Posted by: tgonzales | May 17, 2013

2 Pom Pom Hats and Illness has Struck




Here’s all that I have to show for this week. I’m so bummed AND illness has struck me again. Sore throat, sweaty, chills, cough, and drained feeling. I just don’t like it when I can’t even pick up a crochet hook. (well I could probably pick it up I just don’t want to make anything with it) I hope everyone else is well and making lots of things. I’m wishing you all a very pleasant weekend and I’m looking forward to this weekend of my second session of Crochet 101 AND I’m officially on vacation. Whoop! Whoop! Now I had better start feeling better because I sure don’t want to be sick when I arrive in New York.


  1. Oh, Tamara, I do hope you make a complete recovery before you get on that plane!!!

    • Hi Cathy!

      I’m doing much better today. Thanks so much for your get well wishes.

      Hugs, Tamara

  2. Feel better soon, Tamara. It’s no fun being sick at any time, but especially when you are due to go on vacation. Hugs.

    • Hi Jeanne!

      I’m feeling much better! Thanks so much for being here to wish me well.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Hope you are better soon! Have a fabulous time in New York, too!

    • Hi Jill!

      I’m doing much better now and hope to get all my things ready to go to New York in the next few days!

      Love you, Tamara

  4. You lay down, you rest, and I hope you’re feeling better soon. I’m saying a little prayer for you already! ((love -n- hugs))

    • Hi TIna!

      I did lay down and I rested and slept and I’m much better now and ready to tackle the packing and getting prepared to go on my trip. Thanks so much for the prayers.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  5. Love the 2 pom pom hats,especially the pink one. Hurry up and get well soon because New York (and Joshua) is waiting for you. Love you girl. sw

    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks so much for loving the hats and guess what? I’m feeling much better today. I’m ready to get the packing done.

      Love you, Tamara

  6. Don’t move a muscle until you feel better, and you will SOON, I’m sure. Thinking of you x

    • Jill!

      Thank you so much for the good advice. I’m much better now and am ready to prepare for my trip to NY.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  7. Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Sleep through the misery, my friend, til you feel better!!

    • Hi Steph!

      Thanks for stopping by to wish me well and thankfully I’m doing much better today.

      Love, Tamara

  8. Pretty, pretty! Love these pom-pom hats, Tamara!!
    Prayers for you .. that you will be well before you head over to NYC.
    Gentle Hugs,
    :: Kat ::

    • Hi my Dear Sweet Kat!

      Thanks so much for loving all the things that I do and also for the prayers. I feel so much better now and it was all due to too much stress and not enough rest. Done that and now I’m ready to get organized so that we can leave on our trip to NY.

      Love you my Friend,

  9. Hats are cute and will keep two heads warm this winter.

    Rest and Feel better soon so you can enjoy your time off.

    • Hi Linda!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. I’m much better now, thank you! I’ll see you in a few days at guild.

      Hugs, Tamara

  10. I love New York- have a wonderful time and say hello for me to the Big Apple from across the pond!

    • Hi Cathy!

      Thank you so much for stopping by to comment. I wish there was a way that all of us could meet in NY. Wouldn’t that be fun?

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

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