Posted by: tgonzales | March 25, 2013

March 23-24, 2013 Weekend, Dinner and Visiting with Friends, Winding Yarn into Cakes, Hanging at Twist, a 60th Birthday Party, Spring Snow in Wichita, Crocheting with Cotton, Fixing a Toilet, and Mystery Project Winner Revealed


My weekend started off with dinner, shopping, and visiting with our dear friends Susie and Korey. John and Korey couldn’t help themselves while Susie and I were looking at yarn. They are too funny. Anyway we went back to our house and visited while I showed Susie how to make pompoms.


Of course Korey and John couldn’t go without making us laugh again by tying the pompoms on Korey’s shoes.


Saturday morning I decided to wind my washcloth cotton into pretty cakes of yarn. Then I finished up a few hot pads


and then headed off to Twist to hang out for a while.


While I was at Twist I made a cup cozy from the second edition of Simply Crochet. I didn’t like the size that it turned out so I took it all out when I arrived back home.


Then we were off to be a part of the surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law Ann.










These were just a few of the pictures that I took at the party. I loved being a part of Ann’s celebration and couldn’t help but think how Dean would have been so happy that his children surprised Ann. I could almost hear that little snicker that he always made when he laughed especially when he got away with something and as Ann walked through that door Saturday. I’m not sure if they really truly knew how much he loved each and every one of them, but I felt that love Saturday in the basement of the church that he and Ann exchanged their wedding vows; as I missed my brother all over again.


Saturday afternoon I couldn’t help but take another picture of my hyacinths as I knew we were in for another snow storm.


Here’s what we woke to on Sunday morning.


The snow was beautiful and a lot of the morning was spent taking pictures of it and the birds with my telephoto lens. Have I told you lately how much I love my new camera? Well if I haven’t I’m telling you now; I love my new camera!  🙂


After all the snow pictures, I set out to make some cup cozies of my own design. While writing a pattern I always make the first project, then I read the stitches as I write the instructions down, then I make another project while reading the instructions that I wrote down. While making the second project I make corrections to the pattern as I go along. Then I make a third project and hopefully by that time I don’t have to make any corrections to the written instructions and then just for good measure I made a fourth project. I love how the cup cozies turned out and while I was taking pictures of them,


John stepped in and held up a white dish towel so that I could get a good photo of my four cup cozies.



It’s pretty interesting how we go to such extremes to get just the right shot of the projects that I make, and can I mention how much better the color quality is with my new camera? 😉


Then I designed two more cup cozies to fit my other two mugs. I love how they turned out and I especially like the two button closure.


On Sunday afternoon John decided to fix the toilet after I had been nagging him for about six months to do so. He dreads doing these home repairs because it always takes him three times longer than the average man. (no, I didn’t say that he said that) Anyway all the insides of the toilet tank have now been replaced and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this time the toilet will not continue to run like it has in the past.

I bet you thought I had forgotten about the mystery project contest? Nope, I just like to save the best for last.


Here is what I made out of those little circles. It is one of the cutest little bunnies that I’ve ever seen. Thanks to Jill of “Nice Piece of Work” I now want to make more and more of these little guys or girls. (whichever you want them to be). Anyway she found the pattern here on “The Green Dragonfly” blog and I think I will be making more of these in the near future. In my next blogpost I will share a little tip how I like to stuff the animals that I crochet.


Since no one really guessed exactly what the mystery project was;


I put every person’s name in a container who commented here on my blog and on Facebook. I gave it a good shake, rattle, and roll and had John clean his hands off in the middle of the toilet repair to draw a name out.


It looks like Laura of “Cute as a Button” wins one of my scrappy washcloths. Laura if you will please send me your mailing address to, I will send the washcloth.


Since we are talking about Laura. I have been wanting to tell you about her and her newest little projects. I follow Laura’s blog and was so fascinated by the little turtles that she made. If you would like to read about Timmy Turtle and his friend please go here first. I think you might recognize a certain persons name mentioned in the story.  😉 I hope you love Laura’s story about the two turtles as much I do, and I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and hope your week is full of whatever you want or need to do.


  1. Hi
    I would like to nominate you for a Liebster award. details here, as I love your posts so much- crochet and family love!

    • Hi Cathy!

      Thank you so much nominating me for the award and for loving my blog. I will try to fulfill my part of the deal.


  2. Hi Tamara,

    Wow, what a fun post. The birthday celebration looked fun and your crochet projects are wonderful. That bunny is one of the cutest I’ve seen. Thanks for the links. I enjoyed the story of Timmy and Tamara. Hopefully the toilet is working well now. We got about 9 inches of snow from that storm, but by the end of the week they say it could get to the 70s, so soon it will be but a memory. That could mean lovely temps are coming your way, too!

    Have a great week!

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thank so much for loving my post and the things that I make. Wow I didn’t realize you guys got snow too. I really didn’t watch the weather because I was watching it and all the birds out my windows. 🙂 I think our temps are supposed to be in the 60’s by Friday. Spring will be here soon.

