Posted by: tgonzales | September 10, 2012

September 8-9, 2012 Weekend, Out and About with Susie, Program Presentation Practice, Miss Ava, Little Man Truman, and Miss Megan’s 10th Birthday Party

My weekend started off with finishing up crocheting around all of those naked white washcloths. 🙂

On Saturday Susie and I decided since we were the only ones that were here for our KS My Stitch officer’s meeting that we would run some errands and then return to the house for a cup of soup. So we stopped at Twist where I found out that I have 4 students for tomorrow evenings beginner’s crochet class.

Then we walked down to Material Girls and I can’t wait to share more of this project with all of you.

Then we stopped in at the Second Hand Rose thrift store where I found this dress form for sale. I loved that the dress form was full figured just like me and that I could display some of my bigger crochet embellished sweaters on it that I have for sale. The owners told me that her name was Ruby and that was it. I had to have her. Ruby Lee was my Mom’s oldest sister’s name and we all knew her as Aunt Bee. Now that Ruby is mine I’m going to call her Aunt Bee after my Aunt who I loved dearly and even though she passed away many years ago I still think of her and remember all the good times that I spent with her and my cousins. My Aunt Bee had such a fun loving personality and loved to play jokes on people. For instance one of her favorite things to do was to put ice down somebody’s back who was least expecting it. And she would just la-u-g-h when they would jump. I think Aunt Bee would get a kick out of me naming my dress form after her. 😉

After Susie left I packed up my car with the crocheted items that I wanted to use for the presentation display for the Walnut Valley Quilter’s Guild and headed to my sister’s house. After about 4 or 5 hours we had the display of our creations set up and also talked about what we were going to say. I think the presentation will be fun along with lots of emotion since we will be talking about how our Mom has inspired both of us in so many ways. We both get very emotional when we talk about our Mom and how she has been so helpful in everything we have done. I really need to remember to bring lots of tissues. 😉

Then Miss Ava

and Truman dropped by to stay for a bit while their Momma and Daddy went out to eat.

Oh My Gosh Truman has become such a little man now and always has a smile and a giggle for everything that happens. He seems to be so content and patient just like his Daddy. It was quite funny though, right after I snapped this picture he threw the doll down on the deck just like it was a ball. I had a wonderful time just hanging out with Jackie, Mark, Angie, Travis, Ava, and Truman. Snapping pictures of every move and drinking Miss Ava’s words in and all that smiling and giggling, it truly made my day.

Sunday morning was spent making one of my Newsie Newsboy hats for the program presentation display. I love how this one turned out.

Then a couple of months ago Miss Megan asked me if I could make her a purple crocheted hat with a pink flower on it. So before heading out the door to go to her 10th birthday party I made her a purple hat with a pink flower, complete with a fabric covered button right in the middle of the flower to go along with the clothes that I got for her at Old Navy.

It looks like the hat was a hit and as always I love watching Megan interact with her friends. She wore her purple hat as she played on the park playground and every time one of her friends couldn’t find her I just told them to look for the purple hat.

Again I was very blessed to have been able to hang out with family and friends last weekend and I wish you all could have been here too. So how was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. I love your dress form and you even named it after my Mom. And yes Mom always gave us plenty of things to make many memories. One of the last memories of her onrey things she did was Sis and I had taken her to the Dr. When the dr. got her up on the table and was ready to check her ears, he got up close to look into her ears with his instrument and she snorted at him. That old Dr. jumped about 3 feet in the air and of course Sis and I were rolling around laughing at the Dr. We knew Mom would do something funny.
    I also lobe the picture of Megan with Raymond and Benjamin. Her purple hat is awesome. Itr is so much fun to make things for the grandchildren.
    Doing my laundry today and hanging out the clothes to dry in this beautiful weather. And also getting prepared to teach a Dutch oven class on Wednesday night. Hope you have a great week. Love you cuz.

    • Hi Sue!

      OH my gosh I loved hearing your story about your Mom snorting at the Dr. I remember her doing that and my Mom does it too.

      I loved the picture of Raymond and Benjamin with Megan too. They are so cute playing together. You have very cute grandchildren!

      I hope you have a wonderful time with your Dutch Oven class.

      Love you,

  2. I love this so. kudos on the shot of Megan devouring her cupcake! aahahahahhaha :] also, totally liking the choice of buttons on those two hats – people here would probably knock someone out for something so unique. AND can we discuss how much it looks like those kids have grown in the 3 1/2 months since I last saw them!?!? the what?! so freaking adorable. I hope your presentation went swimmingly! I love you!


    • OH my Chacho Aaron! All the children have grown so much in just the last year and I had such a good time just watching all of them. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

      I Love YOU!

  3. Hi Tamara 🙂

    That dress form is kewl. You can change the size of it with those dials, right? Neato! … Your Aunt Bee sounds like a real kick. She’d be honored to have the dress form named after her .. and I imagine she’d have some funny comment about that.

    That is one gorgeous set-up for your presentation. I hope you remembered the tissues. 😉

    Sooo funny about Truman throwing that doll down after the pic was snapped. When I saw the photo, I thought: “Aww, such a gentle little boy cuddling the baby doll.” Well, he decided to make sure everyone knew he could also act like a typical little boy. tee-hee! What a cutie — irresistible to cuddle up to, I know it!!!

    What a purrfect girlie button on your grey Newsie Newsboy hat!
    And such a beautiful purple hat for Megan. Looks so great on her.

    I really enjoyed all your photos. Have a great day!

    Love ya ~

    • Hi Kat!

      I love hearing from you and reading all of your kind comments. They make my day!

      Love you my Dear Friend!

  4. What great hats! I particularly like the news hat!

    • Thanks so much!

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