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February 16-17, 2013 Weekend, Spent Saturday with Mom, Tolan Turned 8, Another Crocheted Crusher Hat, and a Few More Baby Dahlia Granny Squares

My weekend plans were to go to pick up Mom and go to breakfast, take my Mom to a dear friend’s house Bob who just happened to be my Daddy’s childhood friend, (can you imagine being friends with someone for 70 years?), then we were going to go for lunch, and then go to my Great-Nephew Tolan’s 8th birthday party. You know how things happen and plans change, last Saturday was one of those days. My Mom received a phone call from Bob’s best friend Evelyn who told Mom that she had to admit Bob to the hospital Friday; so Mom called me and said that we couldn’t go see Bob. I asked if there was some reason why we couldn’t go to the hospital to see him and she thought for a second and said “I never thought of that.” So then I suggested that we leave a little later than what we had planned; eat lunch, go to the hospital, and then go to Tolan’s birthday party.


I arrived at Mom’s a little early and asked to see the baby quilts that she had been hand quilting. Jackie decided to sandwich some whole cloth quilts together along with “minkee” fabric on the back so that Mom could have a little bit of hand quilting to do.


Jackie soon found out how fast Mom can hand quilt those baby quilts. I think she only has one left to do out of six.


This fabric was made from one of my crocheted afghans. Jackie asked a fabric company to make several colorways from one little crocheted afghan. This one has blue, yellow, green, and gray in it.


Here’s another one that has purple, pink, yellow, and green. I just love how each one has her little tiny hand quilting around the designs of the granny squares.


Our plans changed again as we were driving by our dear friend Jean’s house. Mom had told me that Jean had tripped over a 2×4 in her garage on Thursday, fell and hurt herself so when we saw that Jean had company we decided to stop and check on her. I was so happy to see that the company was her sweet youngest daughter Cindy who was visiting.


I loved that we had the time to stop and check on Jean; oh how I love listening to Mom and Jean visit. They are two of the cutest people I know, and yes I know I’m biased. 😉


Then we were off to eat lunch at the Carriage Crossing Restaurant in Yoder, Kansas. I still remember when this same restaurant was in a little small building across the street from where it is now and it was run by an Amish family. They outgrew the small restaurant and moved into this lovely large one. I even noticed that they have a catering service. They still serve their homemade dinners, pies and cinnamon rolls the size of a small childs head. We were very disciplined and didn’t have dessert, but don’t think that we really would have liked to have had a piece of that yummy pie.


Mom had chicken fried steak.


I had a wonderful salad.


Mom even decided that she had to have a loaf of that yummy homemade bread that they make right there in their kitchen.


We proceeded to the hospital to see Bob. I love this photo that I took at my Mom’s 80th birthday party where Bob attended. My Daddy’s face lit up every time he would see his dear childhood friend. I decided not to take pictures at the hospital so I thought I would share this photo of him. Much to my surprise shortly after we arrived, his No. 1 daughter Sandy came to visit her Dad. Then just before we left his No. 2 daughter Kim arrived. It was great to see all of them and oh how I remember how much fun we used to have when their Mom Mary, Dad Bob, and the two of them would come to visit us and when we would go see them. It was funny before we left the hospital Kim asked, “Is your Mom’s kitchen as big as I remember it?” I told her that “I’m sure that if you were to stand in it now that it wouldn’t seem quite as big as when you were littler, but it’s still big enough to hold enough food for 50+ people at Thanksgiving.”  🙂 Mom and I are going to plan a get-together with all of them one Saturday soon and have lunch for them so that we can visit properly.


Then we were off to my Great-Nephew Tolan’s 8th birthday party. Oh-my-gosh I can’t believe how much he has grown since last year. Of course when I arrived he knows that I will be taking pictures and he’s very shy and runs from me. I decided this time that I was going to talk to him first but of course he ran. I was so glad to see my other Great-Nephew, Hunter who doesn’t mind me taking pictures of him (I knew I had the perfect plan). I asked Hunter if he would mind asking Tolan to stand with him so I could take both of their pictures. Hunter came back right away with his thumb held up and with Tolan behind him. I just love this picture of both of them and I have a feeling that they will not only be cousins for life but friends too.


