Posted by: tgonzales | February 8, 2013

Happy Friday! My Cousin Shirley, My Grandma Casteel, Another Owl Cushion, Two Baby Chicks, and Some Baby Grannies

I don’t know about you but I’m very glad it’s Friday. I’ve had a very busy week at work plus I had my February Crochet 101 class on Tuesday night. I really enjoyed teaching the 6 people that joined my class on Tuesday night. Five of them had never held a hook or yarn in their hands and one of them already knew how to crochet, her name is Shirley and she is one of my many cousins. Shirley signed up for the class and brought her friend along so that her friend could learn to crochet and not be alone. Three of the ladies work together and the other one is a seamstress. I was so happy to see all 5 of the ladies catch on so quickly and they were very intense on learning. I can’t wait to see them next Tuesday. My cousin Shirley is my Mom’s Mother’s Brother’s Daughter. Got that? Anyway, sometimes when we would go to my Grandma Casteel’s (my Mom’s Moms) house to visit, Shirley’s Mom and Dad would come to visit too. The things I remember about Shirley is that; in age she was between Jackie and Me. My memory of Shirley was a little girl with pretty red hair in a pretty frilly dress.  🙂 I’m so glad that Shirley and I have reunited after all these years and we plan on getting together more often. Not too long ago Shirley asked me what my thoughts were of my Grandma Casteel (her Aunt Nettie). I asked her “what do you mean”? She told me that she was quite frightened of her and that’s when I told her what I thought about my Grandma. My recollections of her were that she had her favorites out of her children’s families and they always seemed to be a boy. I also remember she baked the most delicious bread ever and always had several loaves baked when we would arrive at her house. I remember she would greet us at the door with her apron (I actually have one of her aprons hanging in my craft room) on with her arms outstretched for a hug. She must have known that we would all be hungry after the long 2 ½ hour ride (consisting of us asking my Mom a hundred times “are we almost there”?). Then we would all sit at or stand around her little metal kitchen table and chairs and eat bread, butter, and jelly. Grandma also had a crystal cup on her table that had spoons in it. I’m not sure what the purpose was for that cup with spoons in it but I always loved seeing it sitting there. Even though my Grandma was gruff sometimes and didn’t seem to understand children and their needs to be children, I still loved her and I miss her.


Anyway, now to the crochet; I finished the other owl cushion that I started last weekend. I really love how this one turned out too. I think there will probably be a few more of these in the near future.


Then I made these two little baby chicks. Someone asked me what they were for. I said I don’t know, I just thought they were cute. My friend Tami told me they would be cute covering those plastic Easter eggs filled with candy. I thought that would be cute too. The pattern I used was written by Zoom Yummy. The same person that created the Owl Cushion and Hearts that I made, you can find her pattern here.


I also decided to make some baby granny squares out of the Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread that I had purchased months ago. We-l-l-l-l after I made six squares I decided I needed more colors so I went back to Hobby Lobby and purchased more.


I’m not sure what I’ll make with the squares once I’m done with them, but I plan on adding a white border around each one. I really thought an afghan would be very cool but that would take me FOREVAH. So I might end up with a scarf, pillow, or baby blanket? Who knows? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I love you all!


  1. happy friday back to you. it’s the weekend – ENJOY 🙂
    I love seeing everything you make, those owl cushions are really wonderful. Some people are so clever!

    • Hi Jill!

      Thanks so much for loving the things that I make. I agree, there are quite a few clever people in this world and I’m so happy that there is. I for one wouldn’t be very creative if it wasn’t for all the inspiration that those clever people provide, including you. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

      Love and Hugs,

  2. How neat that your cousin is taking the class and you were able to catch up a bit. I found it really interesting that you had two different views of the same person. Perspective is fascinating. Thanks for sharing. Your work is always fun to see. Those chicks are adorable. Great job on all your projects! Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Yes it is fun to see that everyone has their own perspective on different things. Don’t get me wrong; my Grandma Casteel was a scary person at times, she really towed the line. Thanks so much for loving the things that I do and for stopping by to tell me.


