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My Week in Pictures; September 24-30, 2012

Monday, KS My Stitch Charity Workshop and we were working on hats and scarves for the Treehouse.

Tuesday, Megan’s music program; I can’t remember what the name of the program was but they were supposed to wear 70’s inspired clothing. Tie-dyed, peace signs, etc. I loved watching Megan dance and interact with the other kids. Everyone loves my Megan and how could they not?

Wednesday; Megan over for a visit. She always has to go into my kitchen, put on this apron and she grabs a pen and tablet so that she can take everyone’s food order. 🙂

I asked Megan to try on this little Newsie Newsboy hat for me; Megan said she liked the hat but it was too tight for her. I love how she looks in it.

My friend Kat couldn’t live without the stripey teapot that I showed you last week. Kat’s now the proud owner of it and I think it looks very cute on her red teapot; what do you think?

Then I had to make another cozy for my naked teapot and so I found this cute little pattern which was written by Sharon from Shazzasknits. You can see the rest of her designs here.

I loved how the little owl teapot cozy turned out so much that I had to make another one. This time I made it with turquoise on one side,

and pink on the other.

Friday, we went to a play at WSU and watched Melissa, Rian, and Rachel. All three of them went to school with Joshua and it was fun watching them perform. They all did a wonderful job.

Saturday morning, I met up with one of my classmates; her name is Lisa. We had a very nice long visit. It was so much fun catching up with all that has gone on in our lives the last 38 years. I can’t wait to get together with her again real soon.

Saturday afternoon, I decided to make a tutu for the child size mannequin that I will be displaying children’s crocheted sweaters on at the Barn Sale. I thought… hard could it be, right? Oh my gosh my veils off to those people who make all the wedding veils and those little tutus for little girls. I only did three layers and I was done with the tulle (not sure what I will do with the other 5 yards, but I might get ambitious and make another one someday you never know). I decided to make another layer underneath of the tulle with fabric and edge it with a piece of ric-rac that I crocheted on. Since I want to keep the little mannequin covered throughout the Barn Sale, I think I’m safe that it’s strange enough that no one will want to buy it. 🙂

I decided to buy turquoise duct tape to cover my mannequin heads, but changed my mind when John suggested that I use panty hose instead. I asked him where he got this idea from. And he said that he had seen lots of television shows that showed how robbers put them over their heads to disguise themselves, and thought that it might work to disguise the ugly white of my mannequin heads. He’s so smart; because no amount of Lycra is going to get my legs into those panty hose again. Anyway I love that I’m recycling them instead.

I made a flower to put on a repurposed sweater that didn’t need much of any embellishment, I love that I made into a pin so that you can take it off and wear it separate on anything.

Saturday evening, I made another owl tea cozy. Gosh I can’t get enough of these; they are so darn cute.

Sunday, I dyed some things.

I added flower embellishments to this cute repurposed sweater.

I’m adding flower and leaf embellishments to a repurposed sweater coat that I also dyed.

I made another hat and I like the way this one is purple variegated (no changing colors).

Here’s a hat that would be perfect for a little boy about 2 or 3. I hope everyone has had a good week and hope this coming week goes well too. I’ve really missed all of you but you know how it goes I have to “Keep on Trucking” so I can get the rest of things done for the upcoming Kansas Barn Sale. I’ll talk to you next Monday after the show and hope to see some of you there. 😉


  1. i’m exhausted just reading about everything you do and make!!!

    • Jill,

      You’re too funny. I feel like I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to, but I’m sure I will have enough things to fill a booth.


  2. Tamara, I love your earflap hats!!! I just wish mine would turn out as pretty and size appropriate as yours. I’m sure that I just need to keep practicing. : ) I plan on seeing you this weekend at the Barn Sale! ~Jill Ptacek

    • Hi Jill!

      I’m so glad you like my earflap hats. We need to set up a time to get together and I’ll show you how I make mine, but I’m sure you are just too critical of your own work. I bet they look just as good as mine. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Love you, Tamara

  3. Your Megan is so cute, and it’s always nice to see what she’s up to lately, or what she’s currently modeling for her grandma!… And, oh my gosh Tamara!.. LOVED the owl tea cozies!!! I went to check out the etsy shop and there was a koala bear one TOO! I know people who collect BOTH, so this brings to mind CHRISTMAS shopping and crafting, and that maybe I might want to order these patterns… (Yours came out so cute, I’m thinking, “Hey, Christmas aside, I might want to make MYSELF an owl too! A Halloween Owl Tea cozy might be ADORABLE, yes?!)…. ((Hugs, and have a great day!))

