Posted by: tgonzales | January 25, 2013

A Barking Dog, Finished Daisy Scarf, and a Crocheted Crusher Hat


I have to tell you about a couple of dogs in our neighborhood. One has moved away, thank goodness. It was our next door neighbors’ dog that stayed at the house after the family moved out. (as they had no fence at their new home) They said that they were coming back every day to feed the dog, but the dog was very lonely for the family so all summer long the dog barked and he barked during the day and he barked at night. Unfortunately our bedroom windows are facing the back of our house and also perfect for hearing such a dog in their back yard. Finally they came and got the dog and I thought everything would be nice and peaceful. But N-O-O-O it’s not. Because a neighbor that lives behind us has a dog and it barks all day and all night. I don’t have any idea what the most recent dog looks like but I’m sure it doesn’t look anything like this cute little puppy I have posted here. Anyway John has called 911 several times to report the barking dog and much to his dismay by the time the police officer shows up the dog has stopped barking. Thursday morning around midnight the dog had kept John from going to sleep, (apparently he did fall asleep) but when I got up at 3:30 John woke up and found that the dog was still barking. So he called 911. This time the police officer arrived and heard the dog barking, so John told him which town house the dog lived in and when the officer left John recorded the dog barking from inside our house on his phone. It’s unbelievable how loud this dog is even with all the windows closed. How do dogs keep from getting a sore throat or lose their voice? Anyway the dog stopped barking for a short amount of time, probably while the officer was talking to its owner? The dog continued to bark while I was getting ready for work and I noticed it was still barking when I got home. Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not mad at the dog, I’m mad at the owner for allowing the dog to stay outside and disturb the peace. Ok that’s enough about that, now on to the crochet.


I finished the Daisy Scarf and I do love how the daisies look without the beads.


It even looks pretty from the back.


On Thursday morning I started this Crocheted Crusher Hat and finished it up Thursday evening. I love the way the hat looks, but I made this one too small.


As soon as I finished taking this photo I had to rip it off my head because it felt like it was squeezing my brains out.  🙂 I do plan on making the next one bigger and add more to the brim. So here it is the weekend again and I’m looking forward to another one and hope to get a few more projects done. How about you? Are you working on anything you would like to tell me about?


  1. cute hat. Hope to goodness you got all your little grey cells squished back inside in the right place 🙂 hahaha

    • HAHAHAHAHA, yes those grey cells just popped right back into place. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Jill!

      Love and Hugs,

  2. Good morning Tammy, I know what you mean about the dog barking all the time. We have goats, donkeys, cows, and chickens next door. I love watching the animals and for the most part they don’t make much noise. What I object to is that the goats get their heads stuck in the fence and the owners won’t get them out for several hours (in some cases overnight). Thats a long time to go without water especially in the summer time. On a few occasions we have gotten them out but if we wanted animals we would buy some and take care of them ourselves. They should be willing to take care of their own. On the positive side we have enjoyed watching the set of triplets, twins, and 3 single births that were born outside our back door. Oh so much for my rant. Love the daisy scarf and the crusher hat. I may have to have one of them. Love you girl.

    • Hi Sue!

      It sounds like you have a zoo next door to you? I’m glad you can relate to my story about the dog barking. Thanks so much for loving the scarf and hat and believe it or not I thought of you when I was making the crusher hat. 🙂

      Love you Too!

  3. Dear Tammy…I love dogs but…you are so right about their owners….out here in AZ we are surrounded by dogs..2 behind 2 on each side of our house..One side is really good about their dogs you rarely hear them in less the ones behind us start in…its like surround sound when they all start in…Its really annoying but luckily we haven’t heard too much at night!! If we lived here full time I think it would make me want to move!! I love the crusher hats…Great for Spring!! Have a quiet wk-end!! Woof!!

    • Hi Debbie!

      Thanks so much for reading my blog and understanding about the dog issue. I think John wants to go to court over the dog. He’s collecting evidence against the owner. (the recording of the dog barking) Oh by the way thanks for loving the things that I make. 🙂

      Love, Tamara

  4. Oh Tamara, I am almost crying becuz of what you are having to put up with – barking dogs!! I HATE THAT and I too get so upset with the owners when that happens. Experienced it way too much at our former house in a different town. Fortunately, we now live in a subdivision that has its own rules – and barking dogs are not allowed, so we do not have that problem. Do you wear earplugs? I wear them just becuz I am such a light sleeper. I’m sure they would not totally drown out the irritating noise of that dog tho. 😦

    Your Daisy Scarf is sooo delicate and, therefore, does look better without any beads. Good decision, IMO!

    You realize, don’t you, that the gorgeous sparkly Crusher Hat would have fit you if you were not so smart & had a smaller brain. Bwaaa-HAAAA!!!

    I’m working on a Continuous Granny Square Afghan for our almost-6-yo granddaughter who lives in southern Oregon. Violet, Pink, Turquoise. 🙂

    Wow – it is 43º here! Melting the snow. Now if it would only rain, to wash away more of the snow. Not much out there but I do get tired of seeing so much white — including white vinyl fences. 😐

    Almost time to …. Have a super-duper weekend, the last one in Jan. 2013!!

    Cuddle-Hugs ~

    • Hi Kat!!!!!

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA about the comment of my brain being too big. My brothers just called me fathead because I had such a bighead. 🙂 I have also found out that my head is not the only head that’s big, because the hat doesn’t fit anyone here where I work either. 😉 Thanks for always loving the things that I make and for sharing your projects with me. I can’t wait to see your granddaughters continuous granny square afghan. I love the colors she chose. I’m jealous that you have snow, although I don’t like to drive in it. I would rather be at home when the snow hits, of course with plenty of food and supplies so that I can jus sit in the house and cook and crochet. You probably will tell me that I don’t need a snowstorm to keep me in the house to crochet, right? 🙂 🙂 Have a great weekend my friend.

      Love you,

  5. for a minute there, I thought this dog pictured was the neighbor’s. in which case I would have judged you both for taking in such a beautiful, sweet-looking creature!! alas… I totally understand this. as do our neighbors probably because my cat can be SO LOUD AND WHINY. tha end. I hope you’re doing well. talk to you soon!

    • BWAHAHAHAHA, you know I would not take in a dog, but that dog that I posted here is very cute!!! Hey I thought you got that cat fixed, the end!!!! Love you my Chacho Aaron!

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