Posted by: tgonzales | July 18, 2012

Wednesday Update, an Open Weave Scarf, a Cell Phone Case, and a Slightly Scary Shawl

Well here it is Wednesday and it seems like I haven’t gotten a whole lot done. I do have a good excuse though; KS My Stitch guild monthly meeting was Monday and I don’t get a lot done on guild days. Although I felt like I didn’t accomplish anything in the way of crocheting Monday I still was able to work on the second project that Terry had commissioned me to make and I finished this open weave scarf. I’m not real fond of this scarf, as I usually like to make the scarves that I wear, out of soft yarn.

The yarn that Terry chose was Plymouth Tweed 100% Virgin Lambswool, of course I do love the colors that she chose for her scarf and I held each color together and used a Size L hook to accomplish the very open weave, even with it being very open the scarf came out quite stiff and feels rough. I showed it to the guild members on Monday and my friend Pam suggested that I soak it in hair conditioner and see if that softens it up. I think I’ll try that, but I know Terry will like it since she said that she just wanted the scarf for decoration. I think I will suggest that she wears a brightly colored silk scarf underneath.

Tuesday morning before I left for work I worked on the third project that Terry commissioned me to make and that was a cell phone case. This is as far as I got before I had to leave to go to work.

Tuesday evening I raided one of John’s bead boxes and I think these will work just perfect for the cell phone case.

I have one final project to complete for Terry and it seems a slightly scary to me. Especially knowing that it has to stay in its little yarn bra or it will go all over the place. I’m not sure why I saved this one for the last but I think it’s because I know that there isn’t any room for error. Terry loved the project that this yarn was made into at Twist the yarn shop where she bought it. The yarn and the project was what caught her eye. But now it’s sitting on my table staring at me wanting to be made into an open weave shawl just like the one at Twist. I thought maybe I could crochet one like it but I don’t have a pattern. I know the yarn is not going to be forgiving when it comes to ripping out so I have to know that the pattern that I choose will work with the yarn. Does anyone have any crochet pattern suggestions for an open weave shawl like wrap that doesn’t take very much yarn? Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Hi Tamara! Terry certainly did give you some WORK to do. Wouldn’t Twist have the pattern for that shawl?

    Nuttin’ new over this way. Almost time to hang laundry outside. Frank’s sitting on our Adirondack chair, under our umbrella, reading the newspaper. Emma is out back on her long nylon rope, enjoying looking for bugs & watching anything in flight.

    Love ya!
    Hugs from Kat

    • Hi Kat!

      You are so smart; after I sent this post I thought OH MY GOSH I can just ask Shelly at Twist. So that’s what I did and she came through with the pattern. Now to find knitting needles Size 17 and make sure I will be able to actually knit this shawl. 🙂

      It sounds like a nice day there where you are. You can’t even sit in the shade here and feel comfortable. It’s supposed to be 109.

      Love and (((HUGS)),

      • tee-hee — See? Great minds think alike, girlfriend! 🙂
        Ah, the pattern is for knitting. Bummer. I’m sure it will be well-loved by Terry when completed by you.

        Once I was done hanging laundry, I sat on a chair in the shade for a short (short!) time. Decided to come in ‘cuz I was sweating. I just do not take the heat well. Frank was *not* sweating. It is currently 85º in the north shade … much hotter in the backyard sun *and* shade. LOL

        BIG HUG!!

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