    • Hi Tina!

      I’m so glad you liked the owl tea cozies as much as I do. And yes they would be great for Christmas gifts, even if the gift was one for yourself. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

      Love and Hugs,

  4. Oh Tamara, this post was awesome! You know I am going nuts with your new owl tea pot cozies!!! Lovely stuff all over. Hoping to see you tonight, but I know you must be busy tying up lose ends (pun intended).

    • Hi Susie!

      I knew you would love the owl tea cozies and you’ll have fun making them too. Just make sure you know that they pattern is written in UK terms; so you will have to translate them to US. I’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to attend the Charity workshop tonight; as you are so right about tying up those loose ends and weaving them in. (pun intended too) 🙂

      Love and Hugs,

  5. Hi Tamara ~ Terrific post with so many wonderful pics!

    Too bad that hat is tight on Megan ‘cuz it looks great on her.

    So kewl that you added the RED on the base of my teapot cozy, without knowing I would be buying it *and* that my teapot is red. A barn red actually .. which would’ve been great for the barn sale, eh? LOL

    I am not ‘into’ owls but your teapot cozies are tooo cute! Love the idea of turquoise on one side & pink on the other!!

    As for that tutu .. umm .. someone just might want to buy it — or else Megan will want to play around in it. 🙂 The fact that you lined it with fabric is nice and, of course, the crochet edging is so special.

    I’d have to actually buy a pair of pantyhose (none lying around here) in order to wrap some around my styrofoam head. [Great idea, John!] I should’ve done that — ‘cuz Emma has enjoyed munching on that head. No, she does not eat it but she sure has bitten off lots of little pieces. She’s so silly. Oh – knowing her, she’d probably nip thru the pantyhose to get to the styrofoam. Ha!

    Loving all your flower embellishments on the re-purposed clothing. Hey – that final earflap hat .. did you use the leftover camo yarn I sent ya? Did you have to buy more, or was it enough to make the small hat? It looks great!!!

    Your booth must be very big ‘cuz you will be filling it up completely for the barn sale. Hope you won’t go home with too many of your items. I’m sure you’ll continue making items for next year’s sale too. Looking forward to how you make out on Sat. — and seeing photos, of course. 😉

    Love ‘n HUG!

    • Hi Kat!

      I’m so glad you like your tea cozy the best and don’t need one of the owl cozies. 😉

      Thanks for the compliment about the tutu; as for the Megan wearing it that won’t be a problem because it is about a childs size 2 or 3.

      I’m glad you liked the idea about the pantyhose, I had a pair buried in the bottom of my drawer that you had to wear with garters. (that tells you how old those were) Yea that’s not going to happen either. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and big hugs sent your way.


      • Hey Tamara! Megan could wear that tutu as a shawl. BwaaHaaa!

        Yikes!! Can you believe some of the things we used to wear! Like nylons with garters (& a garter belt!). Not to mention girdles! Amazing that you still had those nylons. You never could’ve imagined how they’d be seeing their final days. LOL

        Love ya tightly (like a girdle – :-)) ~

  6. I read your blog at 6:00 this morning but didn’t have time to comment until now. Love everything you are doing. Especially the tea cozies, and tutu, and Megan in her hat, and the little childs sweater. Heck, I just love everything you do Tammy. It’s been very busy here. Been teaching classes on dutch oven cooking, going to tractor shows, spent 2 days at the Oklahoma wildlife expo cooking and serving the thousands of people who wanted to find out about dutch oven cooking, and eating. This morning I had to take a friend to the hospital for a colonoscopey(I know I mispelled that). Had to have a nap to catch me up on sleep. Tomorrow I am going to Aunt Marthies to see my 2 favorite aunts. Whew, maybe I need another nap. Lov you girl.

    • Oh My Gosh Sue! You are just as busy as I am. Thanks so much for liking all the things that I do and for stopping by to tell me. I’m sure you will have fun with your Aunts, tell Aunt Marthie and Mom I said hello. Love you, Tamara

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