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May 4-5, 2013 Weekend, Helping a Friend, Bobble Stitch Scrubbers, Breakfast with Mom, and Truman’s 2nd Birthday Party


First of all on Friday when I arrived home from work I found my package had arrived from R.G. Soap Co., LLC. I was quite surprised that it had arrived so soon; as I had only ordered it a few days before. I forgot to mention that I had written to R.G. Soap Co. via email and had inquired how I could order some soap from them. I received a reply right away and found out that Rhonda is the owner and maker of the wonderful bar of soap that I had gotten at Jessica’s baby shower the weekend before. I asked Rhonda what different kinds of soap she had and she told me: “The bars are $4 each. I currently have spearmint clove, cherry honey, cherry almond, nutmeg, eucalyptus spearmint, and lilac available. I also have an unscented bar and a lavender scrub bar available.” And to let her know what kinds I wanted and she would mail them to me. Then I asked her how she received payment and she told me by check. I asked her if she was familiar with PayPal and she said that she had wanted to get setup with PayPal. So I encouraged her to do so and I’m happy to announce that I was her first customer to pay with PayPal. Can I say, I love the bars of soap? Well I guess I just did.  🙂 Anyway if anyone wants to order soap from Rhonda please send her an email at


Now if I can just make myself untie the string and take that cute paper tag off I’ll let you know how much I love the way the soap works. For right now I’m content to just look at it in the soap dish and smell the fragrance when I walk into the bathroom. If you were curious, I ordered the cherry almond and lavender scrub.


On Saturday my friend Sandi texted me and asked me if I could help her with getting started on a crochet pattern for a scarf that she had purchased in Phoenix. I told her sure and directed her to come on over to my house. I took one look at the directions and knew exactly why Sandi was confused with “make a sliding loop.” A few years ago I would have been very confused by these directions too, but I immediately knew that what they meant was “make a magic loop.” After all the scarf consisted of two granny squares put together and stripes of back and forth stitches on either side of the squares.


I have known Sandi for about 7 years now and met her through my sister and the quilt guild.


It seems like every time we are together we get to laughing so hard that both of our eyes disappear. Look how funny I look trying to get my face into the picture too. Saturday was no exception and we had a good laugh. I loved helping Sandi get her project started and know that she will be on her way to finishing her scarf real soon. Thanks Sandi for making my Saturday a good one.


Thanks to my friend Lanora, I couldn’t stop making these Bobble Stitch Scrubbers all weekend. I have made 8 so far, started on the 9th one, and hopefully by the time you read this post I’ll have started my 10th. You can find the pattern here. Hopefully these will be good sellers at the Kansas Barn Sale in October?


Saturday evening I made my homemade cheesey tomato basil garlic bisque soup for dinner with homemade croutons. It was YUMMY! The flowers were on my doorstep May 1st for May day, it was cute the neighbor across the street brought her two little children over and had them lay these flowers on my doorstep and rang the doorbell and then they ran and hid beside my house. Of course the little boy couldn’t stay hidden for long and poked his head out so I saw him. The little boy and girl were grinning from ear to ear and how sweet that was for them to think of me. It made me smile.


John couldn’t stand it he had to stick his nose in the picture too.


Then that reminded me that we hadn’t had our picture taken together in a while so I had him take our picture. We ended the evening with a movie from Redbox called The Guilt Trip.


Sunday John and I went with Mom to breakfast at Emilia’s.


As always we have a nice visit and it’s nice to get together with her.


Then it was time to attend Truman’s 2nd birthday party. He is beginning to act so grown up and he’s talking quite a bit now. I love to hear the little ones as they learn to talk.



Of course Miss Ava is such a good big sister and helps him when he needs it.


Angie made Truman’s birthday cake and she chose a circus theme. The table and everything was so cute and perfect and oh my goodness the cake was yummy!


Here are some random photos during the party.






I just want to kiss the back of that little neck.  🙂


On Sunday we also uncovered our onions and potato plants hoping that the temperature doesn’t drop down below 30 again. I’m very proud of these few little vegetables and we couldn’t wait to see if the onions were ready, so John pulled one. Of course they are still too small but now we know. We plan to plant bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, and tomatoes once the threat of freeze is over. So how was your weekend? Did you have a good one? I would love to hear all about it.


