Posted by: tgonzales | October 22, 2012

October 20-21, 2012; Emergency Crochet, More Owl Hats, and a Halloween Costume

My weekend started off with finishing up the order from my Daughter-in-law. The last thing that I needed to do was make a scarf for our other grandson Eyan. I loved making this little gray and navy blue scarf just for him and I hope he likes wearing it as much as I liked making it for him. Now I have all three items ready to be shipped off to them today.

Then I finished an adult owl hat for a friend of mine. I do love how the turquoise looks with the brown and the hat sure looks cute on some adults but not on me. 🙂

I made this hat for one of my co-workers who wanted me to make his granddaughter Piper a turquoise and brown hat. And yet again I do love how the turquoise hats look and can’t wait to see little Piper in hers.

The emergency crochet part of this blog was when my friend Lisa asked if I could make her 3 grandchildren house slippers before she left to go to Connecticut this week. Since I’m always up for a crochet challenge I told her sure. It was great that she had asked her Daughter-in-law to send her a drawing of each one of their feet. Actually it looked like they each stepped in thick finger paint and then stepped onto a piece of paper. What a great idea.

I started with Scarlett’s, the youngest and smallest foot. I used Elizabeth Alan’s pattern called Toddler Ribbon Mary Janes, using a heavier yarn and a bigger hook than what she calls for in her pattern. It worked out great.

Then I made Ava’s the oldest and largest foot. I again used Elizabeth Alan’s pattern and used the heavier yarn with even a bigger hook. I think they turned out adorable what do you think?

Last but not least I made Landon’s the middle child and this time I again used Elizabeth Alan’s pattern called Little Prince Loafers and used 2 strands of yarn and a J hook. I loved how each of the pairs of shoes turned out and I love that all of them have their very own personality just like the kids do, I’m sure. Then when Lisa saw the owl hats that I had been making she wanted to take one hat with her to see if the kids liked it. So instead of her taking one I decided to make all three of them a hat.

Here’s Scarlett’s,

Landon’s, and

Ava’s. When Lisa stopped by to pick up the shoes I surprised her with the hats and can’t wait to see if the children like them as much as Lisa and I do. I still have orders for 8 more hats, so it looks like I’ll be showing you lots of owl hats for a while.

My daughter also asked me if I could help her make a bat girl costume so she can wear it to work this week. I took the easy way out and told her that I would make it myself. I’m not sure what it is about me teaching Jennifer, but I don’t seem to have the patience to do just that. So I told her to save us both from lots of yelling and crying; I would make the skirt and the cape for her. So I went to Joann’s on Saturday and found the perfect fabric and it was 50% off, sew (pun intended) I’ll be tackling that project early this week. Don’t you love the old Simplicity pattern? I had to laugh when I saw the price on the old one at $3 (which I bought about 32 years ago) compared to the new one on the left at $14.75. Oh my gosh I couldn’t believe it, of course I didn’t pay $14.75, I only buy patterns when they are on sale. Anyway, how was your weekend? Did you go anywhere or do anything that was fun? I would love to hear all about it and hope that you all have a wonderful week.


  1. LOve the little house shoes and I know those children will love you them too. I know what you mean about the price of patterns. I have 2 file cabinets with patterns in them that are old. I even have some that my Mom used for my clothes when I was a very little girl. we just got back from Red River last night and my day is consisting of laundry. Ugh. love you girl.

    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks so much for liking the shoes and telling me about your patterns. I love looking at all of the old ones. That’s another thing that I’ll have to look at the next time I come to visit. 🙂

      Love you too!

  2. Those shoes are adorable. I love the name Scarlett!

    • Hi Emilee!

      Thanks so stopping by to comment and letting me know you are out there reading my blog. Even though I know you read it and it’s ok that you don’t always have time to comment, it’s still nice when you do. I love the name Scarlett too and I love you:)

      Aunt Tammy

  3. Hi Tamara! ~ I love ALL your owl hats *and* those slippers. You must be doing some crocheting during your sleep. Yup!

    We want to see Jennifer as Bat Girl once you have her costume completed. I sewed while my daughters were young. I can’t believe the prices on today’s patterns! Glad I no longer sew. .. Yarns keep my wallet skinny enough. ;-D

    Lovin’ you & all your creations ~

    • Hi Kat!

      Thanks for loving all my owl hats. I am enjoying making each one and no I’m not crocheting in my sleep, very funny!!!! 🙂

      I will make sure I get a picture of Jennifer in her Bat Girl outfit. I can’t wait to actually see it done. HA! HA! I wish I could swish my magic cape and have it appear. 😉

      Love you too,

      • You’re so funny, Tamara!
        I love you!!

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