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January 26-27, 2013 Weekend, Recylcing a Covered Belt Buckle, a Few More Crocheted Crusher Hats, Beans and Cornbread, Buttons, and an Owl Cushion


First of all thank you to everyone who understood about the barking dog at our neighbors. Since that morning we have only heard the dog barking during the daytime and then it’s only been a few times that we’ve heard it. Let’s hope that it stays that way.  🙂 Anyway, I’ve had this little covered belt buckle in my stash for who knows how long. I just keep looking at it saying to myself, “self; I know I’ll be able to use that some day, so don’t throw it away.” Well that day came on Saturday when I wanted a little something on the white and gray “Crusher” hat that I had finished on Friday. I didn’t like how the band looked where I changed colors so I wanted something to place over the top of it and that little covered belt buckle was going to do the trick.


I crocheted around it with the gray that I used for the band and then I just sewed a little strip of fun fabric together and placed it through the buckle, then sewed it all down to the hat band.


Then I headed to my haircut appointment and as I left there, and since I was so close to Material Girls Quilt Shoppe I decided to stop in to visit them and show them my new creations. The ladies at Material Girls are always happy to see me and are very interested in what I’ve been making. Cathy decided that she just had to have the white and gray hat with the belt buckle so now she’s the proud owner of another one of my creations. I love to hear her tell people in the shop that she never used to like crocheted items until I started bringing in my creations. Cathy is so sweet and so are all the other ladies at Material Girls.


While I was at my hair appointment I finished up this purple “Crusher” hat and although I loved the way it looked I just thought it needed a little more.


So I added 8 loops all the way around and made a fabric band to run through the loops. Now I really, really love it.


Here we go, John asked me to come outside to check out his hidden surveillance camera that’s activated by movement. I think he’s really going to be sorry that he griped and said that I don’t want to take pictures with him.


Saturday afternoon and evening I decided to make another “Crusher” hat this time I made this one in the color of linen and for the band I used taupe.


Then I decided I wanted to add this little mother of pearl belt buckle to it and this time I just crocheted it in as I crocheted the head band. I’m glad that I am happy with it even though the buckle sits crooked on the band. I think it just adds a little interest to the hat.


Sunday morning I decided to cook a pot of brown beans and as I was washing the beans and getting the pan out. I remembered all the Sundays when I was a child where we would load up into the pickup on warm days or crowd into the car on cold days to go and visit my Grandpa and Grandma Kingery who lived in the big city of Wichita. (we lived out in the country) Anyway my Grandma would always fix a huge pot of brown or white beans cooked with a ham hock along with cornbread. And that was our meal, nothing more. She would feed at least 11 people on any given Sunday. Of course she would always have some kind of cake or dessert made too.


I remember when we would walk into the back door or even before we got to the door you could smell the beans cooking with garlic. While I was chopping up my garlic I remember going into their oversized two car garage that had an upstairs in it. Along the stairwell my Grandma had her garlic hanging to dry. I loved going to her house because she lived in town and we got to play on the cement driveway (ours was dirt and sand), we got to play in their yard which was always very soft grass with no stickers like ours had.


For our lunch I went ahead and mixed up some cornbread and my Mom’s words come back to me as I stir the batter. “Now don’t stir it too hard, just mix it very carefully.”


And I always use an iron skillet to cook my cornbread in as I think it gives it a nice crunch on the outside. I still don’t make it as good as my Grandma or my Mom did but John loves it and that’s all that counts, right?


The only thing that’s different about when I cook beans now is that I always have to make something to go with it, because when John was growing up he didn’t eat just beans. The Mexican culture always had beans with their meals kind of like how we have potatoes with ours. Now I can’t just make beans and cornbread he always wants to know what else we are having. So on Sunday we had baked sweet potatoes and a sliced avocado on the side. Yummy!


Now for the buttons, oh my gosh my cousin Sue handed me a large bag of buttons on the day of our cousins funeral. And this Sunday I opened up the bags and poured them out on my table and I felt like hyperventilating. These buttons that she gave me are the coolest old buttons that I’ve ever had. I have bought old vintage buttons before and have found only a few that actually match. These bags are the coolest and I can’t wait to get some crochet thread and group them together into their sets. Just the gold and silvery button bag there is 22 sets of buttons. Now I have to think about something cool to do for Sue.


I can’t remember what lured me to this cute owl cushion, but I knew that I needed to purchase the pattern and make it. Petra of has some really cool patterns and her instructions are very thorough. The owl cushion was my all day project on Sunday.


I especially love the buttons that I used for the eyes and I love the crocodile stitch.


We learned how to do this stitch at one of our guild meetings last year but I didn’t grasp it as well as I did on Sunday. I loved making the stitches and I loved using all the different colors on each round. Now all that’s left to do is stuff it and sew up the top and it will be done. So how was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?


  1. your covered buckle and the skew buckle are perfect. definitely best never ever to throw anything away 🙂
    I’ve sent your owl cushion on to my friend Anne, I know she will just love it, it’s beautiful.
    have a good, no a GREAT, week 🙂

    • Hi Jill!

      Oh my gosh you and I would have a ball going through each others stash of treasures wouldn’t we? Thanks so much for stopping by and for loving what I do.

      Love and Hugs,

  2. What a lovely newsy post, Tamara. I’m so glad you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing your daily life. The hats are really neat and what a blessing to receive all those cool buttons! I had my eye on that pattern, but haven’t gotten it just yet. I never got a chance to respond to your previous post. We have had our fill of neighbors behind our house that have had dogs that bark incessantly. Like you, I wondered how a dog could bark so long without getting laryngitis! In our case, the people finally moved, but the new people brought more dogs that bark…every single time we go into our backyard. It’s annoying, but the city really doesn’t do anything. As time has gone on (like a year or two) they’ve gotten a smidge better, but mostly I’ve learned to tune it out. Sigh.

