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April 27-28, 2013 Weekend, 2 Baby Showers, 2 Crocheted Puppy Hats, 2 Big Crochet Baskets, and a Lazy Sunday




On Saturday, Mom, Jackie, and I went to my Brother Terry’s son and daughter-in-law’s baby shower. Jessica is the beautiful Mom to be and I couldn’t go without having each of us photographed with her. Jessica and Zach are going to be wonderful parents.


Here’s Sarah with 2 of her brothers; Zach and Keegan. Jake had not arrived with the two little ones yet.


It was good to see Dean’s oldest daughter Shannon and her little boy Joseph. They were trying to guess how much change had been donated in the glass jar. By the way Shannon was the closest and won that game.


Here’s my lovely sister-in-law Cathy with Jackie. Cathy is a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, and sister-in-law. I love her more every day.


Of course I always try to gather my family together for a photo when we are together. I loved this one of us three.


Sarah and Terry always take a lovely father and daughter picture together.


Here was the view outside across the fence from the church where the baby shower was taking place. It was a cloudy cool day all day long. I’m sure the church yard has had a cow or two in it before. 😉


Then Jake arrived and my Mom saw them coming so she met them at the door to hold my youngest great niece; Charlie, (I love how Mom’s face lights up when a baby is in her arms)


and her big sister Lily. It’s so cute you ask Lily to turn around and say cheese for the picture and she does so, then you better work quickly to take a photo because she is just too busy to stick around long. Lily is pictured here with her sweet Momma Kim (who put on a wonderful baby shower for her sister-in-law).


I also decided to give Charlie the little hat that I made from the Sweet Elegance Cloche pattern designed by Elizabeth Alan of Lovely Crow designs, along with the braided sandals to match. I loved the little hat on her and the fun thing about it was that she left it on.  🙂


At first Charlie did not want to go to anyone except her Papa Kingery. Terry is such a loving man and if there is a baby in the house you can almost bet that he will have it in his arms. 😉


Jake and Sarah always take a good picture together too. I love the way all of Terry’s children treat each other. They all are just a very loving family.


You can see from these photos that Sarah could hardly stand it,





she wanted to hold Charlie so bad and was willing to sit and wait until Charlie made up her mind to come to her. As you can see her patience paid off.  🙂


Of course there were games played at the shower and one of them that was my favorite was cloth diapering a baby doll with real diaper pins. I was one of the winners from the first round.


Terry, my Mom, Zach, Jessica, Cathy, Sarah, me, and a few others joined in on the fun. I got a kick out of how Zach diapered his baby for the second round of diapering. He made a cape out of the diaper and said that super babies didn’t poop so they only need a cape.  🙂 🙂


It looks like Zach was rewarded with his patience to hold Charlie also. Sometimes it’s rather hard to keep up with all the activities going on in a group this size, I’m so glad that I captured this moment in time.  😉


Jessica and Zach loved the gifts that I gave them for the baby.


They also loved the quilt that my Mom pieced and hand quilted.


Jessica loved the Market to Market bag that Jackie made for her too. Just click on Market to Market link and you will find Jackie’s patterns which are available for purchase and downloadable from her website at


I loved the look on her face when she opened someone’s’ gift of the book, “Love you Forever.” Priceless!


I couldn’t resist having my picture taken with Charlie and the crocheted puppy hat that I gave to baby boy-to-be,


this little girl guest was kind enough to pose with my newest crocheted girl puppy hat. Don’t you love the pink heart patch around the eye of the puppy?


As I was driving the winding, curvy steep hills back to Madison, Kansas I asked Jackie to take a picture of this cool aqua and red brick house. It was just too pretty not to.


Then we stopped to take pictures of the goat and sheep farm.


When I got home I finally put 2 and 2 together and figured out that that’s where the cute little soap prizes must have came from at Jessica’s baby shower. I am going to have to check out their website and order some of that soap. I have emailed the owner to see where I can purchase her soaps. I’ll let you all know when I find out.


After Jackie and I dropped Mom off at her house we hurriedly headed to the second baby shower for our dear friend Stephanie’s


daughter Lauren. She loved the tiny crocheted puppy hat that I made for her baby. I loved her comment of, “o-h-h I can’t wait to take a naked baby picture of Colton in this hat.” You can go here to see what she’s talking about.


Lauren also loved the Market to Market bag that Jackie made for her. Her comment here was, “did you make this?” Then she answered herself by saying, “that was a stupid question.”  🙂 Great news; I found out on Sunday that Lauren gave birth to her baby boy Colton at 1:02 a.m. What a busy day Lauren and her family had.


Sunday was a laid back day. I just had to share this note that John left me on


this can of Men’s Health Nut-rition. I thought it was quite funny.


I managed to finish up this Big Crochet Basket, made with Deborah Norville’s Everyday yarn, and made from the Big Crochet Basket pattern designed by Petra at ZoomYummy. I had to make it a little smaller than the pattern because I started running out of yarn. I like it ok but the yarn is so soft that the bag isn’t quite stiff enough and the pattern of the basket weave stitch doesn’t show up as well as if I would have used a plain color.

So I decided to make another one with Bernat Super Saver and


I love the way this one turned out, plus I have quite a bit of yarn left over to make Amagurumi animals out of it or something that doesn’t need to be soft, because the yarn is fairly coarse. I feel very blessed to have had such a full weekend spent with family and friends. So what did you guys do this last weekend? I would love to hear all about it.


