Posted by: tgonzales | November 7, 2012

Middle of the Week, Two More Owl Hats, a Speedy Lesson on My Crochet Flower, and November’s Crochet 101 Class

Here I am in the middle of the week again and feel like I haven’t accomplished much, until I start writing it down. Here’s another owl hat for the waitress at the Mexican restaurant that I frequent before my crochet classes. The waitresses name is Ruth and she seems so amazed that I remember her name each time. Well duh, my Mom’s name is Ruth how could I forget it? Anyway she wanted me to make her grandson a hat; so this is what I came up with. I love how it turned out and I hope that Ruth’s grandson loves it as much I loved making it for him.

Here’s an owl hat that I made for another one of my co-workers who ordered it for one of his daughters. He told me that he wanted me to make his two daughters owl hats but one of them had to be bright orange and the other one needed to bright yellow. Well as most of you know these are not the colors that I usually pick up so I was stepping out of my comfort zone when I purchased the bright orange and neon yellow yarns. Anyway this orange owl hat is not one of my favorites but it really doesn’t look so bad once I added the eyes, buttons, beak, tufts, and braids. Actually it kind of reminds me of the owl latch hook rug that I made about 35 years ago. I remember it so well, because I started on it and got bored with it and tucked it away. Back then I was married to Jennifer’s Dad and when I told him that I wanted to start another project he said I couldn’t until I finished the owl latch hook rug. So I finished it and started another project; I continued finishing projects as I went, never starting another one until I had finished the last one. That’s so funny to think back and I still wonder how and when my attitude changed about finishing projects. Because I no longer am concerned about finishing something, because once I get bored with something I put it to the side and start something new. I have a sneaky suspicion that it started with me going to work and making my own money. So does anyone else out there have this problem of starting something, get bored with it, put it down and start something new?

Enough about starting things and not finishing them; I have to tell you about while I was getting ready for the November Crochet 101 session yesterday. How I go into the yarn shop after I get off work and I make swatches of single crochet stitches to start my beginners off so that they have something to hang onto while learning to hold their hook and yarn at the same time. I knew I had 6 students so I would need 6 swatches; as I was finishing up the last one a lady came into the shop and said that she was there for the crochet flower class which I taught last Tuesday night. Come to find out she had came into town from Kingman to take my class, only she was a week late, but it was 30 minutes before my beginners class started so I told her to pull up a chair and I would talk her through as many rows as we could do until my students arrived. She was very good and caught on quickly but we only got to the second row of the crochet flower and I promised to send her the pattern by email. I don’t know about you but it makes feel good when I can take time out of my busy schedule to just sit with someone and show them a few things that I know. How about all of you? Do you like to pass on some of your talent to your friends or the people that you meet who want to learn what you know?

Anyway my 6 students started arriving and I had 2 sets of Mother and Daugthers in my class. I would have had 3 sets but since my class was full with 6 people one of the Mothers took the crochet class and her daughter took the knitting class. Then much to my surprise a 7th person walked in and said that she was there for the crochet 101 class. So I quickly handed her my swatch that I made myself and got her started. I am still amazed at how quickly my students from the past classes and yesterdays class caught on how to hold their hooks, tension and swatches. I have never told anyone this but I get very sweaty and worried every time that I ask my classes whether they have ever held a hook or yarn in their hands and they all say, NO! But then at the end of the first class when all of them have learned to hold the hook and their yarn and have learned the single crochet. That’s when I look back and breathe a sigh of relief and only then. Since I rambled on so much I should have named this post, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Anyway I hope you all are having a wonderful week and I’m looking forward to Friday. How about you?