Here’s Tolan with his brother Coben and his Momma, Kelley.


I loved this photo of all those four little boys huddled together.


And then here is my other Great-Nephew Coben who has no problem posing for a picture.


He’s very photogenic and I never know what he’s going to do, but no matter what he does I know he will stay still long enough for me to capture the moment. Thank you Coben for being such a good model.


My intentions were to see if I could get Tolan, Coben, and their Daddy, Jason to pose with Grandma Kingery for a photo. But instead I settled for this one and oh how I love it. On our way home I could tell that Mom was tired (as she should have been) because she didn’t talk very much. As you can see we had a very full and blessed day indeed. I always feel blessed when I can spend the day with my Mom no matter what we do.


On Sunday I decided that I wanted to have a day of Me time. So I crocheted a little. I finished up another Crocheted Crusher Hat for John’s cousin Irene. I love how the three buttons stacked on top of each other look. The actual color of the hat is a deeper red than it shows up in the picture. I’ll make sure I show you a picture of Irene in it as soon as I can get together with her.


While John washed both cars on Sunday and spent a little time with his brother-in-law at Lowe’s,


I made a few more Baby Dahlia Granny squares, prepared for our KS My Stitch Crochet Guild meeting, made a spicy black bean soup for lunch, and then wrote this blog post. Even though I didn’t accomplish much in the way of crochet I feel very, very good about my weekend. I hope everyone had a good one and I would love to hear all about it. Have a great Monday!


  1. What a lovely weekend you had, Tamara. Thanks for sharing it in your nice newsy style. Beautiful work and lots of family equals time very well spent. Hope you have a great week!

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. I hope I didn’t bore you with all of it. I did have more but managed to take some of it out. By the way I loved your scrapbook journaling of your girls. They are growing so fast and I bet you get busier with each day. I hope you have a great week too.


  2. Oh Tamara! I just loved this post. Such fun to read about your family gatherings, and to view pics to go with your journaling. I admit I felt a shock when I pulled up the pic with your daddy in it.
    My fave pic in this whole group is the one of your mom kissing Jason’s cheek while peeking at the camera lens.

    ‘Tis so wonderful that your mom can & does still hand-quilt .. and faaast. 🙂
    I do NOT want her to have a gun!!!!!!! [unless there are NO bullets in it or in her home!!!]

    You are so clever with your buttons on those Crusher Hats. Nice!

    Love ya ~

    • Hi Kat!

      Thank you so much for stopping by to comment; my favorite picture is the one of Jason and Mom too. It was quite funny because I couldn’t get my camera to adjust so I had to have her kiss him over and over again. 🙂 That’s why she was looking at the camera to see if I had actually gotten the picture. I understand your concern about my Mom having a gun. Thanks for loving my idea of the buttons stacked up on each other. I hope you are having a good week!

      Love and Hugs,

  3. I would not have wanted my mom to have a loaded gun in her house.
    Untrained persons can be more dangerous to themselves as opposed to safer. Has there been a problem in her neighborhood?
    Well -I’m sure you and she can deal with all that.

    Thanks so much for bringing the Crusher hats with you Guild, and letting us try them on. I love hats and the ways the crusher looks on nearly everyone, but will need to find another type of hat for my head.

    Valorie and I went shopping and to lunch after guild. We left MIcheals with nothing but 2 big bags of yarn, Every bit of it was on sale and with the additional coupon for 25% off the entire purchase, how could I not buy, at least, that much. It’s a wonder I didn’t buy much more. I had to remind myself there will be other sales and coupons.

    With my bag of new yarn and the lovely bag and all those goodies, I won at Guild yesterday, I will not want for ideas or yarn to try new patterns for quite a while. I have started a slouchy beany for myself (MAYBE) from the Slouchy Beany book.

    Valorie and I have both picked several things we want to make from the magazines and books. It’s so much fun to look and make plans.

    Thanks you so much for drawing my name.

    • Hi Linda!

      I don’t want my Mom to have a loaded gun in her house either; I’m not the one who gave it to her. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.


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