  1. Busy weekend! What a lovely kind family you have- care to adopt an English Nana?! X

    • Good Morning Cathy!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and of course we would love to adopt an English Nana; the more the merrier as my Mom always says.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

      • If you ever come to England then your adopted Nana will be here!

  2. What a busy time, but fun. Looks like you certainly have a big and loving family, Tamara. The best kind for sure. Wonderful projects, too. That hat looked adorable on the baby. If you ever decided to start digital scrapbooking, you could do that digital life project, like I have been attempting, easy peasy! You’ve already got the pictures! Have a terrific week

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. I know it must sound like I’m on the go all the time, but there really is a lot of down time too. I know you feel the same way when you start writing down all the things that you do in a day. Anyway, I hope you have a great week too.

      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Love your pictures of thee baby shower. I don’t see much of Terry and his family and I can tell they are all very affectionate to each other. Those grandchildren of his are adorable. When is the next baby due and do they have a name picked out? The little guest is adorable in your hat. The red and aqua house is very cool and the goat farm is …..well…..I have goats next door and they look better on their side of the fence. lol. Have a great week and I love you. sw

    • Hi Sue!

      It was wonderful to see Terry’s family all gather together again. I know it’s hard on them with Zach being so far away. The baby is due in June and they are planning on coming back the middle part of June after the baby is born. About the goat farm; I know goats can be nuisances especially living next door to some. But the farm looked so interesting and then when I found out that the soap came from their it made it so much more so.

      Love you too!

  4. Tamara, it was so wonderful to see you and Jackie on Saturday! You are amazing women.. reading all you did this weekend and last week is unbelievable. I want Tamara Super Powers! Activate!!
    Lauren was so happy with the puppy hat. I hung it on Colton’s coat rack so she will see it when she comes home. I have not seen her react that way to any other gift she received… even the baby quilt I made her!! You and Jackie were spot on with the baby gifts! I just packed up some requests she had for Colton at the hospital and put them in Jackie’s bag…
    I love you gals.. my sisters. Creative soul sisters!
    Thank you for sharing your weekend with us. I felt so blessed. Have I said how crazy in love with this baby I am??? I just keep crying weird -spurts in the day?! Happy tears that he is here and all is well. Gonna up my meds and crochet something…!

    • Steph!

      I’m so glad that Colton’s here and everything is well in the world, especially since he’s your grandson. 🙂 Thanks so much for thinking that I do so much. I know you do just as much as I do and now you probably will do so much more since the baby is here. 😉 I loved the litttle story about Jim and about the sporadic tears. Anyway thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to stop by to comment. It means a lot.

      Love you!

  5. Hellooo Tamara! ~ I just love the photo of happy Jessica with her arm over her Aunt Tammy’s shoulder .. as she towers over you. LOL!
    Ooohhh… that hat looks so good on little Charlie. Is the blue yarn Caron Simply Soft? So purrty – and so wonderful that she kept the hat on.
    Such a cute story-in-photos of Charlie making Sarah happy. 🙂
    Very, very funny … Zach’s diaper-cape. [giggles]

    What can I say … those puppy hats are so durned C-U-T-E!! And yah, what a sweet idea to make the pink heart eye-patch for that one. 🙂
    I got a good smile over Lauren’s joy from her baby-to-be’s puppy hat.
    Yikes!! ~ Good thing Lauren got thru the baby shower before Colton was born!!

    John needs to gather all your friends to paint your home aqua!!!
    What a funny guy .. the note he wrote ya. tee-hee!

    Kewl BIG basket. I love the look of basketweave stitching. I have one ‘throw’ I crocheted with it. It hangs over the back of our couch and I just love looking at it. Do you know what yarn was used for the pattern-for-sale photo? [I’m thinking it might say on the pattern?]

    Oh – I love Stephanie’s comments. I too want some Tamara Super Powers!! LOL! 😀

    Sure did enjoy this trip down your memory lane, Tamara.
    I’ve been working on making a pair of Oma slippers. Using the K hook made them too small so I switched to the next size I have, which is an N. So now they are too big. I think the next one I make should be ‘just right’. Hope so!

    Happy Crocheting ~
    Love ‘n Hugs from KAT

    • Hi Kat!

      Have I told you lately that I love reading all your comments? Well I do. In answer to your question about the blue in the hat that Charlie is wearing; yes it is Caron Simply Soft. By the way I can’t wait to see your Oma Slippers, please send me pics.

      Love you my Friend,

      • LOL Tamara!!

        Yup, you certainly have told me you love reading all my comments. There sure are a *lot* of them, right? HaHa!
        I will definitely send ya a pic of my Oma slippers when I finally have a completed pair that fits me. 😉 I will not be Katifying them, tho. tee-hee! They are such fun to make.

        How come every day feels like the weekend to me? 😀

  6. Such happy family photos, lots of new babies coming along 🙂 Have a great Wichita week 🙂

    • Hi Jill!

      Thanks so much and I hope you have a wonderful week as well. Stay warm! I can’t wait to hear how your market went this last weekend.

      Love and Warm (((Hugs))),

  7. Tamara
    I sure like all your pictures. I think Terry looks so good. Hope his health has improved since his last hospital stay. Also, Lilly and her momma Kim just made me smile great big – they look exactly alike. I love the name Cotton for a boy. Wonder where they came up with that name.
    See ya,

    • Hi Kaye!

      Thanks so much for liking the pictures and Terry said that he was doing ok. I’m not for sure if he was telling me the truth. Of couse I think Lily and her Momma look alike too. 🙂 By the way Steph’s grandson’s name is Colton. I had to laugh out loud when I saw that you read it as Cotton.

      Love you, Tamara

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