Posted by: tgonzales | January 11, 2013

It’s Finally Friday! A Few More Hats and My Story on Applying Tights


Wow this week was long, but now it’s Friday and I’m happy and looking forward to the weekend. Anyway I managed to make all three of the hats that my friends Lesa and Carol ordered last week. Lesa ordered a mother and daughter pair of penguin hats. I love the way they turned out and I loved that I used the same buttons for their eyes except different sizes.


Here’s the Newsie Newsboy Hat that Carol ordered. I love the way it turned out too and I hope Carol likes it as much as I do.


Before I could finish the three hats my Co-Worker Jodi asked if I could make a newborn sock monkey for her boyfriends’ sister’s baby boy. So I crocheted up the hat and finished the details (ears, mouth, and braids) on my lunch break. I love how it turned out too and I especially love how small it is.


Ok, now I want to share my story about applying tights. Some of you may think this is too much information (TMI) and then again some of you will know exactly what I’m talking about. First of all let me tell you that my whole body is not as limber as it used to be and that comes with age, being overweight, arthritis, etc, etc. Anyway I decided to wear tights one day to work so I went to put them on just like I would a pair of socks. Usually, when I put my socks on I sit on the edge of the bathtub while I rub lotion on my feet. So I thought I could do the same thing when putting on tights. Well I could get the lotion on just fine but when it came time to put my feet in the tights; I got one foot in and then pulled up that leg of the tights to my knee then tried to bend my other leg and place my other foot in the foot of the tights. My left arthritic hip would not allow me to do that. Since I didn’t want to start over I left the one foot in the tights and so that I wouldn’t fall into the bathtub in my attempt to put my other foot in, I decided to limp drag myself into Joshua’s room and also so that I wouldn’t wake John up. Can you imagine if I would have woke John; his helpful self would have been trying to help me put my tights on and now that would have been a sight to see. (NOT) 😉 Anyway, sitting on the bed was a great relief to my arthritic hip and the rest of the tights application worked very well; I was also able to pop my back so no need for the chiropractor that day. I also want to know; what part of your tights has the control top on them? Because the tights that I have, the control top is at the top of the legs in the bend between my body and my legs, and the top edge rolls down as the day goes on; to say the least they are not very comfortable. Although I do love the way my tights look after I get them on, but Heaven forbid that I drink anything all day because then I might have to go to the bathroom and all of us know that the tights never get pulled up like they did when you first applied them. I’m sorry if I shared too much information, but I just would like to know if I’m the only one that has this problem or does anyone else feel this way too? J I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I’m planning to.


  1. Ooh what adorable penguin hats! I made my boyfriend a penguin hat for Christmas lol

    • Hi Hannah!

      I’m glad you like the penguin hats. I bet your boyfriends hat is cute too. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.


      • I’ll be putting a pic up this weekend hopefully!

  2. Re tights that roll down- put on oh dear the UK terms will be different maybe- but another pair of pants over the tights ( knickers? underwear?, as I say don’t know what you call pants, cos pants are what we call trousers!) (pretty lacy ones) Re getting them back on after visit to bathroom- I roll them down to my ankles then roll them back up and then no problem.Final advice- new pair of different tights minus the control bit!
    Hats as lovely as ever!
    Tights pretty neat too!

    • Hi Cathy!

      Thank you so much for the great advice on the tights situation. I’ll have to use them. In the US pants are also referred to as slacks and they can made from polyester, wool, and those types of fabrics. I think the pants you are referring to are called panties or underwear here in the US. I do believe you are right about the tights though I need to just purchase a different pair and see what happens. And thank you so much for stopping by to comment, your kind words made my day.


  3. Great hats and as always, I’m in awe of how many crochet projects you get done so quickly. They always look so professional, too. Love the newsboy cap as well. I’ve tried to make a few of those and…let’s just say, yours look very professional and mine…not so much. LOL

    As for the tights…I feel for you, I really do and your story is exactly why I don’t wear pantyhose or tights. Too much work and discomfort for me. But I do agree they look fantastic on. I liked the advice you got and really hope that helps.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Tamara and thanks for all the sharing you do!

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thanks so much for liking the hats and for stopping by to comment on them, that makes my day!

      Regarding the pantyhose I can’t even wear those at all because I seem to always stick my fingers through them on the first application. My fingers and hands are so rough from all the yarn and paper that passes through these hands. 🙂

      As always, thank you so much for liking what I write about even though it might be TMI for some folks.