  3. LOVE the little chick, AND the owls you’ve been making! All adorable, and I think I may have to head over to take a look around Petra’s Etsy shop this morning! TGIF, and I’m jumping up and down like a kid again, smiling ear to ear.. Today is a SNOWDAY!!! I’ll get some cleaning done; and THEN, I’m going to pop a movie or two into the dvd player, I’m going to RELAX, and I’m going to CROCHET!!! I never loved snow so MUCH! (0; Have a great weekend Tamara! ((hugs))

    • Hi Tina!

      I hope you had a lot of fun time snowbound inside your nice cozy home. I wished we had some snow to be snowbound in. But not as much as you all probably experience; because I have to get out and go to work no matter what. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

      Hugs Back at You,

  4. Those squares are just adorable! The little chicks are sooo sweet too! You’re just the crochet genius Tamara!

    • Hi Barbara!

      Thanks so much for loving the squares and the chicks. But I don’t know about the crochet genius part. 🙂

      Hug and Love,

  5. I love baby the chicks and the granny squares and the owl pillow. But what I love the most is the story about Grandma Casteel. I too remember her being quite partial to some of the boys in the family. She would frequently invite several of her grandsons to come spend the day with her and Sis and/or I would be invited to come help take care of the boys. We would help prepare the meal but wouldn’t be allowed to eat until the boys had all they wanted. If there was any left we would be allowed to eat then. Grandpa always seem to know when we needed money for things and he would have us come help Grandma kill chickens for the freezer, help with the canning of garden produce, or paint the fence down by the barn. I will be forever grateful to them for always knowing when we needed help. Thanks for the memory. Love you Tammy.

    • Sue,

      Thanks so much for loving the things that I do and write about. It’s funny how our generation was brought up with the women always waiting for the men to eat. I’m sure if we lived in Oklahoma when we were growing up we would have been at Grandpa and Grandma Casteel’s working for money. Instead we were here in Wichita and we would go and help our Grandpa and Grandma Kingery, Aunt Erma, and Uncle Paul. They would pay us for our work or at home that was just something that we were taught as a family to do. We all had our chores and we just did them or we got spanked or yelled at. I’m glad I could help with a memory.

      Love you too,

  6. How about a hand bag out of your little grannies? They are CUTE!

    I love memories of family members – I have blogged about my grandma before too – and yea, its funny how perceptions of a person from people in different branches of the family can be so different 🙂

    • Hi Cris,

      Yes a hand bag would be cute; thanks for another really cool idea. We’ll see how far I get before I can’t make any more. 😉 Memories are a good thing. 🙂


  7. Hi Tamara ~ I enjoyed your Grandma Casteel memories. It brought to my mind the metal kitchen table & chairs we had too!
    Your chicks are toooo cute!! They make me smile. 🙂 Interesting what you did for the eyes. Is it yarn threaded thru beads? Clever lady!
    Your Baby Granny Squares are so sweet. Yah, make a queen-size afghan. [NOT!]

    And now …..
    …… ~Have a grrrreat weekend~!!!!
    With a latté love ~

    • Hi Kat!

      I’m so glad that I could bring back a memory for you too. Those metal dinette sets were very popular and oh how I wished I had one again. But the only bad thing about them were that they were always so heavy and they were hard to move around.

      In regards to the baby chicks; yes I used a piece of yarn and knotted it at the end adding one bead on one side and then stringing another one on the other side and then tied another knot to secure the beads. I can’t take credit for it because that’s how Petra designed the pattern.

      The granny squares are coming along very slowly and I will have to make some projects in-between so I can stay interested in it. But right now I’m shooting for a baby afghan but you never know about me when I start adding onto it. 😉

      As always thank you so much for being here to comment.

      Love you,

  8. I love the baby squares! Can you share the pattern?

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