    Have a great week Tamara and keep up the great work!

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. I know how busy you are with your girls and all the projects you are working on. I’m so sorry to hear that you have the dog problem like I do, but it sounds like you have more of a problem than we do. At least for the last few days I haven’t even heard the dog bark. John told me he did the other night but he hasn’t been kept awake with the dog barking anymore. 🙂 Oh by the way you really need to order that owl cushion pattern. Your girls and their friends are going to love it as much as I do. Thanks again for commenting.

      Love and Hugs,

  3. Fabulous hats! Cushion of owl to die for. Green with envy over buttons! Beans- I make a Greek version of beans from my mother in laws recipe! Interesting post! Happy Crocheting, CathyX

    • Hi Cathy!

      Thanks so much for stopping to comment. I would love to hear how you make your Mother-in-Laws Greek version of beans. Thanks for liking what I do.


  4. Oh Tammy I just love the crusher hat with the recycled belt buckle. You are so creative. I love the picture of you and John-he is such a sweetie. Is he always that way? The pot of beans look wonderful and I remember going to Tony and Vada’s house and eating beans and cornbread. Playing on that cement pad was always so much fun. I always, as a kid, thought they were rich because they lived in town, had a garage, and a cement pad in front of the garage. Of course my family had none of that. I love that you love the buttons. As I told you before that is just an inkling of the buttons that I have. I am going to meet up with a friend and do some button mosiacs with some of those buttons. I will still be able to give you another bag or two just so you don’t run out. We recevied a phone call very early this morning from a neighbor wanting to tell us that his wife passed away late last night. She had complications from a kidney transplant. She wanted to teach me to crochet and also she wanted some of my home made cinnamon rolls. She got her rolls last Friday and I told her we would wait a few weeks till she was stronger for her to teach me to crochet. Guess that won’t happen now. Sure gonna miss her. She was the art teacher at the school where our kids went to school and several years younger than than I am. Sorry this got long-I should have just called you instead. Oh well have a great day. Love you.Sue

    • Hi Sue,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your neighbor. It’s always hard to lose someone like that who has been your friend and neighbor for all these years. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and for always being here to read my ramblings. In answer to your question about John being a sweetie. WELLLLL I could tell some stories but I’m not going to. HAHAHAHA. Couldn’t we all tell some stories on our husbands? But he has a few on me too. 🙂 You know that if I could make up my mind and come up with a date for me to come down to visit you I would love to teach you how to crochet.

      Love you Cuz,

      • that would be wonderful Tammy. I did take some lessons at on time but didn’t go home and practice it. I found something else to do (can’t imagine). Hey I like your friend Kat. Bring her with you when you come to see me.

  5. Wowie, Tamara!!

    You are whippin’ out some great Crusher Hats. [Glad you are now making them big enough so they are not actually *crushing* heads. LOL] Adding bands & buckles & fabrics really does ‘complete them’. 😉 I thought you had intentionally placed the buckle sideways on the linen-&-taupe hat; it looks terrific angled.

    Great pic with John. I like your new haircut … and your purple hair in the front is just Y-O-U. {Me thinks you are getting younger. HaHa!} Oh – it looks like you are looking into John’s left ear, trying to see if you can see thru it to his right ear to see his Bluetooth.

    Oh how I love reading of your “Mom memories” .. even as you go along in your cooking & baking.

    Golly, Sue surely did give you a mittful of buttons. I like your idea of stringing “like buttons” together.

    Your owl cushion is way adorable. Goodness, if you didn’t have the crocodile stitch down pat by the time you finished this project, you’d never have it. LOL!

    Weekend??? Did we just have a weekend??? 😉

    Love ya bunches!!
    HUGS!! ~ Kat

    • Hi Kat!

      I just love reading your comments. They always make me smile! 🙂 That’s funny that you noticed my way cool purple streak in the front of my hair. But I told myself that you would be the one to notice and say something. (love that about you) 😉 You say I’m getting younger; no but I’m going to get old fighting it all the way. Thanks for loving the things that I do and for telling me so.

      Love you too!

      • Hi Tamara ~ Yup, I do notice details … and speak details too, right? LOL! I say you are getting younger ‘cuz of the fun colors you put on your hair. Glad I can be part of keeping you smiling. You sure do make me smile too. 🙂
        Love ~ Kat

  6. I LOVE those hats! Hope to see some “in person” at the next Guild meeting. The Owl cushion is sooo cute, I might even like to try it.

    Visits to Grandparent’s homes are always great memories for me too.
    As I get older, my memories, of times with grandparents, come at unexpected times. I had a lot of (close in age) cousins at my one grandma’s house and mostly all adult relatives, and a few much younger cousins, at the other. The food was always good and the memories are sweet.

    • Hi Linda!

      Thanks so much for loving the hats and yes I hope to share some of them with all of you at the next guild meeting….unless I have sold all of them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your memories with me too.


  7. Love the hats, and love the owl cushion; but oh my gosh, that is the CUTEST picture I’ve seen of you and John EVER!… (or at least that I can remember!) Love it!!!.. I’m crocheting some hearts right now, and hope to eventually crochet hat and fingerless glove set with owls on them. There just never is enough time in a day, is there?… Gee I can smell that cornbread from here!! Looks so good!! Have a good night, Tamara! ((hugs))

    • Hi Tina!

      Thanks for loving what I do and for stopping to tell me too. It’s always fun to hear what you are up to too. And you are so right there is never enough time in the day to do what you really want to do. 🙂

      Love and Hugs,

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