      Love and Hugs,

  4. Love the newsboy hat and the mother-daughter hat. I’m always in awe of everything you get done in such a short time. I love the story about you putting on tights. I laughed so hard and I know if somebody watched me doing the same thing that would be humor for the day. Tammy ,sweet cousin, we are cut from the same cloth. lol Love you girl. sw

    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks so much for loving the hats and for always being here to tell me. I hope you didn’t start coughing too hard when you read my story about the tights. But I’m glad you got a giggle out of it, because I was laughing as I was actually putting the tights on. 🙂

      Love you too,

  5. Tamara,
    If I was to write about putting on tights it would sound just like your story. Except, I sit on the commode to put lotion and socks and pants on. I have yet to find a pair of tights that fit me. I too am short and stout and they are all to long. The top rolling down and the tightness at the crease of the hip makes my legs ache so bad. Oh well, maybe you aren’t any good at putting on tights but you sure can crochet, and that’s what makes life worth living.

    • Hi Kaye!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to let me know that I’m not the only one who has this problem. I especially know how you feel about the shortness of me and longness of the tights. 😉 Thank you for being here.


  6. I have the perfect solution for the tights problem: I never wear them 🙂
    The image of you staggering around half in and half out is pretty damn funny. Wish someone had caught that for YouTube hahahaha

    • Good Evening Jill!

      I’m so glad that I could make your day a funny one and yes it would have been hilarious if someone else was video taped doing the same thing, not me. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Anyway I sure as heck do not wear pantyhose for the same reason, except I always put my fingers through them before I even leave the house. At the least the tights are thicker and have a little more substance to them. Oh well thank goodness I don’t wear them all the time.

      Love and Hugs,

  7. Snort-laugh over the tights, Tamara!
    Anyone over 7 should not wear them, I say! They roll, they crawl, they stretch out baggy in the knees, puddle around your ankles and end up long and floppy at the toe, if I remember correctly.

    Tape, suspenders, or a pair that you can flop up over your belly and under your bra are the only ideas that have come to my mind… I am sure there is some Spanx solution to it all. Bravo for the attempt and the tale!! I am a jeans gal for just those reasons!


    • Hi Steph!

      I thought maybe small little people had the same problem as I do but just wanted to hear it from one. 😉 I’m glad I made you laugh and I can just imagine you at the office sitting at your computer laughing your head off and having your Mom, Dad, and Debbie coming over for you to read my words to them. It makes my heart happy that I can entertain so many without even leaving my house. 🙂 Your suggestion for wearing Spanx is a good one, but I can not wear them at all. I have a hard time breathing with them on. Again maybe they are the wrong size because my daughter has no problem wearing them. Anyway thanks so much for reading my blog and for stopping by to comment. I always enjoy reading what you have to say!

      Love and Miss you,

  8. Maybe you need me to come grab the top and lift / shake you in?! That’s how you do it, right? I’ve banned all tights that require the lift / shake…. And you should, too. It’s not worth it! Can I recommend a knee high sock? Love you, thanks for the laugh.

    • Oh Angie!

      I’m so glad that you got a laugh out of the picture that I created with words. 🙂 And yes I sure did grab the top, lifted and shook you lots of times. Those tights just didn’t stay up very well on you. Thanks for the memories.

      Love you,
      Aunt Tammy

  9. RITCMOL!!! I do not wear tights, Tamara, but I do remember decades back when I did. You had to work just a little at a time up your leg – and I did not even have any of those same probs you & I both have nowadays. I laughed when you mentioned having to go to the bathroom ‘cuz that was one of the first things I’d thought about as I read. LOL! I go to the bathroom *often* so there’s no way I’d want to deal with tights now. haha! … I could actually picture you limp-dragging yourself toward your bed. 😀 And it sure would have been hysterical if John ended up attempting to help you.

    Oh – as for your rough hands, get yourself a Lavishea Lotion Bar and rub it on before crocheting. You will be amazed! These round bars last a very long time.

    Love those penguin hats. And I can just hear the new mommy calling her little babe a “little monkey” with that adorable hat!

    Have a glorious crochet WEEKEND!!! 🙂
    Love ‘n Hugs ~

  10. Hi Kat!

    All I can say is 😉 I knew you would get a kick out my story and thanks so much for loving my hats.

    Love you!

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