      Love, Tamara

  3. As usual I love your blog. The picture of John and Kory is hillarious-I’m just not sure I would have taken either one of them home with me. lol John did look good with his purse. The birthday party looked like a lot of fun, sorry I had to miss it. Love the picture of my two aunts together. Dean had to have been smiling down on the family getting together and having so much fun. The little tea cozy is adorable. I’m about to get my baskets (2) of them finished. All I need to do is get the whiskers trimmed and then spray the baskets. It’s been fun but my fingers are sure sore. And I do like the idea of naming the little girl turtle Tammy. Timmy needs a sister turtle named Tammy. Love you girl.

    • Hi Sue!

      The guys are so cute and funny we can’t resist them. By the way John wasn’t carrying a purse; I think you are looking at his Hawaiian shirt. 🙂 Thanks so much for loving my blog and the things that I post about. I can hardly wait to see your baskets. I hope you are going to share them on your Facebook page?

      Love you too!

  4. Fun party! And I LOOOOOOVE the little bunnies! Adorable. =) You sure had us fooled. 😉

    • Hi Mindy!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and loving my bunnies.

      Hugs, Tamara

  5. Your cup cosies are smashing, and love the button closures. Love the bunny, too, glad you enjoyed making him 🙂

    • Hi Jill!

      Thanks so much for loving the things that I have made and for being here.

      Love and Hugs,

  6. Love the blog…you are always so busy!! Wish I had your energy!! Loved pics of Ann….Nice family!! John is the Man!!

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks so much for loving my blog and my ramblings. Oh I don’t have that much energy and I try not to talk about the naps that I take. 😉

      Love you,

  7. Hi Tamara,
    I’m so excited that I won! I’ll email you with my address. And thanks for the link too – I’ve got the next part of the turtle story in my head, but the weather’s been so grey and gloomy I’ve not been able to take the pictures for it! Maybe soon…?

    • Oh Laura, I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for your little turtles. It will actually be Spring before we know it. 🙂 I will be expecting your email with your address real soon. Hugs, Tamara

    • Oh Tamara, that John & Korey are just a couple of monkeys, aren’t they? LOL
      Ann does not look 60! That was a bittersweet party for you .. missing Dean. 😦
      Those poor pretty hyacinths getting fooled by your Spring/Winter weather!!
      Great photos of your cup cozies – and I love how John helped. And ohhh…. your photo colors do WOW me.
      With all those new parts in your toilet, there should be no more annoying running-water sounds. Goodie!
      What a cute bunny!!! Looks like he has hats atop his ears. .. And John looked like he got caught raiding a cookie jar but, alas, he was picking the winning name. HaHa! [Congrats to Laura!]
      I **love** Laura’s turtles — and the too-cute pics she took of Timmy by that magnificent African Violet. I’m looking forward to reading your tips for stuffing crocheted animals.

      Yesterday I put out my garden ornaments. Today I went to Joann’s and bought some more cute little garden-&-plant ornaments (some are inside). Earlier this month, this *new* Joann’s opened in our mall which is very close to me. It is huge and so clean .. unlike the small Joann’s they had (15 min. away) that was in a very old building. I saw no one in the yarn aisles but, golly, people were buying material by the armsful. Must be a lot of quilters.

      I am almost done with my grand-daughter’s huge afghan. Then I will be making a 3-shades-of-blue ripple afghan for my 18-yo grandson (her brother). Going to use Hobby Lobby’s “Love That Yarn”. I’m really looking forward to being done with afghans for awhile, so I can just make things for FUN. Smaller projects. 😉

      TTFN, dear friend ~
      Love ‘n Hugs from Kat

      • Hi Kat!

        Thanks so much for loving the things that I make and for always being here. How exciting for you to have a nice big Joann’s so close to you. The nearest Joann’s to me at the mall is quite small; the one that I really like to go to is about 20 minutes away. I can’t wait to see the afghan that you are making for your granddaughter. You might want to give the bunnies a try if you have some yarn left over from the afghan. Your granddaughter would probably love to have a little bunny and maybe even your grandson too? or maybe not. 🙂

        Love you too!

  8. Oh, how CUTE are those bunnies!! LOVE them!.. And all the cups and cozies are so pretty!.. But you got me all teary eyed about your brother. I fear my own brother and I, even though we live close enough by, hardly EVER see each other. I don’t like it that way, but he just seems to alienate himself, and I’m afraid I don’t know how I could possibly ask him to change a way of life that HE so clearly chooses… Well, I may have to give those little bunnies a try. They seem like a good way to use up my scrap yarns too, yes?… As for the snow? Hang in there! Spring’s a comin’!!… And good luck with that toilet! (0; Hope it’s working better now! ((hugs))

    • Hi Tina!

      Thanks so much for loving the things that I make and the things that I talk about.

      In regards to your brother; I hope everything works out the way that you want it to and maybe he only needs a nudge? 😉

      I know you would love to make the bunny too and yes it is a perfect way to use up your bits and pieces of yarn.

      As for the snow it’s slowly melting and by the end of the week it should all be gone and the temps back into the 60’s. Spring is right around the corner.

      So far so good on the toilet situation; my fingers are still crossed. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by to comment!
      Love and Hugs, Tamara

  9. […] knew who it was from and what it contained. A few weeks ago I won a washcloth on a giveaway on Tamara’s blog, and as I don’t often get post from abroad I knew it must be my prize! (The fact that […]

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