Posted by: tgonzales | January 16, 2013

A Hat for My Nephew Jarred and Mom’s Feeling a Little Better

1When I was at Mom’s the other day my nephew asked me if I could make him a hat. He said he would like a black one or a gray one or maybe a navy one; he couldn’t make up his mind.


So I decided to make him a gray one with black stripes. I took it to him on Monday night and was very excited to see if it fit him and if he liked it.


He seemed to like it and wanted me to take a few pictures of him in his gray hat in his little gray house with his gray Weimaraner dog. I would say at that moment he loved his gray and black hat.

I talked to Mom last night and I asked her if she was feeling better and her answer is always, “I don’t really feel bad I just have this bad cough.” So let’s hope that she will be able to stop the coughing real soon. There really hasn’t been that much going on here so far this week; surely someone out there has some exciting news to share with me, huh?


  1. Definitely looks like he enjoys the hat. Great job! I love the color combo and the stripes are very well done. That is a big weimaraner – and PRETTY!

  2. Jarred is such a nice looking man and he does look good in his new gray and black hat. Glad your Mom is doing better and yes that cough does hang on a while. Love you girl. sw

  3. Lucky Jarred. Not much exciting going on here right now, been 35 degrees in the shade so too hot to think straight actually…. 😦

  4. Hi Tamara ~ Seems like Jarred is related to your John. LOL! He sure was enjoying posing for your camera. He looks great in his new hat – and with his grey sweet dog – in his grey house. Too funny!

    My exciting news: THE SUN IS SHINING!! Currently have an entire blue sky – so gorgeous!! It may be 34º outside, but it is a comfy 71º inside. 😉

    Love you!
    Healing Blessings upon your mom!!
    Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Thanks a lot for applying some time to compose “A Hat for My Nephew Jarred and Moms Feeling
    a Little Better Crochet with Tamara”. Thank you again ,Blair

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