Posted by: tgonzales | January 9, 2013

Terry Came Home on Tuesday, Another Penguin Hat, and Some Cute Faces in the Hats that I Made


I was so glad to see the text from my sister-in-law Cathy on Tuesday saying, “Bringing Terry Home.” It made my heart happy to hear the news and to know that their lives can get back to normal (whatever that might be). 🙂 When I returned home from work I thought I would call Terry to talk to him for a few minutes and guess what? He wasn’t home. You may have guessed where he might be if you are a grandparent. 😉


Yep, he was at his son’s house visiting his two little granddaughters. I remember before Terry was married and had children of his own, he would come back to our childhood home to visit and he would come over to my house to see Jennifer. When we would have family get-togethers Terry would be the one with all the kids sitting on his lap. He just has a way with kids. I wanted to take this time to thank you all for the prayers for Terry, I know they helped.


It was back to work for me on Monday and oh my gosh it seems so weird to actually have to work a full week this week, after having some time off for Christmas and New Years. I only had time to make this little penguin hat that will fit a 4 year old. Funny thing happened to me while I was in Emporia at the Walmart picking up some necessities for Terry. When I was leaving the store I ran into a quilting friend of Jackie’s, of course I always say any friend of Jackie’s is a friend of mine. 😉 Anyway she (Lesa) was heading to stock the books and tapes in the store because the person that usually does that had a death in the family or was ill or something like that. How strange is that? For me to be leaving the Walmart at the same time that she is arriving is so very coincidental, don’t you think and in a different town? Anyway Lesa had a friend with her and she started telling her friend about how I crocheted lots of different things and I just happened to have a crocheted hat on. I told her that I also had some hats in the car. So I went out to the car and brought in my bag for them to see. Lesa’s friend ended up purchasing one of the hats that I had already made, plus she ordered one like the one I was wearing. Then Lesa ordered an adult and 4 year old Penguin hats.


I thought it might be fun for you to see some of the hats that I made before Christmas on the people who received them.











Aren’t they adorable? I think they are even if I do say so myself. 🙂 I hope everyone is having a good week and hope that you have a chance to make time for yourselves. Love you all!


  1. super news!

    • Thanks Cathy, it is good news indeed! Have a great day.


  2. That’s a whole lot of hats! You must’ve been very busy leading up to Christmas 🙂

    • Hi Laura!

      These are just a few of the hats that I’ve made. I think I counted around 80 hats that I made from October through just before Christmas. No wonder my hands were falling asleep all the time. But crochet is what keeps me sane even though it hurts sometimes. 🙂


      • Wow, that’s true dedication! But I know what you mean – I often end up with pain in my arm if I crochet too long, but I usually carry on anyway!

  3. So good to know Terry is finally home. I know everybody celebrates when he is well enough to do that. Love the pictures of everybody wearing your hats. Have you kept track of how many states you have hats in? Love you. sw

    • Hi Sue!

      Yes it is a good feeling knowing Terry is back home. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and for loving the things that I do. I’m not sure that I know where alll my hats have ended up since the people purchase them here. It would be fun to know though.

      Love you,

  4. A lotta LOVE went into those hats.

    • Hi Linda!

      I like to think that there was a lot of love that went into them too. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.


  5. That’s an amazing number of hats for 1 person to make. Good your news about your brother.

    • Hi Jeannie!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog and to comment. I can’t believe that I made that many hats either.


  6. Hi Tamara! Sooo glad to hear Terry is home. Hope he keeps being on an upswing. Poor guy. He’s so cute.

    Woop-de-doo! You even sell hats & get orders when you shop at Wal-Mart. You are famous, girlfriend!!

    The photo of the tiny baby in her owl hat is hilarious. 🙂 It was great to see so many hats on their recipients. Imagine if you put pics of all 80 hats (on all 80 people) in one post. LOL!

    Hope you have a decent work week. Oh – it is half over already! 😉

    Love ‘n HUGS ~

    • Hi Kat!

      Yes it is good to have Terry at home now and I hope he too continues to feel better. He’s a very strong man and it’s good that the rest of his body is so healthy or he wouldn’t have made it many times.

      I can’t believe I ran into Lesa and I told her I was afraid that I was going to get stopped and searched with that bag that I was carrying, but I didn’t. 🙂

      I sure do wish I had pictures of all the 80 hats on their recipients. I always ask each person to send me a picture and sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

      Hey my work week is almost over-Whoop Whoop!!!!

      Love and Hugs,

    • Oh that’s funny, Tamara. I did think of that too …. your walking thru the store with a bag full of “unpaid-for” goodies. LOL! If you would have been stopped, I’ll bet you would have many yet another sale. tee-hee!
      Love you!! ~ Kat

  7. Tamara,
    So glad to hear that Terry is home! I agree that the first picture of the tiny baby is adorable. All the lucky people look so happy to be wearing one of your hats! I must say that the last picture is rather cute too (since it’s my granddaughter). Love ya! Shirley

  8. Hi Shirley,

    Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and for liking what I do. And I agree the last little girl in her hat is rather adorable. 🙂

    Love and Hugs,

  9. Oh my gosh, Tamara… LOVING all the photos of the hats and their recipients!! EVERYBODY looks great!… Wishing you and yours a blessed and very Happy New Year! ((love and hugs))

    • Hi Tina!

      Thanks so much for loving the things that I make and for being here reading all my ramblings. I hope you have a wonderful year too.

      Love and ((Hugs)),

  10. this made me so happy. :] I love all the kids in their hats. you are a professional. I’m glad to hear Uncle Terry’s doing better! I love you!

    • Thanks for thinking I’m a professional. I love you too my Chacho Aaron. Momma

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