Posted by: tgonzales | September 24, 2012

September 22-23, 2012 Weekend, a Baby Shower for Baby Charlie, More Hats, and a Crocheted Tea Cozy

My weekend started off with making a hat for my great niece Baby Adleigh. I can’t wait to see it on her and get a photo of her in it.

Saturday morning I woke earlier than my usual time of 3:26 am and made a couple of hats before meeting up with my Mom at 7:00 am. This hat is a smaller version of my Newsie Newsboy Hat pattern. I do love the way it turned out and then I made a limey green elf hat with a long tail so that I could give to my niece Jessica who is a professional photographer. I hope she can use it in her next baby photo shoot. You can see some of her great photos here on her website.

Mom and I needed to leave early so that we could stop and eat breakfast before heading out on our 2 hour drive to the big town of Lamont, Kansas. (just kidding it’s a very small town outside of Madison the town where my brother Terry lives.) I always have and will have a good time taking my Mom different places and I always try to tell you all the good things that happen on our trips. (I don’t usually mention how many times Mom makes comments about my weight and how fat I am, or how many times she tells me the speed limit, or how many times she tells me that she really enjoys looking at the scenery as she has not seen it in 12 years; because she had to do all the driving after my Dad had the stroke in the year of 2000.) None of these comments will ever change the fact that I love my Mom with all my heart and I wouldn’t change a thing about spending precious time with her.

We kept seeing these yellow flowers all along the way to Lamont and I would have regretted it if I wouldn’t have stopped to take some closeup pictures of them.

Although both Mom and I decided that the flowers were way prettier from the car window than they were up close, I’m still happy that I stopped to smell the roses as some people say.  (although these were quite stinky)  🙂

Alright, enough about that; here’s Baby Charlie in the elf hat. Jessica has promised me that she will take a better picture of Charlie in the little hat. And she said that she would take a picture of her in the hat that I made especially for her as I didn’t get one of Charlie in it before we left.

But I did get this picture of Baby Charlie with 5 Great Grandmas and her 2 Grandmas. I was so glad that I thought of bringing them all into the photo.

I loved hearing Miss Lily call me by my name as I took this picture of her and her Momma. She pointed at me and said “Aunt Nammy”, AWWWW she remembered me from last month when we were in Madison for my brother Terry’s birthday party.

Here are some more hats that I made on Saturday and Sunday. I love the name of the orange yarn; Burnt Pumpkin. 😉

As John was looking at my stack of hats he slipped this one on and was acting silly. What do you think? Do you think he needs a little attention or what? 😉

I couldn’t help purchasing 5 balls of this Bernat Handicrafter size 1 (super fine) and size 0 (lace weight) threads when I found them at Hobby Lobby on Friday night. I’m not sure what I’m going to make with the thread but you will be the first or maybe the second one to know. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

I decided to finish up the crocheted tea cozy that I started about a month ago. I love how it turned out and decided to take John’s advice and not add anymore crocheted embellishment to it (for now). I feel like I had an eventful weekend and loved spending time with Mom and some of the rest of my family. I hope everybody’s weekend was all that you wished for. I will be back next Monday; I’ll talk to you then, and please remember I love you all.


  1. Oh my goodness… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that adorable little tea cozy! I’ve thought of making one (or two, or however many!) myself, but just haven’t yet. They are so sweet, but I’m wondering if they REALLY DO keep the teapot warmer longer? I make myself a pot every night, but it gets cold so fast, that I end up jumping up and down all night to reheat my cups of tea in the microwave!.. Well, regardless, and whatever the case.. Yours is SO PRETTY, I may try one anyways, sometime soon!…. Have a great week, and thank you, AND John, for my first morning smiles!!! (0;

    • Hi Tina!

      John and I are very happy that we were able to make you smile this morning! And thanks for reading and commenting. You made my day!

      I’m not sure if the tea cozy actually holds the heat in, but when the yarn was lying on my lap it made my leg hot. 😉 I will be selling the teapot along with its jacket at the Barn Sale in Hesston. I hope someone will love it as much as I did making it.

      Love and Hugs,

  2. Tamara,
    John is the best model you’ve ever had! He is so uninhibited. The tea cozy is perfect. We will need a class on tea cosies I think. I love that you love to spend time with your mom. I wish my momwas close enough to go see her every day

    • Hi Kaye!

      Thanks so much for liking the photos of John. He’s such a goofball sometimes. I’m not sure about the tea cozy class though. I just made it up as I went. 🙂 Regarding Moms; I know you miss her. See you tonight.


  3. What a refreshing post you had today Tamara! I really don’t know how you do all that you You are so busy but yet you take the time to be sweet to everyone. That is a wonderful quality. I love the last hat that John was Of course nothing tops that tea cozy! With over 200 teapots I can always use a new cozy. lol I like how that one leaves the top/lid accessible. Wonderful wonderful work you do my friend.

    • Hi Barbara!

      I think you probably do just as much as I do and you are always so nice to everyone. We must be related in some way! Ha! Ha! I’m so glad you like my little teapot cozy. I still remember the one that you brought along with you when you stopped to visit me. By the way this teapot cozy was supposed to have some flowers on top too but I decided not to add any more to it and didn’t know for sure how to attach the flowers either. Maybe if I would use a pattern I could find out, huh? Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

      Love & Hugs,

  4. Love the little newsboy hats and your nieces are precious. I’m glad you got to take your Mom with you even if she has some hurtful comments. She is related to my Mom and they came from the same family. (You and I are alike too-we’re not fat. We’re just fluffy. ha ha). Love the humor in Johns pictures. I keep thinking little red horns or mouse ears should be growing on top of the hats he is modeling. Love the tea cozy.

    • Oh Sue!

      You are so right about the fluffy part. All of her words used to hurt me and she would make me cry; but not much anymore. I let it go in one ear and out the other. And the part about the little horns growing out of the hats; I have to keep pushing them back down so the hats aren’t too bumpy. BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

      Love you Cuz,

      • Tammy you and I could probably write a book on the hurtful things that have been said to us and about us but like you I have learn to let them go in one ear and out the other.

  5. Hi Tamara!

    It looks to me like you just “popped your head into” a couple of these photos as they were being snapped. Likely not – but that’s how cute you look “popping in”. 😉

    Ohhh how I love the green ‘elf hat’ on baby Charlie!!!
    And the photo of the 8 ladies .. from newborn to age ??

    Okay now, John must’ve known I’ve been wanting to see more photos of him. He has gone all out this time. Amazing how those hats sure do change his appearance. RITCMOL!! Me thinks I shall now call him ‘Jane’. 😀

    You are sooo happy .. cuddling with your new balls of Bernat Handicrafter yarns. Such a darling photo, that one!

    Really do LOVE your teapot cozy!!!!!
    And I really do love YOU!
    HUG from Kat 🙂

    • Hi Kat!

      Thanks so much for all the sweet comments. I’ll be sure and tell John that you liked his pictures. 😉

      Love you,

  6. I have wanted to buy your Newsie Newsboy hat for a long time now. I’ve just gotten around to buying it and can’t find it. Where can I buy the pattern? I love it!

    • Betty,

      I have sent you a message via email. Thanks so much for liking my hat and for trying to find it.


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