Posted by: tgonzales | October 10, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 Update

There’s really not much going on here. I spent Monday back at work and I do mean there was a lot of stress going on that day. I didn’t even have time to destress with a little crochet on my lunch break (that consisted of 15 minutes) Thank goodness I managed to rip out John’s hat before I left for work that morning. I made him the hat two years ago for Christmas and had forgotten how I made it.

I noticed at the Barn Sale that his hat kept creeping up onto his head, so I took a closer look and found out that it was too tight around the edge and it was making it creep up on his head. But when I started taking it out; I found out that I started at the edge and worked my way up to the top of the hat, so when I finally figured that out I ripped the whole thing out and started over with my pattern.

I love the way it looks now and John says that it fits him so much better.

I also finished up another camo earflap hat that would fit about a 6 or 7 year old.

After work I made dinner and my Megan joined us. (sorry no pictures) Then she went with me to the charity workshop. (again no pictures, I must be slipping or just tired?) Oh by the way I made a peachy hat but again, no picture. I’ll make sure I take one as soon as I finish the scarf that goes with it.

On Tuesday I finished up this little KU Jayhawks hat that a co-worker ordered from me for her baby nephew. I really love how it turned out and I think she will love it too.

Tuesday evening was the first session of my October Crochet 101 class. I was very excited to find out that I had 4 people in my class and guess what? Three out of 4 had never held a crochet hook in their hands. But just look at all of them; they all caught on very fast and with a little practice they are on their way to making afghans, scarves, or whatever they choose to make. I had lots of fun getting to know these young ladies and I am looking forward to seeing how well they have done throughout the week at their next session. How’s your week going? I would love to hear all about it.


  1. I just wanted to say that I love the hat pattern that you use. Is it available somewhere to purchase?

    • Hi Birgitt,

      Thanks so much for liking my hat pattern. I do have my hat pattern for sale, but the pattern that I make all my hats from are the base of the Newsie Newsboy hat pattern and then I just either don’t put the brim on or I add earflaps. If you still want to purchase my pattern I can send you an invoice through PayPal and after payment has been made I will send you a pdf file of the pattern. Just let me know and thanks so much for reading my blog and liking what I do.


  2. Great hat, looks great on the man, too. I couldn’t find the link in your last post/reply re the bracelets – I’ve been through some of your older posts and also photos on Flickr, but no luck 😦

    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks so much for liking my hats and the man that’s wearing one of them. 🙂 He’s so funny. I think we have resolved the bracelet situation now. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment.

      Love and Hugs,

  3. Hi Tamara!

    Leave it to you to ‘frog’ John’s entire hat so you could begin again and make it fit right. I know he SO appreciates you!

    Even tho you did not always take photos this time around, the ones you do have here are wonderful.

    More blest ladies, learning crochet from our Tamara!!

    What I did this week…. Well, it started off on Sunday morning with a small piece of a VERY OLD crown chipping off. That meant I had to get it replaced. Fortunately, the dentist had a cancellation so I was able to get in yesterday. The broken ceramic crown was a blessing in disguise ‘cuz it turned out there was a cavity hidden underneath. So that got taken care of too. And I will get my new permanent crown in a couple weeks.

    We have had NO measurable rain for 2 months and I have loved that. But this will change either Friday nite or Sat. — and it is predicted we will be getting rain for at least 4 days in a row. We’ll be making up for the dryness in a hurry. And our temps will change from highs in the high 60’s .. to the low 60’s and no sun. I fully appreciated all our sunshine & warmth that lasted so long. And now it is time to SAY “so long” to it. For awhile. Not furever. 😉

    Love ya much!

    • Oh my gosh Kat! When I heard that your crown broke off, ouch that made my mouth heart. (: I’m so glad you were able to get into the dentist so quickly and to take care of the cavity too.

      Your weather sounds like ours except we have no rain yet. I would love for it to rain here; I love to crochet while it rains. But of course I love to crochet even when the sun shines and its 105 degrees out. Ha! Ha!

      Love you too!!!!

      • Thanks for your empathy, Tamara .. but the little bit of broken-off crown did not hurt at all. The dental appt, however, was grueling .. insofar as it was such a long one (1½ hrs!).

        Yup, rain or shine .. crocheting is yours & mine. LOL


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