Stay well!

    • Thanks so much Cathy my friend! (((HUGS))) Tamara

  3. I completely understand your fear during bad weather. We were in the cellar last night for about 35 minutes while a tornado was taking out a mobile home park less than a mile from our house and electrical lines 1/2 mile away. We are blocked in as of right now with all the roads closed because of debris and downded power lines. Our power came on last night around 11;30. Glad you’re feeling better and I hope you enjoy your trip to New York. Love you girl. sue

    • Hi Sue!

      I was so glad to hear that you made it through the storms without too much damage (other than your electricity out). Whew, a half a mile is too close for comfort. Thanks so much for stopping by to wish us a good trip. Love you too Cuz, Tamara

      • actually Tammy when we got out last evening to look around the neighborhood we found major storm damage less than 1/4 mile from our house. It has been aweful-2 deaths 1 mile from our house. We just got home from Wichita 30 minutes ago. Benjamin graduated from kindegarten today. sw

  4. Awww.. We’ll miss you, but wish most that you’ll be enjoying your vacation!.. Love your baby blanket, and I actually did get around to making ONE of those dish scrubbers. I want to make more, but have to order the color(s) I want, since Walmart doesn’t carry them….. Safe journey, and have fun in New York!!! ((love -n- hugs))

    • Hi Tina!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and I can’t wait to see your scrubbers when you complete another one. I plan on having fun no matter what. I will be with my son and that’s a good thing!

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  5. I am trying to change my email address and do not see any way to do it. Any idea? I love reading your blogs and seeing your great work, have a great vacation.


    • Hi Birgitt!

      In regards to changing your email address I think you have to set up a new one instead of changing the old one. If hope that makes sense? Thanks so much for reading my blog posts and for the vacation well wishes.

      Hugs, Tamara

  6. I’m so happy to hear that you guys made it through the storm all right. This time of year can be so scary with the weather. I hope you have a wonderful time in New York City!! Hugs Barbara

    • Hi Barbara!

      It’s so good to hear from you and thank you so much for stopping by to comment. I hope the weather has been good to you guys too.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  7. Hi Tamara!
    You did just what was needed to get rid of your illness, and the Lord healed your body in record time. What a team! 🙂
    I was watching – and praying – when I saw the Wichita weather forecast. Knew it was going to be in your area. SO THANKFUL that the tornado did not hit you directly!!

    I absolutely L-O-V-E that baby afghan. Your choices of stitches is great!
    Purrsonally, I think after a day of walking around NYC, you will find your strength to pick up your hook & yarn .. to enter into relaxation mode after all that walking & excitement. Have a memorable week! HELLO to Joshua. Looking forward to sharing in your vacation, via photos, when you return.

    Love, Hugs, Smiles, & Prayers ~
    Your good friend Kat

    • Hi Kat!

      Thanks so much for the special prayers for us and Kansas; we need all the help we can with the tornadoes that come through here. UGH, I don’t like them at all!

      Thank you for loving the baby afghan and I think you are right about the crocheting after walking the streets of NYC.

      Love you!

  8. I sure like the way that yarn turned into such a beautiful littl baby blanket, with you flying hands. I bet it is even softer than the yarn felt at the beginning.
    Hoping guild went fine yesterday, missed ya’ll! Have a super time on vacation in New York!

    • Thanks so much Susie! Yes the yarn feels wonderful and so soft. By the way we all missed you too. I can’t wait to see you when I get back from NYC. I hope you had a pleasant relaxing weekend away from here. Love you, Tamara

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