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Don’t you just love your friends? I feel truly blessed to have such good friends in my life. For instance last week at our guild meeting a few sisters made me happy. First of all there’s Karen; she’s a true crocheter and not only because she crochets beautifully but she also gives of her heart and hands. Don’t you find that most true crocheters are that way? Anyway at the guild meeting she was showing and sharing some of the things that she had crocheted and knitted in the last month.

Just like this doily that she crocheted; her husband told her that the color of the thread was ugly so she wanted to give it to the guild for a door prize. As I took it to place it in the door prizes Karen told me to keep it for myself. I must have looked a little apprehensive, but Karen assured me that I deserved it since I don’t usually take a door prize ticket, so I now am the proud owner of a beautiful doily that Karen made. Thank you Karen, I love it and the color too.

Karen also knits and she had a stack of washcloths that she had knitted. I kept admiring them and Karen stopped after the guild meeting and asked me to pick out a couple to keep for myself. These are the ones that I chose.

Then there’s Kaye who is Karen’s sister. Kaye is also the Vice President (VP) of the KS My Stitch crochet guild. One of the VP’s jobs is to coordinate the monthly programs. By the way, Kaye and all the previous VP’s have done a wonderful job. This month Kaye chose to do crocheted edgings and the guild provided each person with a white washcloth to edge.

Kaye had been busy crocheting around a stack of items. In the stack of items were washcloths, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a turquoise and a hot pink washcloth all edged nicely. I commented to Kaye that they were two of my favorite colors and that she should keep an eye on them as they may end up in my bag. (I was just kidding of course) Kaye is a true crocheter too, who gives of her heart and hands. Thank you Kaye for all that you do!

Well much to my surprise at the end of the meeting Kaye had Karen place the two beautiful turquoise and hot pink washcloths in my bag. I do love the way they look all rolled up on my shelf in my upstairs bathroom of turquoise and hot pink. 🙂

Then my own sister Jackie; who is also my best friend gifted me with this lovely iron on transfer. Apparently she thinks I’m the queen of crochet. Although I know there are other crocheters out there who are more deserving of the title than me, I will accept the crown just the same. 😉 Jackie can crochet but her heart and love is sewing and she gives of her heart and hands too. These are just a few of the kind gestures that came my way last week and I wanted to share them with all of you. Do you have friends who do nice things for you? I would love to hear about them.

Oh by the way some of you were asking me how my burned finger is doing. Well here it is; the blister has turned to something brown looking and feels like leather. I hope that’s a sign of healing; anyway I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll talk to you on Friday with updates of what’s been on my hooks.


  1. I love your blog today, you always inspire me so much. I love that you introduced me to your friends, I’m sure you could each tell some stories about each other. My circle of friends are all doing things for each other all the time and I love it. One of them came over and cleaned my kitchen cabinets a month ago. I don’t think she realized how big of a mess they were in or she would never have volunteered to do. We had fun trying to figure out why I would keep some of that stuff. ha ha. Glad your finger is healing.

    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks so much for sharing your story as well. I love hearing about what you’ve been up to and I loved to hear that I’m not the only one who keeps things that I don’t even know why I do. Thank you so much for liking what I write about and for stopping to tell me.

      Love you,

  2. Tamara,
    I cannot let you go on thinking I was the giver of the was cloths. Lucy won the “Jackie notecards” and gave them to me. She has been the recipient of one of them every month because she does not have a computer. I told her to take a couple of the wash cloths from my stack, in return for the cards. She chose the pink and teal one and evidently turned right around and stuck them in your bag. Shame on me for not thinking to do it first. I’m sure I speak for the whole guild when I thank you for ALL you do for us.
    Love ya,

    • Hi Kaye,

      I’m so glad you set me straight about who gave me the washcloths. I had so much going on that night that I had forgotten who had actually stuck them in my bag. 🙂 Lucy is such a sweet person and I’ll have to thank her again, I know that you would have thought of it too if she wouldn’t have done it first. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

      Love you too,

  3. Wowie! Woo-hoo!! I am sooo happy to see YOU be the recipient of some very fine crocheted & knitted beauties. The doily is GORGEOUS!!
    I love the way the turquoise & hot pinks washcloths made their way to you.
    “Love is all around.” I also love how you have beautified (Tamara-fied)

    You ARE the Crochet Queen and I can’t wait to see that iron-on transfer .. well, ironed on. 😉

    Ah, yes, your blister is definitely healing. Be careful to not rip that ‘leather’ off ‘cuz there is very delicate new skin underneath. I’d like to recommend you cover it with a band-aid to protect it — plus that will keep it not-so-dry. Anyway, at least I could look at that photo longer than half-a-second. LOL!!

    Love ya, kiddo!

    • Hi Kat!

      Thanks for liking my gifts. All my friends, including you make me feel very special. As for the iron-on transfer; I’m not quite sure what I will be ironing it on? The front of a t-shirt would not do for me, if you know what I mean? 😉 Kat thank you for the motherly advice about the blister and I’m so glad this photo was not quite so gross.

      Love and Hugs,

      • Hey Tamara ~

        Maybe the back of a t-shirt for the iron-on?
        Or on a lovely cloth bag?

        Funny .. I thought of calling you “daughter” when I gave you that advice about the band-aid. tee-hee!

        Oh dear. I just noticed I had not finished that one sentence in my first post. How crazy is that, huh? I was referring to liking how you beautified (Tamara-fied) the shelving unit in your bathroom. 😀


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