  1. Thanks for the washing-up sponge link, they are lovely. I’ve also been using the yellow and green things, and I hate them, they are revolting. I have to say, though, I might find it hard to use something pretty that I have lovingly made by hand with pure cotton to wash out the cat’s food dish…
    Party pics are great, Truman and Ava are really sweet.
    Love your mom’s red jumper, it looks hand-knitted?
    Enjoy your new soap. I’m sure everyone around you will be happy that you smell so nice. hahaha
    love, xxx

    • Hi Jill!

      I have a suggestion; you can make the scrubber out of colors you really don’t like and then you won’t mind using it to clean out the cat’s food dish. 🙂

      I agree with you about my Mom; she looks really good in red. But her jumper is not hand made, none of my family knits sweaters. 🙂

      Oh by the way that was funny about the smelling nice thing. Made me laugh out loud.

      Love you, Tamara

  2. I’ll just bet the soap smells wonderful and I’d be hard pressed to actually use it myself. LOL The soup also looks very yummy and how funny that your husband got into that photo. The one photo of your mom is frame worthy, in my opinion. She’s a beautiful woman. Loved the shots of you and your friend laughing and the one of Ava helping cutie patootie Truman. Got a chuckle out of the fact that she was wearing dress up shoes, too. It just struck me as sweet. Great photos, Tamara, from a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thanks so much for loving the things that I talk about and post. You are so observant when you noticed the dress up slippers that Miss Ava was wearing. I can’t believe how her little toes just curl up to hold those things on.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Hey Tamara, I am a sucker for specialty soaps and buy them when ever I can. I bought some at the church bazaar a couple of weeka ago and I just love them. I love the little scrubbers and I have one that I use strictly for scrubbing my potatoes before I bake them. The picture of your Mom is so sweet-I just love her. Do you share your recepie for cheesy tomato basil garlic soup. That sounds wonderful. John crackes me up wanting his picture too. The family pictures of Trumans party are great. Fun times to remember for everybody. We were North of Wichita at prairie rose doing dutch oven cooking and camping out in the cold. It would have been better if the temps were better. We found out were not cold weather campers. I think it got down to 29 on Thursday night. Love you girl. sw

    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and I loved hearing about you camping trip. I wondered how all of you stayed warm. I wouldn’t be much of any good in the cold damp weather either. I have to have some heat and lots of blankets to stay out in that type of weather. BRRR.

      Love you too, Tamara

  4. Okay, Tamara, I see you have been making very good use of your new camera. Enjoyed all the pics .. but especially the fantastic close-up you got of your mom by herself. The best ever!!!
    Glad you got your goat’s milk soap. We have people in our area who make yummy soap too. That Lavender Scrub one sounds great.
    I will make a Bobble Stitch Scrubber and see how well we like it. Thanks for the link. I cannot believe (yes, I can!!) how many you have made so quickly.

    Awww…. A belated Happy 2nd Birthday (already!) to Truman. Love the mustaches-on-the-girls pic. [giggles]
    Your Tomato Bisque soup looks soooo scrumptious! I want some!!
    Smile – and make your eyes disappear!! 😀
    xooooo ~ Kat

    • Hi Kat!

      I agree with you, I think that picture is exceptional as well. She usually takes a really good picture but I got it focused just right and she wasn’t talking. (sometimes that’s hard to get her to stop talking) 🙂

      I can’t wait to see your scrubber and then you will see how fast they are to make too.

      Truman was so cute and seemed to love his little pretend power saw the most. He’s going to be just like his Daddy a little worker.

      Oh by the way the soup was very scrumptious and I wished I could send you some. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  5. Hi Tammy, I enjoyed reading your blog & looking at all your pictures. You have a beautiful family. Your Mom looks so pretty & young. What is her secret? Thank you for helping me on Saturday. You are a good teacher. I’ve been working on my scarf & discovered I need to make more Granny Sqs. A total of 7 pairs. ha Well, good thing I was paying attention to your instructions. I successfully completed 2 more squares last night all by myself.I have one more favor to ask. Will you please copy that scrubber pattern for me? My computer died over the weekend and I have no way to copy it now. I’m having to use my laptop now. And that is a real struggle for me. I’ve lost this comment twice already. Third times the charm. Right? Thanks again Tammy. I had a good time Saturday. Laughing is fun. haha
    Love, Sandi

    • Hi Sandi!

      Oh my gosh I’m so glad that you can read directions and didn’t take my word for it on only making 2 squares. LOL

      But of course I will print the scrubber pattern off for you. I’ll bring it by to you tonight after work.

      By the way thanks so much for sticking with trying to post here.

      Love you, Tamara

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