Posted by: tgonzales | September 17, 2012

September 15-16, 2012 Weekend, Family, a Shawl Vest Thingy, Junk in the Trunk Fashion Show, Kyrie Foundation Fundraiser, Restructured Top and Two Hats

First of all on Friday my Mom called and asked if John and I would like to join her for soup. It seems that she is like me when it comes to making soup. I never know when to stop dumping things in and end up with so much soup that I eat it the day I cook it and then the rest of the week for my lunches. Anyway that’s what happened to Mom and when Mom asks us to join her we usually try to.

John loves to carry jalapeno peppers with him to add a little heat to whatever he’s eating. I do believe that this pepper was a little on the warm side. I’m not sure how Mom makes her soup but it always tastes so much better than mine. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have to make it myself. 🙂

Saturday morning I finished up the shawl vest thingy that I had been working on all week and I like the way it turned out,

but I just don’t like it on me. It just looks like I’m wearing a dang afghan with armholes. I’m sure it would look better on my sister. As I always say she can make a gunny sack look good. 😉

Darn it couldn’t John have told me that I needed to fix the back of my hair? Although, I hardly ever look at the back of my hair, so I bet it looks like that all the time. And here I am blaming John. 😉

My plans for Saturday were to help Ms. Aimee of Junk in the Trunk with a fashion show at Terradyne Country Club from 9 am – 1 pm. I loved meeting all the models and it was so easy helping Ms. Aimee because she is one organized young lady. (That’s Ms. Aimee in the middle)

After the fashion show I met up with John so that I could take him to lunch for his birthday. We met at the Brewery downtown and we both had salads. John has been making comments about having our picture taken professionally.

I told him that our snapshots would have to do for now. I love this one because it’s so funny when he kisses me he smashes my nose as you can see here in this picture.

Then I ran by the Kyrie Foundation Fundraiser and was able to take a few pictures of some of the items that were donated for the silent auction.

I was sad that I couldn’t make it back for the actual auction but I hope that they made lots of money for brain cancer research. John and I ended our evening with dinner at the Wichita Fish Company where Jennifer joined us.

Sunday morning I finished up the edging on an eyelet top and added some fabric straps and ties in the back.

I love the way it turned out and can imagine how cute it will look with a pair of denim capris or jeans.

Hopefully someone will like it enough to buy it at the Kansas Barn Sale in Hesston on October 6th. 🙂

I also crocheted around an eyelet handkerchief and I thought it would work great for a bride as her something borrowed or something blue. I still remember trying to find something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue when I got married; how about you? Did you try to find these things too?

Here’s a turquoise and sparkly pink hat that I made on Sunday. I love the way it turned out and love the heart buttons.

I finished up this purple hat too and love how the purple fabric covered buttons turned out too.

I also was able to sew the fabric covered buttons on that recycled granny square purse that I bought last month in Newton. I feel good about the things that I did this weekend and hope that you had a good one too.


  1. Probably your funniest post ever! I’ve just had to wipe the mascara tracks off my cheeks from laughing.
    The shawly vesty thing is GORGEOUS, and it so suits you!- of course, if you aren’t comfortable in it, that’s a different matter. The edging is so so nice. I promise you don’t look like you’re wearing an afghan with armholes.

    • Hi Jill!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to let me know that I made your day with a big laugh! Now you’ve just made my day. Hope the rest of your day goes as laughingly. 🙂


  2. Oh Tammy you are so great. I love it that you are so good to spend time with your Mom. Wish I could spend time with my Mom again, but I am pleased that I spent as much time as I did with her. Happy Birthday to your sweet hubs, you are very fortunate to have found such a good man. I love how you recycle things and make them pretty again. And the turquoise and purple hats are wonderful as always. My favorite thing of all is the eyelet handkerchief-just beautiful. Love you girl.

    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment. I don’t really feel like I spend nearly enough time with my Mom. With my full time job it’s rather hard, but I try to make time to visit her. By the way I miss your Mom too. She was a very special Aunt and I loved spending time with your family. Thank you so much for liking the things that I do and I love you too! Tamara

  3. Hey Tamara ~ *Never* pass up an opportunity to have homemade soup. 🙂
    So funny that John carries jalapeno peppers with him. He does like to “spice it up!” 😉
    Interesting … Just the other day I was thinking we hadn’t seen any new photos of John for awhile. And here we go! He looks so cute enjoying his soup & hot pepper. I so LOVE the pics of you two together. The kissing one just makes me smile. [Turn your head a little if you don’t want him squishing your nose. haw-haw!]

    ,mmmmmkp0o <– A note from Emma 😀

    Loving the edging on your SVT. I wanna see how it looks on Jackie.
    BTW, I did not even notice the back of your hair until you pointed it out. *G*

    Absolutely lovely how you Tamara-fied the eyelet top.
    And the handkerchief! The crocheted edges sure make a difference!

    Always amazed at how quickly you begin & complete crocheted items.
    Great hats! Those will sell for sure in Oct. You are making such lovely covered buttons too.

    Love 'n Hugs!

    • Hi Kat!

      Yes it has been quite some time since I posted pictures of John as he has been out of town quite a bit on the weekends. Oh by the way thanks for the advice Mom on turning my head a little when I kiss him. =))

      lksjl;mls backatyouEmma! Tee Hee

      Thanks so much for liking the things that I create and I hope you enjoy your last days of summer.

      Love you,

      • Helloooo again, Tamara!

        Hope ya don’t mind my ‘mothering’. LOL

        Emma thanks ya for writing back to her. *mew*

        Our weather has been super-fantastic, so YES! I will enjoy my last days of Summer .. and also the beginning of Autumn .. becuz we are having nuttin’ but sunshine & mid-80 temps!

        Be good (or, at least, be careful – LOL) ~

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