  1. No, I swear on my life I never ever start something then put it down and start something new. Never ever ever

    • Oh yea! Do you think we need to do a 10 step program for starting something and then putting it down? I think I need to be the first one in line for that, maybe you could be my therapist? 🙂

      • Okay. Anyone who wants me to be their therapist must be so whacko crazy that they wouldn’t be able to spot that I would be a lousy therapist. So yes, sure, absolutely 🙂

  2. Tamara,
    I know about you and waiter/waitresses names. You get better service with that sweet smile of yours and remembering their name, huh??!! But—–nothing wrong with that. you should see my started projects that never get finished. I found it’s good top give them to the ones you are teaching That way it isn’t so overwhelming to them.
    See ya Saturday,

    • Kaye,

      Thanks so much for the kind comment about my sweet smile. I have found that if you smile at waitresses/waiters and try and call them by their name they give you better service. I only know this from my experience with being a waitress myself. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

      I love your idea of giving your unfinished items to the people you teach. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

      Love, Tamara

  3. This week I found an unfinished project from approx 1975! Humph. The orange owl rug- did it by chance have three owls on it? I did an orange owl rug and it has gone from son to son to grandson! I did finish it!

    • Hi Cathy!

      My owl rug just had one large owl on it and I don’t even remember what I did with it. I bet they were from the same group of kits. I think I probably put it in a garage sale and then when it didn’t sell I gave it to the thrift store. Wouldn’t that be funny if I found one just like it on my thrifting adventures? I love it that yours is still around. Thanks for sharing your story.


  4. Tamara ~ blah-blah-blah-blah……


  5. LOL! Just kidding, Tam!! .. Ya know, I am surprised that I have not been having dreams of BIG OWL EYES staring at me. 😀 I really like your green/green hat above. The green/orange one makes me squint. *giggle* Oh! I just looked at your side-bar …. ALL owl hats!

    At the start of your next Crochet 101 class, I want you to *imagine* all those newbies comfortably holding their hooks. See it in your mind’s eye .. and relaaaaax even before class begins. 🙂

    Oh! Last Monday I thought it was Sat. and was going to wish you a great weekend. I did not tell you about it then ‘cuz I know how much you look forward to your weekends and, well, it was just too far away then. But since you brought it up now, I figured I may as well tell ya now. tee-hee!

    Love ya … with smiles…..

    • Hi Kat!

      Actually the green hat has a tan/oatmealy color on the top and the orange one has a brown/barley color on top. I couldn’t believe how much the green one looked like it had green on the top too in the picture.
      Thank you so much for all the kind words of encouragement regarding the Crochet 101 students.

      You’re so cute about how you don’t know which day it is. Maybe someday I can retire and not know what day of the week it is. I’m sure it will come sooner than later, since I feel like I’ve already lost my mind.

      Love ya my friend,

      • Tamara ~ You know what they say… The mind is the first thing to go. (I forget what the second thing is. LOL) Anyway, I would sometimes get days mixed up when Frank still worked. But since he retired in 2004, it has become more & more difficult to know what day it is ‘cuz they are all the same to us. … Uh, I want to hear about your waitressing. 🙂

        Well, even with a tan/oatmealy color on the top of that green hat … I still love it! tee-hee. Funny how the colors look so different on our computer screens.

        Love ya!

  6. Tamara, I know that you have to be the greatest teacher ever! I know how much you care about other people and I’m sure your students just rave about you! I wish I lived closer and could come to your classes myself. 🙂

    Hugs XX

    • Hi Barbara!

      I’m not sure what my students say about me? 😉 But I sure do wish you lived closer so that we could just sit and crochet!

      Love and Hugs,

  7. I made an Owl Hat for my daughter, Lindy Lou, This past weekend, didn’t have a pattern so I designed my own. Your hats were what inspired me, they are just so adorable.
    My Mother’s name is Ruth too, and my DIL’s name is Tamara. Cool ain’t it?!

    • Hi Lindy!

      That’s so cool that my hats inspired you to make your daughter one too. And it’s even cooler that your Mom’s names is Ruth and your DIL’s name is Tamara. What a coincidence, huh? Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.


  8. I was wondering if you’ve ever tried safety-eyes on your Owl Hats? I used a pair of 18mm Suncatchereyes on Lindy Lou’s hat, really adorable.

    • No as a matter-of-fact I haven’t used the safety eyes, but it might be something that I need to look into since I make them for little ones and the regular buttons are not supposed to be used on baby items. But who-o-o would let their baby chew on their owl hat anyway? 😉 Thanks so much for the suggestion.

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